Right now you can take advantage of a pretty solid deal if you're looking to jump into high-end Windows Phone territory with an HP Elite x3. HP is offering to shave $200 off the price of your order when you pick up the Elite x3 along with its Lap Dock accessory (via Neowin). For those keeping track, that knocks the total price of the package down to $1,198 from from $1,398.

Save a cool $200 on the HP Elite x3 when you buy its Lap Dock too

For those unfamiliar, the Lap Dock is an accessory that leverages Continuum on the Elite x3 to get a laptop-lke experience while you're on the move. The dock itself usually runs a hefty $599. And while this is certainly not the best deal we've seen on the Elite x3 with bundled accessories, but it's still pretty solid outside of some bundle discounts we saw during the holidays.

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If you're curious, you can hit up HP's online store to grab this deal for yourself. Do note that this isn't a bundle per se; the discount only kicks in when you add both items to your cart separately. Meanwhile, if you prefer buying from Microsoft, the Microsoft Store is offering up a similar deal, but at $100 more.

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