Should Microsoft ditch Windows Mobile and embrace Android?

This is especially true when you consider that Microsoft's current Windows-on-phone OS, Windows 10 Mobile, is fairing just as poorly as its predecessors. Like Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile has failed to deliver Microsoft's products and services to the mobile masses.

The ideal position for a company that hopes to be represented in the mobile space is that it has a market-accepted mobile platform, integrated first-party products and services, and a robust third-party supported ecosystem. Microsoft only has the second of the three. Even with that, scorned fans will be quick to point out that many first-party Microsoft products, like Office Sway, make it to iOS and Android but never come to Windows phone.

Given the state of Windows Mobile and Microsoft's cross-platform commitments, many Microsoft watchers believe that Microsoft should abandon its Windows-on-phone vision and use Android instead. Some would even argue that Microsoft is showing signs of doing just that. Are they right?

Microsoft is leeching royally off of Android

Despite the competitive challenges it brings to the table, Android has been good for Microsoft. The company collects royalties from various Android OEMs due to a patent licensing agreement.

The estimated billions of dollars in yearly revenue these royalties add to Microsoft's bottom line (though dwarfed by Microsoft's core business revenue) are certainly a motivation for Microsoft to hope for Android's continued success. Though, perhaps not to the extent that that success is detrimental to Microsoft's personal computing goals.

Additional revenue isn't the only benefit Android provides Microsoft. According to Microsoft's Chief Experience Officer Julie Larson-Green, "Android is a great platform for rapid experimentation." The platform's openness and the vast number of users make it ideal for testing new features.

Thus, Microsoft's investments in garage apps such as its Next Lock Screen (opens in new tab) and Arrow Launcher (opens in new tab) for Android are not end goals in themselves.

The depth to which Microsoft can access the Android OS (compared to the limits of iOS) allows the company to create useful Android apps, which also provide opportunities for tremendous feedback for features that later make it to Microsoft's core products. Larson-Green explained:

… [B]y handling it as a separate app first, it means that they won't accidentally ship a half-baked or just user-unfriendly feature to the millions of Windows users out there.

This explains Microsoft's Android focus on garage apps. But what of Microsoft's other decisions that some interpret as suggestive of the company's progression toward Android?

Becoming Android

Concerned Windows phone enthusiasts needn't look far to find evidence that Microsoft is testing the Android waters. Shifts in UI design of Window Mobile from the bold, sweeping, cascading text we fell in love with, to hamburger menus and an Android-esque aesthetic signal that Microsoft is slowly abandoning its unique mobile vision.

The explanation that Microsoft was hoping to appeal to Android developers by making Windows phone UI elements more consistent with Android apps didn't satisfy some critics of the decision, especially since Android developers never took advantage of the shift.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Companion app may also be interpreted by some as the company's lack of faith in its mobile platform. The app helps smartphone users download Microsoft apps to their smartphones with the hope of integrating those users more deeply into Microsoft's ecosystem.

This investment coupled with the often-criticized strategy of exclusively bringing apps to iOS and Android can be seen as Microsoft hedging its bets in case Windows Mobile fails.

If Windows phone fails, Microsoft's phone companion app may herald Microsoft's plan B

Best on Windows?

Some would argue that if this is not the case, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's promise of a "best on Windows Microsoft experience" would dictate a prioritizing of Microsoft apps on Windows.

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella (Image credit: Windows Central)

The growing number of Microsoft apps in the Google Play Store (opens in new tab) (and App Store), while Microsoft fails to bring its own apps to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) causes many to question the company's priorities.

The integration of Android with Windows 10 services such as Cortana and notifications also suggests to some that Microsoft may be preparing to abandon Windows Mobile.

Cyanogen, Microsoft cozying up with Android

Microsoft had a partnership with Cyanogen (which, after a major shakeup is now Lineage, a U.S.-based company that produced Android-based firmware for mobile devices.

This partnership, which saw the bundling of Microsoft apps and integration of Microsoft services in the Android-based Cyanogen OS, also suggests to some that the company was testing how well Microsoft products and services might integrate with Android. Former Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster was excited about bringing "new kinds of integrated services to mobile users in markets around the world."

