Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro and Acer Iconia Tab W510 demoed by Ukrainian reviewer

Ukrainian Microsoft evangelist Igor "Walker" Shastitko has published two videos on YouTube - one of the Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro and the other sporting the Acer Iconia Tab (W510). While the review is in a language many of us may not be able to interpret, it's good to see both Windows 8 tablets in action to see how smooth the experience will be should you decide to purchase one for yourself.

We were at AT&T's event last night that featured not only the Nokia Lumia 920 but the Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro too, so be sure to check out our quick hands-on with the tablet. If our coverage isn't enough, there's always Shastitko with the above video that boasts a lengthy review of the device. As for the Acer Iconia Tab, the tablet also appears to run fairly well with Windows 8 looking superb.

Head on past the break to see the Acer Iconia Tab in action.

Source: YouTube (Samsung ATIV / Acer Iconia); thanks, Arthur, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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