Nnewvante bamboo laptop cooler is an elegant departure from typical gaming chic

Recently, our PC gamer guru Rich Edmonds did a roundup of the best laptop coolers and then did a deeper dive into Aukey's cooler.

At the time, I was in the market for a laptop cooler and stand that I could use while multitasking at my desk. While jet-black, glowing, PC-wizard laptop coolers are nice, I wanted something more muted and natural. I found the Nnewvante laptop cooler, which is not only affordable, but it's all bamboo. It's also pretty impressive.

Nnewvante bamboo — What it is

The Nnewvante bamboo cooling pad fits 12-inch to 14-inch laptops, including the Razer Blade and even Dell XPS 15.

The box weight is rated at 1,200 grams, but in weighing it on a digital scale, it came in lighter at just 1,016 grams.

Nnewvante bamboo laptop cooler

Nnewvante bamboo tech specs

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CategoryNnewvante bamboo cooling pad
Overall dimensions360 mm x 320 mm (14.17 in. x 12.6 in.)
Laptop size range12 in. to 14 in.
Fan dimensions200 mm x 200 mm x 20 mm (7.8 in. x 7.8 in. x 0.78 in.)
Weight1,016 g (2.24 lbs)
Rated voltage5VDC
Rated current0.35±10%A
Fan speed1000±RPM
Max air flow86 CFM

The all-natural design is lightweight, and it features an adjustable hinge to choose the angle at which you want the laptop to rest. There are five pre-set heights to adjust to using a simple U-frame bar with slots.

An included bamboo lip is attached to the side, and with wooden pegs, it fits into the top area to keep your laptop from sliding off the stand.

The bamboo is etched with vertical grooves to allow maximum air flow. In the center is a single large 200 mm x 200 mm clear 13-bladed fan. The fan pushes air toward the laptop bottom versus a fan that draws heat away from the laptop's exhaust port.

A single, clear USB Type-A plug runs from the fan and presumably to your laptop's spare USB port. Alternatively, you could connect it to a wall AC convert although that is not included in the box. The cable is ample, at about 2.5 feet (76 cm), so you are not fixed to any particular side for your laptop's USB port.

Unlike gaming laptop coolers, the Nnewvante bamboo lacks fancy gizmos like live air flow measurements or a way to adjust the fan speed. Keeping to its aesthetic, the Nnewvante bamboo cooler is clean and minimalistic.

The bottom legs have four thick, soft velvet-like pads to keep the laptop cooler from sliding around or marring up your desk. Standard metal Philips screws hold all components including the metal hinges that connect the bamboo legs to the frame, the fan casing, and the metal adjustable U-frame. Those screws mean, in theory, you could replace or repair any broken parts and access the fan assembly if needed.

Cooling factor is moderate

Just by the design and look of the Nnewvante bamboo laptop cooler, hardcore gamers should probably look elsewhere if they want maximum fan velocity or to push the most air. There's a reason why there are laptop coolers with three or even five fans.

Razer Blade without cooler (left) versus with cooler (right) at max CPU load.

That said, the Nnewvante bamboo cooler is ideal for moderate to heavy CPU and GPU usage. On average, I saw about a five-degree temperature drop on the Razer Blade after stress testing for 20 minutes. While not a massive decline, that was enough to shift the Razer Blade's system fan from raging high to medium. The ambient keyboard deck is also cooler overall.

For graphics professionals, video editors, and those who just want a nice stand that will also keep their laptop chilled, the Nnewvante bamboo cooler is perfect.

The fan is very quiet. In fact, in an average office or bedroom with moderate ambient noise, you need to check that the blades are spinning visually. The Nnewvante uses a single, relatively large fan, so it can spin slower while pushing more air, and it works well.

Typing while using Nnewvante bamboo cooler stand

While cooling the laptop is obviously a priority, how the stand functions is essential too. Whether it was my Razer Blade, Dell XPS 15, or Surface Laptop I was able to type and navigate when using the Nnewvante bamboo cooler comfortably.

Nnewvante bamboo laptop cooler

Some users have concerns about the bamboo lip that holds the laptop in place, but it is just high enough to keep your laptop from sliding without causing you to arch over it when using the trackpad.

Conclusion: Nnewvante bamboo is a fair value that looks great

Combined with the elegant bamboo look, I thoroughly enjoyed using the Nnewvante bamboo laptop cooler. It functions well and does not scream "gamer." In fact, it looks like a piece of furniture, and I like that a lot.

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The build quality felt fine to me but being bamboo, it feels fragile. I did not notice any creaks, nor am I concerned about long term wear, but compared to plastic it is certainly more breakable.

Nnewvante bamboo laptop cooler

I purchased the cooler from Amazon for $22, which I think is fair and not overpriced. That's in range with most mid-range laptop coolers although some dual-fan systems drop to just $11.

Nnewvante bamboo laptop cooler

While there are no glowing LEDs or blinking digital meters, and it does not look like it came out of a dystopian sci-fi movie, the Nnewvante bamboo is unique and muted. It's for that reason I chose it, and I give it a solid recommendation.

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  • Unique, muted, and natural design.
  • Large, quiet fan.
  • Five-level adjustable height.
  • Moderate cooling.


  • Hardcore gamers may want more air flow.
  • More fragile than a plastic cooler.
  • No LEDs, air flow monitor, or adjustable speed.
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