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One of the cooler things of becoming an adult is trying out pleasant things. With a new house creating the perfect audio-visual center is always a challenge, especially if you want a minimal, clean look. HIDEit makes a series of mount for PCs and game consoles that let you get your device off the ground and on to your wall.

Recently, I picked up the HIDEit Xbox One S Wall Mount to try at home on my first of two TV setups. Here is what I think.

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I purchased the HIDEit Xbox One S mount in white with two controller brackets from Amazon in early August for $39.99 based on personal research for my home.

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What HIDEit Xbox One S mount is (and options)

A small feature that is present with the Xbox One S that is not found in the Xbox One is the ability to stand vertically. The space-saving feature lets you place the One S on a stand, which not only looks neat but can offer some unique setups too. (Microsoft says you can set the original Xbox One vertically "at your own risk" for what it's worth. It's not a heating issue but the slot-loading disc drive that could be problematic).

HIDEit Mounts makes an assortment of mounts for PCs, Apple TVs, cable boxes, and more including the relatively new Xbox One S. Just screw into your wall – maybe behind the TV – and slide in the Xbox One S and you are ready to go.

Besides keeping it off the ground, the mounts allow for proper ventilation, better cable management, a minimal look, as well as damage prevention from spills or accidents since it is out of sight. From the HIDEit description:

  • Openings allow full access to the power port, digital out port, and all vents.
  • VESA Compatible: 100mm (M4) & 200mm (M6).
  • Position for disk access on right or left side.
  • Made in the USA from Recycled & Imported Steel.
  • Powder coat finish protects from rust & won't chip.
  • Quick and easy to install. No measuring, no templates.
  • Includes M4 and M6 VESA screws, drywall screws and anchors.
  • Stud mounting is optional.

Made in the U.S., the HIDEit mount consists of powder-coated 16-gauge steel manufactured in "ISO Certified shops."

There are a few mounting options for Xbox One S owners:

The additional Xbox controller wall mounts ($20 for two) are universal brackets that cradle your Xbox controllers or even headphones. Considering most people just toss the controllers wherever, I think the brackets a fun way to keep the place tidy.

Installation is a breeze

When it comes to drilling holes into a wall, there is always a bit of risk especially if it's your first time – or you're renting. Luckily, HIDEit's mounts are very easy to install. The entire process took about 15 minutes, and that includes unpackaging everything, doing some dry runs, and finding the right placement.

For my setup, I just had my 1080p Samsung 55-inch TV swivel mounted to the wall in a new house. The AC cables were run behind the wall to give a cleaner arrangement, but now the Xbox needed to be connected.

Due to the size of the TV, the HIDEit mount can easily fit behind it and still be invisible from view. Smaller TVs including 32" ones may be a tighter squeeze but should still work.

The Xbox One S mount is a single piece that felt solid, with no creaks or weak points. Four holes near the center are for the screws. If drilling into dry wall and not the studs (unlikely due to spacing) you will want to use the included screw anchors with a 3/16 drill bit. I just held the mount to the wall, drew in the holes while using a level to ensure evenness (even though it was going to be hidden from view). I then drilled the holes, dropped in some anchors, and hand-screwed the mount.

Once secured, the Xbox One S just slides into the HIDEit mount. There is no set-screw, which I would have liked to secure the One S in place. The setup also means that with the plugs removed you can easily slide the One S out from the mount for servicing or even replacement.

For the optional HIDEit controller mounts I just did the same: dry run, level, mark holes, drill, add sinks, and screws.

The included instructions were basic but adequate. All the tools were included, and there is a pamphlet with further advice for assistance if needed.

HIDEit mounts are a winner

I was very pleased with the HIDEit kit for the Xbox One S. All the parts were included, the mount is made in the U.S. with excellent quality, and installation is super easy. The additional controller mounts are not for everyone, but I like the look a lot, and it keeps the area organized.

Despite the TV now hiding the Xbox One S, I had no issue using the Xbox controllers with it. Of course, if you use the Xbox Media Remote you will have problems as it relies on line-of-sight to work properly (and even then, it's frustrating).

Because my TV mount is a swivel hinge (you can see it here on Amazon) I have no problems accessing the console for manipulating plugs in the back, syncing a controller, or accessing the USB ports. For non-movable mounts, you will need to think about how you will install and setup the Xbox One S beforehand.

Some HIDEit owners purposely install their One S to the side of the TV and run the cables behind the wall, or do other unique setups.

I also like the sheer variety of mounts HIDEit make including some for brand-name components, but also universal brackets for any other device or project you may have in mind.

HIDEit Xbox One S mount

On Amazon, HIDEit maintains a 99 percent rating from nearly 1,400 reviews in total, which is reassuring.

Overall, I think the HIDEit Xbox One S mount is an excellent purchase. At just $30 for the mount, the asking price is very reasonable, and you can save some money if you for the $40 package with controller mounts. Indeed, I plan on buying another kit for my 65" 4K TV for the secondary living room area in the coming weeks. For people who are tight on space, or just want that perfect clean setup the HIDEit Xbox One S mount is your solution.

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  • A fun way to show off your Xbox One S or completely hide it.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Reasonable asking price.
  • Easy installation.


  • Set-screw would have been nice.
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