Imagine this scene: You're trying to install the latest Call of Duty Warzone patch and, to your chagrin, you find out that the small update of 950GB won't fit on your PC's existing 500GB SSD. So what do you do? Throw your hands in the air in frustration and never play Call of Duty again? No! You spend more money on a better SSD so you can fit that Warzone download.

Best Buy is looking out for gamers stuck in the aforementioned predicament with its latest deep discount on Western Digital's 1TB SN850 NVMe gaming SSD, which brings the standard $229 MSRP down to $164, shaving a not insubstantial $65 off the price. That's $4 in savings away from being in the "nice." category.

Compact compartmentalization

Wd Ssd Reco

WD 1TB SN850 NVMe gaming SSD

Storage savings

You could have 1,000 whole gigabytes of maneuvering room with this SSD in your rig. The only question is whether you're willing to shell out $164 for all that storage potential.

Whether you want room to install the best Xbox Game Pass games on PC, or just need a bit more storage for your extracurricular "research" downloads, potentially of the anime variety, Western Digital's 1TB SN850 NVMe gaming SSD will be there for you. It won't judge the content you put on it; it'll just safely store your digital belongings in its spacious terabyte-sized pockets.

With that said, maybe you're not feeling Western Digital's SSD offering, either because the price point isn't right for you or because you just hate Western Digital and refuse to have the brand's products inside your rig. Whatever the case, remember that the best SSD list is far from dominated by WD, so if you want to see what competitors have for sale, you can check that out.

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