Replace your regular lock with the automatic Wyze Lock on sale for 20% off

Wyze Smart Lock
Wyze Smart Lock (Image credit: Amazon)

Head on over to the Wyze website and use the code 20OFFLOCK to get the Wyze Lock down to $87.98. That price includes a mandatory $7.99 shipping fee, but even with that extra cost added on this is much cheaper than what the lock sells for at other retailers. The Wyze Lock is $108 on Amazon right now and has never gone below $98 there.

Wyze smart lock and gateway

Wyze smart lock and gateway

Price includes a mandatory $8 shipping fee. Comes with a Gateway and all the mounting gear you need. Locks and unlocks automatically just by approaching the door. Knows whether your door is open or close. Uses existing deadbolt, so keep your key.

In the world of tech, Wyze is a company that builds itself around the idea of simplicity. All of Wyze's devices are super easy to use, have no crazy frills attached, and often go for bargain basement prices. The idea here is to remove all the hassle and stress of installing a new tech device while keeping the convenience of it. And that's exactly what the Wyze Lock does. You can install it in just a few minutes, and it uses your existing deadbolt setup. You won't have to lose or replace your keys, and when it works you won't need those keys at all.

The Wyze Lock is capable of automatically locking and unlocking your door. Connect the Lock to your Wi-Fi network using the included Gateway and the Wyze app on your phone. The lock will then be able to detect you when you approach the door and unlock it for you and no one else. Then, once you're inside, it will lock behind you. This eliminates any sort of worry you might have about whether the door is secure.

You can also share access as you see fit. Easily let in your dogwalker or visiting family, and keep track of everyone who has come and gone with a history of lock and unlock events. The Lock can detect whether your door is open or closed, too, thanks to the built-in gyroscope. Check on the door from anywhere using the app.

The Wyze Lock can also work with other Wyze devices like the Wyze Lock Keypad or Wyze Cam for added security.

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