Secretlab aims for platinum with a new League of Legends K/DA gaming chair

Secretlab K/DA ALL OUT Edition
Secretlab K/DA ALL OUT Edition (Image credit: Secretlab)

What you need to know

  • Secretlab announces a new gaming chair design for K/DA's new ALL OUT album for League of Legends.
  • Fans of the video game and band will be able to add one of these new striking gaming chairs to their setup.
  • The new K/DA gaming chairs are available right now for $.

Secretlab teamed up with League of Legends' developer Riot Games to create the K/DA ALL OUT Edition OMEGA and TITAN gaming chairs. The new design represents the latest album being released by the video game KPOP group KD/A. If you're a fan of crystallized effects, you'll appreciate the latest design.

Secretlab's range of gaming chairs is brilliant for providing the utmost levels of comfort for gaming. The company only uses the most premium materials around and the chairs are built to last. The K/DA ALL OUT Edition is perfect for anyone looking for a new chair. We took a look at the previous K/DA chairs to come out of Secretlab and were mightily impressed.

It's also for the fans of KPOP group K/DA. It celebrates the hotly-anticipated comeback of the virtual pop girl group after a 2-year hiatus, paying homage to a global phenomenon. You can order the K/DA ALL OUT Edition of the Secretlab OMEGA ($450) and Secretlab TITAN ($489) now through Secretlab's website.

Secretlab K/DA ALL OUT Edition OMEGA

Secretlab K/DA ALL OUT Edition OMEGA

Show your appreciation for KPOP with the official K/DA gaming chair. The OMEGA series is ideal for those looking for an upgrade to their existing setup.

Secretlab K/DA ALL OUT Edition TITAN

Secretlab K/DA ALL OUT Edition TITAN

Go for ultimate comfort with the K/DA ALL OUT album edition TITAN chair, perfect for those who can't quite fit into the OMEGA series.

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