Secure your home with the Wyze Cam Spotlight on sale for $37

Wyze Spotlight Cam V3
Wyze Spotlight Cam V3 (Image credit: Amazon)

Need to add a little security around the house? Grab the Wyze Cam Spotlight v3 security camera on sale for $36.60 at Amazon. This is a $50 camera that has pretty much only sold around that price since its release. It was already considered a nice budget option at that price, so seeing it drop even lower is a surprise (but a welcome one). It only started dropping in the new year, too, and the decline has been steady. That probably indicates that it's being replaced or selling out, so you might want to grab one of these sooner rather than later.


Wyze Cam v3 security cam with spotlight | $13 off

This one of the best prices we've seen on this camera, and it's fully loaded with all the sort of tech you'd expect from any sort of security camera, even one this cheap.

The Wyze camera isn't messing around. It's a very capable security device, and it has all the features to prove it. For one thing, that giant spotlight is going to shine on any sort of motion going on in front of it. The camera will also use the motion detector to start recording video and audio, and it can even send an alert to your phone to let you know something's going on.

Other features include two-way audio and a siren. Hear what's going on on the other side of the lens, and if you have a visitor, you can talk to them through the camera. If it is someone or something unwanted, hit the siren button to scare them off with a blast of audio. The colored night vision can also help you record video in the dark and lights up the area in front a lot more than regular cameras.

You can use this camera indoors or outside, and it has IP65 weather resistance to survive the elements. That includes both water and dust resistance so you can use it in just about any weather.

Use the Wyze app to set up custom rules, toggle the spotlight on and off, and more. Turn your camera into a smart camera and make sure it understands the rules.

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