Microsoft passed on financially investing in Cyanogen, and as Lineage it's no longer the company that entered into a partnership with Microsoft. Despite these shifts, Microsoft gleaned valuable data from the relationship. Deep OS-level integration of products and services like Cortana within the Cyanogen OS undoubtedly helped Redmond to, at least in part, bring a non-Google, Android-based vision of a Microsoft-focused mobile OS, reminiscent of the Nokia X, into view.

"Microsoft's" Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is a beautiful phone, and Windows Central hasn't been shy about acknowledging its appeal. Microsoft, which is offering a Microsoft version of this Android-based phone in its retail stores, where Windows-based phones are ironically absent, also recognizes the phone's consumer appeal.

This arrangement may appear to be a sure sign that Microsoft is abandoning its mobile platform for Android. Microsoft's long play, however, even if its mobile platform was a success, would likely entail imbuing competing platforms with its products and services.

The controversial positioning of an Android device in a Microsoft Store is harder to defend. But that too could be envisioned as a strategy.

Let's not forget, however, that in 2015 Samsung and Microsoft ended a court dispute over Android royalties the Korean-based company was obligated to pay Microsoft. The full terms of the outcome of that case were never disclosed. Perhaps, this Microsoft version of the S8, with a prime spot in the physical store, is part of what resulted from that case. Then again, the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Android phone is being sold through the Chinese Microsoft Store.

Some might deduce that Microsoft's foray into Android with garage apps and Cyanogen, and its prioritization of cross-platform investments above Windows, suggest that the company is using the S8 and Mi 5s Plus to set the stage for an eventual Microsoft branded Android smartphone in the Microsoft Store. But I doubt it.

Few companies have the resources to fork Android, Microsoft is one of them

"Forking Android" is when an OEM uses the free Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code to run devices with a Google-less Android OS. Simply put, when an OEM chooses not to use Google's version of Android, official access to the Google Play Store and the suite of popular Google apps and services are not part of the package.

Without those value-adding products and services, which have become almost synonymous with "Android," the Google-enriched version is not the Android you get. It is more of a no-frills version in need of a range of products, services and an app store.

Companies like China-based Xiaomi and online retailer Amazon used vast resources to succeed with a Google-less version of Android. Microsoft, with its broad range of software and virtual product-for-product alternatives to Google's range of first-party offerings, is arguably well-positioned to fork Android, as well.

Through persistent cross-platform offerings of its products and services, Microsoft has potentially positioned itself to be a "first-party" developer of a homegrown Android platform. Additionally, with Microsoft Garage and other original apps, the company has indisputably proven that it can create compelling new apps specifically geared for Android that also integrate with Microsoft's other services. (Arrow Launcher's Office 365 integration is an example.)

Forking Android can get complicated

One challenge Microsoft would face if it switched from Windows Mobile to Android is another blow to its tenuous relationship with developers. Some developers have suffered through a series of breaks in OS continuity over the years as Windows Mobile evolved toward OneCore.

Developers don't love Windows. Can Microsoft mend the relationship?


Microsoft has been promoting OneCore, the UWP and writing code once for all form factors for two years. If Microsoft made an about face and embraced Android, it would likely lose all credibility with developers and many others in the industry who believe in Microsoft's UWP vision.

A Microsoft-branded Android smartphone, though capable of integrating with the Windows ecosystem, would cut the mobile component of UWP out of the picture. This can't be Microsoft's plan.

Maintaining multiple apps

For those developers who may embrace Microsoft's Android, challenges remain. For instance, a developer who buys into Microsoft's platform will have likely also embraced Google's version. Here's the problem: Some apps tie into certain services, like Google Maps, to work. A developer may find that his Google app requires an update but that the same app on Microsoft's platform does not (or vice versa), because of an update to Google Maps (or another service).

Thus, in some situations, a developer may feel like he is maintaining an app on two different platforms.

What's in Store?

A switch to Android would severely impact the already poorly supported Windows Store. Some angry developers would undoubtedly abandon the platform (and Store) outright. Furthermore, Microsoft would have to build an Android Store to serve mobile, while the current Store continues to serve full Windows. After all of the work that has and is going into unifying the Store, I don't envision Microsoft making a move that would damage the infrastructure, logistics and goodwill those efforts established.

Obligated OEMs

Finally, OEMs that currently build Google-powered Android phones can't embrace building a non-Google Android phone without Google cutting that OEM's access to the Play Store and Google services. Most OEMs would likely stick with the Android services they and their customers know, rather than risking a loss by gambling on Microsoft's version of Android.

