Samsung Cetus Outed by Bluetooth SIG

With the October (or late September) release of Windows Phone 7, we’ve heard very little about what hardware is going to be available before the holidays. We’ve heard from LG, that they will have multiple devices out by the end of the year. Now Samsung has a device jumping through the hoops to get certified.

The Samsung Cetus (SGH-i917) is listed by the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) as a Windows Phone 7 device with a 4” WVGA AMOLED screen, 5MP Camera, and a secondary (front facing) VGA camera. Though most of the specs given merely meet the minimums set forth by Microsoft and the given specs have some glaring holes (processor, memory?), it’s still nice to start seeing some real details about what Microsoft’s Partners have in store for us.

[Bluetooth SIG via Engadget]

George Ponder

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  • I wondder if s the device that will replace the samsung taylorwhich was the test bed device.
  • No Super AMOLED?, No way. Where is the love for WP7, Samsung? If this phone doesn't come with a Super AMOLED, then I'm definately getting the Dell lightning or an HTC phone for sure.
  • And this is why I like Microsoft's approach of having a variety of hardware available. Personally I want a device with a hardware keyboard, but I know not everyone does.
  • They can't make enough of them it seems. Few days ago, HTC said because of lack of supply they're going to change to SLCD, or was it SLED? meh, I forgot.
  • theres barely a difference between superamoled and amoled, either way amoled is the 2nd best behind super. so who cares
  • Tim - gopod to see you posting again, you've been missed! I too like a keyboard with buttons, so far anyway. "Before the holidays" is going to be an exciting time. And count on Apple to release something then too, just to steal attention away from WinPho7 AND to highlight how far ahead they are. I hope MSFT has their gameplan for that too!
  • Thanks for the kind words! I'm definitely counting down the days until my upgrade on AT&T. I keep checking, but the date never seems to change. You thinking something along the lines of an iPod Touch 4?
  • LOL - maybe. But I'm a fan of the phone dialing experience on winmo std qwerty candybar form-factor. So much faster than the touch screen process.
  • oh something like... the White iphone?
  • Although the absence of these two small deal breaker hardware features is certainly not, I can not help wondering why Samsung made the kind of lack of head ... Debt Advice
  • I really don't expect much from Samsung anymore with Microsoft product. The very first Omnia i900 was it. Then Samsung put out an "Omnia" HD with Symbian, and an Omnia II with same 5MP camera like Nintendo's Mario series with Peach (except Mario got holes in his pants and pockets)!!! This i917 doesn't deserve anything else better. Like I have suspected, some manufacturers might still stay in the 5MP for now. If I want to stay with a 5MP, I would definitely stay with a WM. Even with a WP 8MP, I will keep my HD2 for the next few years. WP7 is for regular Joes, definitely not GI. Microsoft wants a piece of the cake from Apple with the success of the sloppy joe (a.k.a. *phone).