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Rise of the Tomb Raider will raid its way to Windows 10 and Steam in early 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider will lose its Xbox exclusivity in early 2016. Publisher Square Enix has confirmed that the highly anticipated action-adventure game will be coming to Windows 10 and Steam PCs in that time period, with the PlayStation 4 following sometime in the holiday period of 2016.

Microsoft first announced that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 would get Lara Croft's next adventure first at E3 2014, but the company always stated it would be a timed exclusive. Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released for those consoles on November 10. So far, there's no word if any additional features or content will be added to the Windows 10, Steam or PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

Source: Square Enix

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  • Buuu! it was supposed to be Xbox one exclusive!
  • Jesus Christ man what's wrong with you? Even if exclusives were a good thing, it still wouldn't be good to have it just on Xbox. Windows 10 is MS's domain as well. I can't wait to play it on PC personally. 
  • I think what he means is, it was supposed to be Microsoft exclusive. But, now it is coming to PS4 too in 2016. PS kids brag about all their exclusives, whereas MS cannot keep exclusives to themselves like Titanfall, Tomb Raider.
  • Yeah, I get it.  It's like how Final Fantasy 7 remake is supposed to be a PS4 exclusive . . . but is coming to Xbox One later. Or, or, or, how Shenmue 3 is supposed to be a PS4 exclusive, but is also coming to Xbox One later.  Okay, now it makes sense.   BTW, Titanfall 2 may be coming to PS4, but Titanfall, is an Xbox One console exclusive - forever.  Well, at least until you can play it back compat on the Xbox Two.
  • Titanfall is on 360 too.
  • It was announced as a timed exclusive. 
  • It never really was.
  • So theres a Windows 10 AND Steam game?
  • I'd imagine it'll be available through the Windows Store.
  • Yep. That's a smart move by Microsoft: get as many AAA games in the Windows 10 Store as possible. I wonder if the PC release dates for the Windows 10 Store and Steam store are the same. I would think Microsoft would've bargained for a timed-exclusivity period on PC too, with the game first hitting Xbox One and Xbox 360 in Nov. 2015, and then hitting Windows 10 six months after that, then Steam three months after that, then PS4 three months after that. That way console owners would go with the Xbox version instead of waiting for the PS4 version, and PC gamers would go for the Windows 10 version instead of waiting for the Steam version.
  • What purpose would that serve?  This game should release on all potential platforms at the same time to maximize Square Enix's profits.  Keeping the game from steam is a pretty stupid move seeing as how it currently remains the largest used game client around.  Windows 10 is unproven, and relying on it out the gate could be potential ruinous.  Also you'd be locking out a large amount of Windows 7 and 8 users who didn't want to upgrade. 
  • The purpose is pretty clear: to build up the Xbox One and Windows 10 user-base. Microsoft invested a lot of money in this game. They deserve to recoup some of that. Launching it on Xbox One before PS4 draws more people to Xbox One. Those diehard PS4 fanboys who can wait, will wait. Those who don't care or who are on the fence, will go with Xbox One. Likewise, launching it on the Windows 10 Store before Steam draws more people to the Windows 10 Store. Those diehard Steam fanboys who can wait, will wait. Those who don't care or who are on the fence will buy it from Microsoft directly (resulting in more profit for Microsoft). An upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 is free, so no users are being "locked out". If they want the game bad enough that they can't wait a few more months, then they can upgrade for free and get it straight away. It's fair.
  • Yep that is my thought as well. And i actually like that strategy:)
  • MS hasn't invested anything into this game last I checked.  It's a game published by Square Enix, and deveoped by Crystal Dynamics.  The most profitable route is to strike the iron while it is still hot.  Releasing on all platforms out the gate will capitlize on hype, and draw on a large pool of everyone.   Thankfully this game is getting a steam release.  
  • Actually, yes they have. The story was quite big when they announced the game as a timed exclusive to Xbox One (thogh it wasn't mention it would be "timed exclusive" until later). According to Microsoft acts as a publisher and puts its money in for marketing.
  • Took a bit of digging, but thanks for a source.  I stand corrected. :)  Microsoft will apparently publish the game for their own side of things.  Chances are SE will publish the game for PS4?  Wording remains all ambigious, but the Eurogamer article explicitly mentions several times that MS hasn't bought the franchise.  
  • Square will publish it themselves for PS4. All the marketing will have already been done by MS. I think the only reason MS got a look in was because Square were a bit strapped for cash at the time.
  • The Windows 10 version may refer to DirectX12 features.
  • Dx12 features ? I ain't aware of any lol. Except for about 20-30% more gaming efficiency of your hardware.
  • It's the same game, different stores.
  • AKA just the PC. Valve is trying to get rid of Microsoft's DirectX monopoly by convincing publishers to port games to their own Steam OS, which is actually Linux based. Maybe they got Crystal Dynamics on board as well. And I'm pretty sure this game will run fine on Windows 7 and 8 too; I doubt Microsoft can afford it to deliberately restrict a new game to their latest Windows version or its digital Storefront. That didn't go exactly well with that "Halo 2 for Windows Vista" bullcrap either. I think that the Windows 10 callout is just clever marketing talk from Microsoft, or the author needs to get rid of the rose-tinted glasses. There is more going on in the PC world than just the upcoming Windows 10 release.
  • Get XBone ver then stream to PC done !
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  • Upcoming Lumias details leaked 550 750 850 ...coming with 410 processors & led notification...750 having 8mp pure view ❤
  • 850 is still a disappointment with 410. MS should have gone atleast with a snapdragon 615. Or with 950 having 808, this should have 800/801. But if it comes with 410, it will fail for sure.
  • Do we actually know the difference between the 410 and the 615 in performance? And as long as it's cheaper than the 830 I'm ok with it having a 410.      
  • It's Microsoft!! They just don't want to keep anything #EXCLUSIVE !! I dunno why but that's the truth !! At least Cortana should have been a Windows Exclusive !! This is ridiculous !!
  • Are you gonna pay for that exclusivity?
  • The first game of this reboot was released on all major platforms. A completely exclusive sequel would mostly just piss off everyone else.
  • Like Splinter Cell Conviction
    Or Ace Combat 6.
  • DX12 should bring only better graphics, because TR2013 was optimized sublime for PC and all types of CPUs, regardless of running in DX9 or DX11.
  • Wait a sec , does " to windows 10" mean win10 only game ? Because of dx 12 ? That would be actually amazing :) win10 would become even more available
  • They could compile a gimped dx9 game for stream and sell a w10 version thru ws/retail
  • This is really good news!
  • Windows 10 means Windows Store?
  • They're really going to wait a full year for the PS4 release? Uncharted 4 will be out by then, and it'll make this game almost entirely irrelevant on that platform.
  • But while they wait for their game, we will be enjoying some awesome tomb raiding.
  • What does that have to do with a single thing related to my comment?
  • God dayum good news mayne
  • Now..... Will it be on the windows 10 store?
  • I like this. Microsoft shouldn't keep any of their timed exclusive deals off Windows.
  • Loved Tombraider(2013)..
  • They should make it very clear that this is coming to the Windows 10 Store, also if I buy on xbox I will be able to play on my PC when it is released. Otherwise what is the point of having one store?
  • It's up to Square Enix if they want to implement cross buy. Although, that might have been part of the deal SE and Microsoft made.
  • Nice, but i do believe (since MS is spending LOTS of money into the game) it will get LOADS of DLC exclusively to Xbox.