So should Microsoft fork Android?

Despite what some may interpret as indications that Microsoft is moving to Android, I contend that it is not, nor should it.

Clearly, a devastated UWP, further damaged developer relations, a chaotic Windows-Android Store duality, and poor OEM support strongly suggest that Microsoft forking Android is a bad idea. I see Microsoft pursuing full Windows-on-mobile on an ARM-based ultimate mobile device.

But that's just my opinion. What's yours?

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Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Thanks for reading folks! As with any company Microsoft has options, but every choice comes with benefits or costs. I believe that Microsoft's choice to fork Android would come with far greater costs than benefits. Though Windows on phone in it's current iteration is, as it's predecessors, failing in the smartphone space I am confident MS is pursing a Windows on Mobile strategy that will position an ultramobile PC category on ARM w/telephony and CShell in the Mobile space. Android in my view is not a viable option. But what do you say. let's talk!!!
  • I hope they do not give up....
  • I'm with you.... No. Give us W10A/Cshell on a pocketable Surface device.... Build the store back to where it used to be, and market the **** out of it till the lights go out.... Folding will discredit MS as a mobile provider forever. They need to stand their ground, and make it happen. Anything less is BS.
  • Word! They need to show commitment and blood in the fight, instead of looking for easy alternate routes. The General can't expect to have allies (or loyal troops) if he (or she) is not willing to risk major stuff (the present conveniences) to win the war, and gain new ground.
  • Exactly. For a organization of MS's size, and power🙄 it wouldn't look good if they showed they couldn't make a name for THEMSELVES in mobile, wherever that may be.... It's exactly what you say, the easy road out... And, nobody will buy a cheesy Android knockoff MS phone... (There's no way they would be stupid enough to brand this Surface)
  • You are so right. Microsoft is too big not to be in the smartphone game, because it is the jump-off point to the next phase of mobile/ultra-personal computing. No shortcuts, MS! Heck, every major mobile tech company is in mobile in one form or the other (Amazon smartly using Echo as well). Even the ones that fell mightily (BlackBerry and Nokia) cannot completely kill of their mobile aspirations (just be much more realistic). But you have to admit that Nokia fought hard! BlackBerry fought too. You can see the blood stains still on them. Microsoft is trying to use their regular stories of "productivity" to point us away from their failure in "mobility" (or rather "ultra-personal computing mobility"). And they killed off Band! Instead of shooting for a next-gen, AR revolution (like their concept videos seem to suggest). Maybe a Surface Band in the future? With MS, who knows...
  • Yes.. If they can put a man on the moon, then MS shouldn't give up on selling mobile devices.. Just start with world class hardware, and focus on making the mobile aspect perfection... If MS markets "The most powerful REAL computing device on your pocket", and sticks with that pitch, someone will follow, then others will follow.... They have to advertise such a device as fun. Use XBOX gaming, brag about Cortana, show how you can create with PhotoShop on the go, show DJ's unfolding their Surface branded Device, and laying down tracks on the Subway... Run ads showcasing productivity, make deals with major POS sevices, landing deals with McDonald's using these devices to take orders... Show customers siting down in a restaurant, and these devices being used to complete their order.. No more waiting in lines to checkout, because store associates do it with their Surface Phones... Show power. Show things being done that a smartphone can't do!!.... Use hype! Be relentless! Get with the youth showcasing the latest trends using Surface Mobile, and put these devices in the hands of CEO's.. Take your apps back. Have an onslaught of apps exclusive to Surface. Name the app store the Surface app store... Think! Think big! Wake up!!.... Don't be afraid to stand on your own. Bring exclusivity back to Windows!.... SURFACE POCKET POWERED BY MICROSOFT!... STAMP ALL OF THE BEST OF MS BRANDS ON THE BACK OF THIS SURFACE DEVICE! MAKE IT LOOK FUTURISTIC. MAKE IT SUPER APPEALING, AND UNTOUCHABLE, THEN RELEASE THE AFFORDABLE VERSION NEXT YEAR.. MARKET THE **** OUT OF IT! GIVE CONSUMERS NO CHOICE BUT TO NEED THIS! MAKE THE WORLD BELIEVE THEY CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS! THINK IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL.... MAKE EVERY VERSION MAKE HEADLINES! BUY HEADLINES! IT'S HUGE, IT'S THE BEST FOR ONLY THE BEST.. PUT ME IN CHARGE OF MARKETING, AND GIVE ME A BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET!............ SUCCESS IS THE LAST WORRY, THE BARE MINIMUM THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN OR HEADS ROLL................ GO HARD, OR GO HOME... Damn... Just go make it happen, MS.
