Rockstar Games reveals GTA+ subscription service for Xbox Series X|S, PS5

Gta Plus
Gta Plus (Image credit: Take-Two Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Rockstar Games has announced GTA+, a subscription service for Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • The service brings monthly benefits, such as extra cash and new items.
  • GTA+ is exclusive to players on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.
  • GTA+ costs $6 a month.

Rockstar Games announced GTA+ on Friday, a new subscription service that brings new benefits like monthly cash and more for players on current-generation hardware.

According to the announcement, GTA+ is exclusive to Grand Theft Auto Online players on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. For $6 a month, players get bonuses such as $500,000 GTA cash, a special auto shop, unique paints and emblems, and more. Note that if you subscribe, you'll need to claim monthly benefits before they disappear.

While Rockstar Games is continuing to work on the next Grand Theft Auto game, which will almost certainly be called GTA 6, there's plenty of life left in GTA 5 and its companion online mode, as Rockstar Games recently ported the title to current-generation consoles, with improved framerates and faster load times. Anyone currently playing GTA 5 on Xbox One or PS4 can port their saves over to one of the newer versions of the game.

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