In today's online world, you can't be running around with weak passwords. There are too many people out there trying to get a hold of your personal information for a variety of nefarious reasons and your standard "Passw0rd" password is not going to protect you from ransomware and data dumping. How do you fight back?

Get stronger passwords today!

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A password manager is an excellent way to make sure you're creating complex and difficult passwords to keep all your data secure; however, plenty of password managers cost a pretty penny. What if you didn't have to spend a fortune to secure your login information?

Right now, through Windows Central Digital Offers, you can get the award-winning password managing service RoboForm today!

RoboForm will not only store your passwords in a secure vault you can access at any time, it will also help you create strong and reliable passwords to use for all the accounts you have!

Just take a look at all the amazing features RoboForm provides:

  • Automatically remembers your passwords for every site you enter one and logs you in with a single click.
  • Random password generator creates strong and unique passwords for every site.
  • Folders and powerful search functionality make organizing hundreds of passwords easy.
  • AES 256-bit encryption protects against dictionary, brute force, and other attacks.
  • Password auditing ensures you have strong passwords for everything.

If you jump on this offer right now, Windows Central Digital Offers will provide you with a 4-year subscription to RoboForm for only $29.95! That's a savings of 62%!

Stop worrying about your accounts getting broken into and start creating strong and reliable passwords to protect all your sensitive information today!

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