    I'm sick of this non proactive BS. Have some balls MS. Screw Apple, screw Google, and screw the current set of lazy developers... And, screw us fans as well... Do it for MS, and nobody else. Have some self pride, and most of all be confident..... Your slip is hanging, MS.
  • You know MS needs to send their teams to boot camp.. They need to visit some locker rooms, get motivated... They need a drill sergeant, and a coach.. That place needs to be the darkside, the death star... Nice isn't gonna cut it in 2020... Supercar manufacturers are cut throat. They live on the edge of design, engineering, and performance. It's a super competitive sector of the auto industry.. Yet, every year they make it happen, pushing the boundaries further, and further. They prove that there is more room for just two brands.. Life isn't one size fits all. If I were MS I would take advantage of the fact that there are only two major mobile OS's right now. Take advantage of that instead of running away from it.. Because, if MS doesn't take third now, and compete for second, one day they will be competing for third, or maybe even fourth........ They can't afford to give up third, it's not gonna happen... So, use Android? Hell naaaaw! That's working backwards.
  • ^ This! MS, hire this guy yesterday!
  • They definitely need to market market matter the product. Not YouTube videos either.... Real commercials on TV
  • Yes! That's what i want to hear it. They need to stand their ground badly!
  • Agreed Rodneyej a fight they should stick with for sure, let's hear none of the android crap !!
  • .
  • The only reason why I say MS should come with a mobile device, and fight to make a name for it, is because I don't see where they've ever done that before.........
  • Agreed again, they have always ***** footed about, they need to step up for a change !!
  • Yep. Grow some 🔩
  • That's the truth. I remember a couple different 1020 commercials, but not much more than that. The 1020 commercials worked for the most part. People knew my 1020 and knew it as the best smartphone camera on the market at that time.
  • pocketable surface device with either monthly data plans from Microsoft that work similar to Project Fi (picks the best network to connect to) or a la carte data plans. Both will come with a free subscription to a Skype phone number. Blam. It's not quite a phone, but can work just like one.
  • Exactly, I agree with you entirely. The many windows phone fans probably ventured into it because they weren't satisfied with OS' like android and iOS, I know at least I did. While I got into that as well, a few years ago, the windows phone OS was much snappier and actually constantly innovating, working faster, smoother and most importantly had design elements and functionalities that satisfied us Windows fans users.
    Windows 10 was even more exciting as it seemed incomplete without windows mobile which indirectly ensured Microsoft's commitment to windows mobile.
    Yes there is an app gap and recently it hasn't been as good as can be recently and android has been becoming more efficient.
    However, I feel this is a point where we need to support Microsoft even more to return windows mobile to it's prior glory rather than give in to OS' like android or iOS!!
  • Microsoft is not Rick Astley
  • Nadella already raised white flag in July, 2015.  What credibility?  He only cares about MSFT.
  • "He only cares about MSFT." What exactly should the CEO of MSFT care about?
  • Lol
  • Profit margins and more importantly BONUSES, he is there to provide the biggest dividend to MS's shareholders. He's a beancounter with a primary focus on cloud.
  • I think he meant "now" rather than the future.
  • Let's hope they continue not to read Windows Central.
  • @Hiswona Why would you hope that?🤔
  • Because of the title of this article 😉 I truly hope they hang in there because I don't want to choose between android and ios anymore. I want Windows 10 on my phone. It always just feels like coming home. I am not missing apps so the ecosystem as it is now (950xl, SP3, XBOX) are perfect for me.
  • Hi Hans, the Title of the article is a question, "Should Microsoft ditch Windows Mobile and embrace Android?" The title however does not provide the answer to that question. Reading the content of the piece does😉 If Microsoft employees were to read the piece, despite Hiswona's desire that they not read our site, they would see that I assert that Microsoft should NOT embrace Android and I provided several reasons why. 😉 Here's the real problem with some of the comments, some folks just aren't reading.😕
  • True indeed but we also don't want them to start asking that question themselves regardless of the content of your, again written greatly, article Jason 😊
