Save $10 on the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Xbox Stereo Headset

Xbox Headset Stereo 20th
Xbox Headset Stereo 20th (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and part of that celebration included some limited-edition 20th anniversary gear with special designs. Of course, most of these items either sold out quickly or jumped in price pretty soon after release. Today you can grab the 20th anniversary version of the Xbox Stereo Headset actually on sale for $59.99 at Walmart. That's $10 off its regular price and puts it at the same retail price as the regular stereo headset, which isn't bad if you want a strong wired headset that also commemorates the Xbox legacy. You won't find it going for less than $70 anywhere else, if you can even find it in stock at all.

Xbox Stereo Headset 20th Anniversary Edition | $10 off

<a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -""> Xbox Stereo Headset 20th Anniversary Edition | $10 off

This limited-edition headset has actually sold out at some retailers, but here it is going for $10 less than it started at Walmart. Has a unique design on it compared to the regular headset to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Xbox.

The Xbox 20th Anniversary celebration happened in November, and if you missed it or just forgot you can catch up on all the announcements here. But you might remember that this was the same moment Microsoft surprised everyone by releasing Halo Infinite's multiplayer way early, which was awesome. They also aired a documentary throughout December that followed the development history of the Xbox. Plus we got some awesome limited edition gear like this headset, and the nifty 20th Anniversary Xbox controller.

In addition to the unique color accents, the Xbox Stereo Headset includes ultra-soft large earcups that help keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. It also has a flexible design with an adjustable headband, which helps you get even pressure and nice cushioning. It also uses Windows Sonic spatial sound with controls on the earcup so you can quickly adjust the volume or even mute incoming noise.

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