Save $75 on the Enki X gaming chair in this huge one-day Razer sale

Razer Enki X Gaming Chair
Razer Enki X Gaming Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

The Razer Enki X gaming chair has dropped to just $224.99 at Amazon today. This is the lowest price we have ever seen for this chair, which normally sells at around $300 and has never gone lower than $280 at this retailer. You can still find it going for that street price at other retailers like Best Buy. Not only is this a great price, but it is just one of several deals from Razer today.

You can find discounts on several pieces of Razer gear at Amazon thanks to this sale that's good through the end of the day. The sale includes a couple of great Razer keyboards like the BlackWidow V3 Pro that's down to just $139.99 from $230. Check out the full sale for all the stuff on sale.

Razer Enki X Essential Gaming Chair | $75 off

Razer Enki X Essential Gaming Chair | $75 off

The chair includes a wide base and 110-degree shoulder arches. It can even recline up to 152 degrees so you can lean back and enjoy your media if you want. It has lumbar support, a cushioned seat, adjustable armrests, and more.

The Enki X is a gaming chair designed to last you all day long. You won't even notice the impact of your marathon gaming session because your entire backend is supported thanks to optimal weight distribution. It has a built-in lumbar arch that helps support your lower back and a softer seat base with a firm seat backing. It's made with synthetic leather in the core areas, where it matters, and the outer edges are lined with smooth leather to fight against wear and tear.

Some of the other features of the chair include an adjustable 152-degree recline that lets you lean back and enjoy your media if you want. You'll also get 2D adjustable armrests that can fit your height or rotate in and out for a natural position for your arms.

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