  • Thanks Hans, 🙂 but, as with all good decision processes, the option has likely been presented long before this piece. Also given the state of the platform and some suggestions that Microsoft should fork Android, even from some of our readers, I thought it timely to address this question. 🙂
  • Previously I've wished they would read this site, but recently your articles have been full of negativity. Yes, we (the community and insiders) are getting more negative, but you guys are fuelling the acceleration of this negativity with some of the pieces of late. Respect you all and thank you for the content, but think you might need to be a little more thoughtful about the opinion given.
  • There is a reason behind that. They are preparing you...
  • Exactly 👍
  • Because of the title of this article 😉
    See Betteridge's law of headlines - a humorous adage which states, "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." Read that as: Q: Should Microsoft ditch Windows Mobile and embrace Android? A: No.  
  • Oh I'm right there with you. Don't give into Android. It may be the most used mobile OS but it's not the most popular. Please, Microsoft, continue in the effort of mobile but be ready this time to take a little hurt. I also want to choose between more OS on mobile, heck be an out for other companies wanting in the mobile game.
  • "Android..........may be the most used mobile OS but it's not the most popular." What exactly is the difference?  By definition, if 80% of the population goes to see a movie, that movie is popular. 
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • Totally agree
  • I see the word android more and more on this site and it's disturbing.
    Microsoft have not said Windows Mobile is gone.
    They've indicated that insider programme is taking a back seat for now.
    It stand to reason that the insider programme can never be sustainable. They cannot beta test the OS forever, at some stage they'll have to return to the 3 year release cycle.
    This realisation will naturally start with their 'smaller' product offering.
  • Hiswona, did you read the entire piece, or did you respond in the comments when you "saw the word Android" as you pointed out. If you read this piece im it's entirety you will very clearly see that I am not advocating MS embrace Android. You will see that I actually recommend against it and state that the arguments some may see as reasons that MS may be going in that direction are not indicative of that course at all. If you follow my writings, you will likely see the most optimisitc analysis of the direction I feel MS is going in with mobile (though success is not guaranteed) than you will find anywhere else on the web. 😉 Thanks for commenting, and I hope you get a chance to read the piece thoroughly. Here's my other work:
  • Did I "read the entire piece"?
    I read up until the galaxy 8 part.
    The thing you need to remember is that any publicity is good publicity.
    If WC continue in this relentless androidification if this site, the better for android.
    I'll admit Zac is doing it more... And this may be one of your rare articles.
    If Microsoft research were to do an analysis of WM brand value and came to this site with the hope of finding their users... This would not be helpful as I suspect like most people (as you say) there'd read the headline.
  • Hi Hiswona If a Microsoft researcher came to this site looking for the company's users and stopped at the QUESTION the title of this piece asks, without reading the entire article to see the ANSWER, the author provides, Microsoft should fire that researcher for EXTRAORDINARILY poor research skills.😕 The question this title poses is one that many people have posed and I am confident at some point Microsoft has entertained. Good decision making requires looking at all options thoroughly, even unpopular ones, and logically eliminating them by weighing the pros and cons if they are not the most viable choice. By taking the time to read through this piece, your hypothetical researchers would see that I presented first the arguments some may see as reasons why MS is or should choose Android. As a balanced piece I then pointed out the reasons why its a bad idea and concluded by answering the tiltled question with a "no" MS should not ditch WM for Android. Here's some of what you missed by stopping before the end: FORKING ANDROID CAN GET COMPLICATED One challenge Microsoft would face if it switched from Windows Mobile to Android is another blow to its tenuous relationship with developers. Some developers have suffered through a series of breaks in OS continuity over the years as Windows Mobile evolved toward OneCore. Developers don't love Windows. Can Microsoft mend the relationship? THE UWP Microsoft has been promoting OneCore, the UWP and writing code once for all form factors for two years. If Microsoft made an about face and embraced Android, it would likely lose all credibility with developers and many others in the industry who believe in Microsoft's UWP vision.
