Scorn gets some incredible looking Xbox Series X gameplay footage in new trailer

Scorn (Image credit: Ebb Software)

What you need to know

  • Scorn is a first person shooter game with heavy survival, horror, and adventure elements to create a unique experience.
  • The game is being developed exclusively for the Xbox Series X and S, and PC's, and features powerful imagery and visuals.
  • Details on Scorn have been a little scarce, but now there's a hefty gameplay trailer available to watch.
  • The 14-minute long trailer showcases Scorn's incredible graphics, and some impressive sound design.

One of the more interesting titles that's confirmed as an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S exclusive is Scorn, a crazy looking game from Ebb Software that combines a first person shooter with elements of horror, adventure, and survival games all rolled into one. The title is only coming to Xbox Series X and S, and PC, because of the level of quality and visuals the developer is reaching for. Now, you can watch a rather long gameplay trailer of Scorn to see what kind of game we're getting here, and the answer is complicated. Warning, the trailer can get graphic at times.

From the gameplay, which is running on an Xbox Series X, we can see that Scorn really does look marvelous, with incredible environmental details and models, and the sound design on display here is very impressive, to say the least. As far as gameplay is concerned, the player is exploring some very-unhappy place, occassionally battling gruesome monsters, running away from other monsters, and progressing through the grisly and strangely beautiful world. The trailer ends with a sneak peek at a new area, and things to come in Scorn.

Scorn is shaping up to be a fascinating game, but it remains to be seen exactly what we'll be looking at as far as story and exploration elements are concerned. What did you think of the trailer? Be sure to let us know down below!

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  • This game looks like it needs to be played while the sun is still up and you aren't at home alone. Major Doom 3 vibes. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Looks like it is a very well done game for those who are fans of the genre but hard pass for me.
  • I guess they wanted gamers to focus on the ambience. But when the game releases, it will have to have some kind of HUD (which I'm sure it will). There needs to be a way for the gamer to negotiate that confusing maze where everything looks the same.
  • Maybe there won't, and that's part of the appeal of the game. 100% atmosphere.
  • Hard to call the game beautiful but certainly stunning and also mesmerising. I'm in.
  • My only fear is that after playing it I'll be completely insensitized to Giger stuff.
  • Yup, I take it back, this is amazing.
  • Visually incredible, but I need to see more gameplay wise, enemy wise it felt like most of the time he was just murdering children and given everything died so quickly it's hard to be scared or anxious about every corner when you appear to be a walking arsenal. FEAR managed to pull off the walking tank that doesn't mean ****, hopefully scorn can do the same. But yeah, the ambiance and atmosphere is top notch, I just hope the gameplay (actually playing the game, not watching a video, because they are two very different things) matches the visuals.
  • I agree. I'll also add that in 14 mins of the video all I saw was a lot of walking though tunnels with very few enemies. It was very hard to get a sense of what the objective is for this game. I found the game more creepy than scary. Resident Evil is more scary and you know what the objective is.