Remedy's 'Control' coming to Xbox Game Pass, says Xbox head (update)

Remedy's Control
Remedy's Control (Image credit: Remedy)

What you need to know

  • Control is a supernatural third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment.
  • The game failed to sell as well as expected.
  • Xbox head Phil Spencer says it's coming to Xbox Game Pass.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass on Amazon.

Updated December 5, 2019: The official Control Twitter account says that it's not coming to Xbox Game Pass. A Microsoft spokesperson also added, "We're aware that Control was mentioned as coming to the Xbox Game Pass library and can confirm this was in error. While we are always updating the library and looking for new ways to provide our members with value and choice in their games, we do not have plans to bring Control to the library at this time."

Xbox head Phil Spencer keeps on dropping important news. Yesterday, he said that he was already playing Project Scarlett at home. Today, he let slip that Remedy Entertainment's Control was coming to Xbox Game Pass.

It's no secret that Control failed to set the sales charts on fire, but given the fact that its budget is lower than most AAA games nowadays, it still was a great endeavor for Remedy. However, in an effort to reach even more people, the title should join Xbox Game Pass soon. During an Extra Life livestream, Spencer said, "I though Control was really good, but it didn't reach enough people... I'm glad to see it's coming to Xbox Game Pass so, hopefully, more people play it." Twitter user "Klobrille" posted exactly where you can hear him discuss Control.

Control is a supernatural third-person action-adventure that takes place in a universe similar to the one in Quantum Break. After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain control. Instead of taking place in a science fiction setting, Control explores mysticism in a modern light.

In Windows Central's review, Brendan Lowry wrote, "Ultimately, Control is a solid game that offers a really fun combat system to experience, a fascinating world full of interesting information to discover, and gorgeous visuals to glue your eyes to — even if many other aspects of its design are large disappointments. While I finished Control feeling let down... it's still a title that many players will enjoy."



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