    A Microsoft-branded Android smartphone, though capable of integrating with the Windows ecosystem, would cut the mobile component of UWP out of the picture. This can't be Microsoft's plan. MAINTAINING MULTIPLE APPS For those developers who may embrace Microsoft's Android, challenges remain. For instance, a developer who buys into Microsoft's platform will have likely also embraced Google's version. Here's the problem: Some apps tie into certain services, like Google Maps, to work. A developer may find that his Google app requires an update but that the same app on Microsoft's platform does not (or vice versa), because of an update to Google Maps (or another service).
    Thus, in some situations, a developer may feel like he is maintaining an app on two different platforms. WHAT'S IN STORE? A switch to Android would severely impact the already poorly supported Windows Store. Some angry developers would undoubtedly abandon the platform (and Store) outright. Furthermore, Microsoft would have to build an Android Store to serve mobile, while the current Store continues to serve full Windows. After all of the work that has and is going into unifying the Store, I don't envision Microsoft making a move that would damage the infrastructure, logistics and goodwill those efforts established. OBLIGATED OEMS Finally, OEMs that currently build Google-powered Android phones can't embrace building a non-Google Android phone without Google cutting that OEM's access to the Play Store and Google services. Most OEMs would likely stick with the Android services they and their customers know, rather than risking a loss by gambling on Microsoft's version of Android. SO SHOULD MICROSOFT FORK ANDROID? Despite what some may interpret as indications that Microsoft is moving to Android, I contend that it is not, nor should it. Clearly, a devastated UWP, further damaged developer relations, a chaotic Windows-Android Store duality, and poor OEM support strongly suggest that Microsoft forking Android is a bad idea. I see Microsoft pursuing full Windows-on-mobile on an ARM-based ultimate mobile device."
  • This is a legit and good discussion imho. A quick summary would come to the conclusion we all agree on one thing : KEEP GOING MICROSOFT!!!👍
  • Ok, I was wrong. You haven't sold out.
    On the issue of Microsoft damaging already invested infrastructure...
    This is MS we talking about.
    Windows Media Center, kinect, Lumia etc, comes to mind...
    They can and we hope for the best.
  • Jason... Awesome and well thought out article. Thank you! It actually gives me (a long time Windows enthusiast) some comfort. I just wish MSFT would get out the next round of "phones" or what ever mobile hardware they're working on that also places phone calls (cellular PC). Thanks again.
  • What if..... they are not working on any new phone right now?
  • Thanks TelcomGuy. Appreciate the support and I'm glad you liked and got something from the piece.😎
  • You do realize that Microsoft could relase an "Microsoftized" Android phone (sorta Like Samsung S8 MS)  to test public reation, while retaining support for their W10M phones. As times go by, eventually W10M would die, and only "Microsoftized" Android phones would remain. Because it's Android, it would not need apdates FROM microsoft, except for their own apps, so DEVs would not feel confused about updates or anything like that, because updates for Google Services would require google updates, and updates for Microsoft Services would require microsoft updates. No confusion, no tricks, no nothing. MS Store would still be a thing in Windows, and as Windows tablets gain marketshare, it's not a bad thing, actually. Many apps fail to deliver in both W10M smartphones and full-fledged Windows 10 PCs, so one focus for DEVs would actually be good.   I bought and Samsung Omnia, with WMo 6.1 back in 2009, then went to a Omnia M in 2012 and finally a L640 in 2015, but we have to face it: Microsoft is losing the battle more and more, and most likely losing money on it. If Microsoft don't do anything strategicaly really smart (I was really looking toward that Surface Phone, with full Windows and stuff, but it seems impossible to came from Microsoft right now), they're done in the phone sector. So YES, I do think that, in the long run, Microsoft embracing Android would be a great idea.
  • No, but it seems like they already did.
  • The answer is no! But, they really need to allow .apk to get side loaded. This way they can eliminate the app gap. With that, the can market the hell out of W10M. 
  • Ja, obly that apk's are ugly as ****! And do not match wi dows 10 design language. Saying this, i HATE how Facebook ios app looks and feels. The ms made one was way better, and faster to open.
  • This was a good read
  • Thanks phkejo😎
  • Jason, they already have embraced Android, they've been focused on Android/Apple for years now and ignored W10M. Honestly, because of his treatment Ana lack of listening to us via their do called feedback portal odd the reason I'll be moving my family & all 200+ mobile devices at the company to non Microsoft version of Galaxy S8 units with Verizon.
