Roboto - a challenging platformer game for Windows and Windows Phone

Roboto is a relatively new gaming title that is available for both Windows Phones and Windows computers. The platformer game has plenty of gaming levels, upgrades and enemies to battle.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, Roboto isn't exactly a cakewalk with some rather challenging platforms to navigate across. There is some room for improvement and Roboto does lack a trial version. Downsides aside, Roboto comes across as an entertaining gaming title.

Roboto Menu

Roboto's main menu isn't very complicated with options to play the game, view your statistics, visit the Skate Shop, view a few extras (like/follow the developer's Facebook/Twitter pages) that will earn you gaming coins and access the gaming options. Options are minimal and include:

  • Joystick Controls: Moving Roboto around the game is done with on-screen controls. You can either turn on a virtual joystick to control movement or use left/right buttons with the joystick turned off. The other controls include a jump and fire button.
  • Effects Quality: Standard or high-quality graphics.
  • Sound: On or off.
  • Controls Visible: Here you can hide the on-screen controls. They are transparent and hard to see when visible and I really cannot see an advantage of hiding them. Other than making the game more challenging than it already is.

Roboto is a level based platformer with the gaming levels progressively becoming unlocked as you survive each level. The level map requires you to navigate Roboto to the appropriate doorway leading to each level.

Roboto Skate Shop

The gaming screen has your energy (health level), coin count and ammo count in the upper left corner of the screen. Your game timer is in the opposite corner and your on-screen controls line the bottom of the screen. Movement controls are to the left and your fire and jump buttons are to the right. The fire and jump buttons are identical, which can get confusing at times until you have a few games under your belt. I would have preferred to see some distinction between the two buttons.


Roboto's weapons have a limited supply of ammunition so you'll need to choose your shots carefully. As an alternative to blasting enemy robots, you can pounce on top of some of the robots to destroy them. However, some robots will hold shields above their heads to protect them from these overhead attacks.


Each level is timed and scores are based on the big cogs you collect along the way. There are also energy balls, smaller gears (gaming cash) and mystery boxes to collect as you navigate the level.

Overall Impression

I will give Roboto credit in that it is a very difficult platformer game to conquer. It is a nice combination of shooting at the right time, jumping at the right time and a lot of luck. I do think Roboto plays out better on a tablet or the smaller screen of a Windows Phone. While universal, I did not see any means of cross saving your gaming progress between devices.

Graphics are very well done, but I do think the game would benefit from controls that are more distinguished. I understand the need for transparency to reveal more of the gaming screen. I don't think less-transparent controls will detract from Roboto's gaming experience. Instead, it would likely improve the gaming experience.

The biggest downside to Roboto is the lack of a trial version. It would be easy to have a trial version with only the first level of play available and then commit to the full game if you like what you see. Is it worth the $.99? I think so seeing that you get both versions for the price of one. Still, some will say "no trial, no buy."

Overall, I liked Roboto and think it is a fine edition to the platform genre for our gaming stores. If you take a chance on Roboto, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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George Ponder

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