  • Really interesting and authoritative article, which as a long time Windows Phone user - dating back to the days of Windows Mobile - I appreciated. As a Surface Pro 4 owner as well, I really do not wish to move away from Windows Phone, but I honestly think the OS is entering it's final phase. I own a Lumia 930, which I see will not be updated to the Creator's Edition, and as I type, there are no Window Phones available to buy anywhere. I've had my 930 for a few years now, and soon, it will need to be replaced, but with what? Microsoft need to either make an announcement about the rumoured Surface Phone, or put us all out of our misery, so we can move on. I'd love to stay with Windows Phone, but if the hardware isn't there, that surely tells it's own story...
  • I feel you guy. I'm over looking at branding and loyalty to a brand, and simply getting the best device for my needs. Surface is a GOOD device and potentially the best out there in its class. Before I'd get a new surface because, Microsoft. But I dont trust Microsoft anymore. I will be getting a new surface because it's a GOOD DEVICE.   I switched to the s8+ because again, it's a good device. Oh no, I have two different OSes... lol really who cares? In the end I';m happy because I'll ahve two functioning and attractice devices that meet my needs. Having loyalty to these companies will only leave you in heartbreak.   I almost feel as if I've been woken up to this. I definitely live less stressful days with this new s8+, and not wreslting with a buggy HP Elite x3
  • Thanks Michael.🙂 And thx for the input.
  • The only way I could see Android becoming a viable option is if Microsoft re-implemented the Google Play APIs using Microsoft services and created a way to run UWP apps on Android. Even if that were to happen, the argument for writing a UWP app over a Java-based Android app would likely still be weak. I imagine that an Android UWP API would be slow, buggy, and incomplete for a few years after launch and wouldn't win many developers over.
  • Jason... Awesome and well thought out article. Thank you! It actually gives me (a long time Windows enthusiast) some comfort. I just wish MSFT would get out the next round of "phones" or what ever mobile hardware they're working on that also places phone calls (cellular PC). Thanks again.
  • Go Microsoft Go!
  • Jason, why not proposing to the site owners to refer only to Microsoft and XBOX news (no android advertising)? In my opinion you should bring on board some game reviewers and fill the gap with news related to XBOX and PC games, people gonna love it.
  • The topics a bit like asking someone if they would like to get cancer.
  • So there's no Android Surface coming.
  • i am and will always be a Windows Phone man. I like the no virus & lack of jack in this OS & I'm hanging out for the new Surface Phone, but it is hard when there as been so many upgrades in other Platforms that i wonder at times if Microsoft just don't care anymore & will build the Microsoft apps for the Android Phone that users will buy. Windows on an Android Phone is a good compromise but that's a bit like buying a Folden if you want a Ford but like the look of the Holden or vice versa
  • They should do that if they want to become somewhat relevant in the mobile space. Otherwise, no.
  • So many of these people are really right on target with their comments about having MS stick with the WM OS. I've used all of the phone OSs (iOS, Android, WP, and BB 10) as a business user, not as a entertainment consumer, and IMHO Android is dead last in terms of UI friendlyness. WP is in second place behind BB 10, but clearly ahead of iOS. If MS can get a really workable WM OS, they would have a very viable product. The issue then becomes aggresive marketing of the product. Apple does it, I don't understand why MS can't do it. Also, MS needs to stop pretending that they are the "Be All, End All" since they are not. MS needs to clean up its relationship with developers, as so many other here have clearly stated. Stay away from Android as it is not nearly as good an OS as both WP and WM are.
  • I concur. My wild thoughts on the direction Micrososft is taking with Samsung was exactly that, from the Android royalties court dealings we don't know what was settled. Having the S8 offered in MicrosoftStore could be the first step we see into what may come, and perhaps we will see a Windows10 version of S8 come alongside in the MicrosoftStore as part of this out of court settlement. I can see this happening at carriers too, Windows10 version of S8 alongside the Android version. It may very well be the foot in the door that Microsoft may need to get real with its own marketing strategy (for some reason they have never been good at this), to start making a better presence in carriers stores and minds. Perhaps even that dualboot proposal that was around a couple years ago and got shuttered with no real explanation... perhaps this is the beginnings of this coming to fruition? 
  • Hell NO!!!
  • NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!!
  • There's no limit.
    No no limit, won't give up the fight...
  • Gtfoh
  • If so, i will run towards apple and be a sheep.
  • What then happens to UWP.. They need UWP on a mobile platform the same way win32 rules desktop.
  • Exactly!!
  • Hi Akira I address that in the article under the section titled "The UWP". I hope you get a chance to read the article😉Here's the excerpt from the article: "The UWP Microsoft has been promoting OneCore, the UWP and writing code once for all form factors for two years. If Microsoft made an about face and embraced Android, it would likely lose all credibility with developers and many others in the industry who believe in Microsoft's UWP vision.
    A Microsoft-branded Android smartphone, though capable of integrating with the Windows ecosystem, would cut the mobile component of UWP out of the picture. This can't be Microsoft's plan."
  • I posted before I read the entire article because this very question, "What happens to UWP" has been on my mind lately. When a developer in the Microsoft ecosystem creates an app, they have the ability to push it across various Microsoft platforms(Xbox, Hololens, etc). Windows 10 on ARM will be the next addition to this family as this move would keep all the existing developer relationships in tact. From there, its up to Microsoft to take some or all of those Android royalties and re-invest it into new and old developer relationships, product R and D, and marketing of Windows 10 on ARM devices. This is the only way I see UWP continuing its growth while allowing Microsoft to stay relevant in mobile.
  • The really interesting question for me is whether they can / will make uwp apps run on android.
  • I heard Paul Thurrott on Windows Weekly recently suggest that MS needs to find a way to port UWP apps to Android to encourage UWP app development by giving the developer an Andoid freebie as a reward. Interesting idea. P.S. I boycotted WW for over a year due to their Thurrott's windows phone bashing. I'm now looking at buying an Android phone (to match my recently purchased 8" Android tablet). I've been handing in for 6 years since my HTC Trophy. Time's run out for me.
  • If we can get Paul Thurrott to shut up and Satya Nadella to listen, WP would never die.  WW has turned into WP.NOT Weekly for over a year now.  Thanks to Thurrott.
  • But developing a native app with Xamarin is making an UWP app, compiled also to an APK - which exactly what you're describing!
  • UWP is a joke. Only a handful of apps support it and some Microsoft apps still don't support it.
  • No build it they will come ( Stable) and ( Fun).
  • No, keep on build new phones.
  • This site is corrupting 😢 us
  • Hi Sabbath, how so?🤔
  • That's silly. If you can't read and learn without being corrupted, I recommend staying off the internet.
  • Ofcourse not. Should Pepsi package coca cola
  • dude... its the same company so they are doing it since 19xx.... i mean Pepsi and Coke :-D
  • Lol I'll take your word for it.
    If true what you say, you still get the point.
  • Not the same company at all.
  • Same company!! WTFRUTA!
  • That not a very good analogy. Pepsi are not suffering from a lack of consumer interest in their product and are very much a competitive rival to Coca Cola. Microsoft phone on the other hand has a pitiful market share that is dropping by the day and cannot compete with Android. 
  • Depends where you live.
    In South Africa no one drinks Pepsi.
    Pepsi have left and returned to market almost as many times as Microsoft's Mobile ambition.
    The only difference is Pepsi doesn't taste good under the African sun.
    But Windows Phone only has Nadella to blame.
  • Hell no!
  • If that happen,I prefer to start using Nokia 1208 again😁, I can't stand Android and IOS...
  • No. Effing. Way.
  • the real question I have is this... Does microsoft any have any plans for improving UWA, make them better, get rid of all or most of the issues developers have with them, or so nothing with UWA development . I've heard nothing either way for a long long time
  • My guess, Microsoft will never make another phone for consumers. OEM's may, but not Microsoft. Any new phones will just be targeted at business. Microsoft is the new IBM. I have the feeling that Surface will be the next to be fazed out in the next couple years as well. Hope I'm wrong but that is the vibe Microsoft seems to be giving out.
  • That's what their numbers people have been wanting for a few years. Dump phone, Xbox, Bing - do Office and Cloud services.
  • @bdball, I'm worried you may be right but certainly hope you are wrong
  • We have the best platform , please do not abandoned it!! Windows 10 Creators update is better and almost as fast as the Windows 8.1 integration.
  • Blackberry saw the light, why not Microsoft?
  • I mean, Blackberry still isn't doing too well even after adopting Android.
  • Click bait.
  • Hi verjan: I hope you read the article. If not, you should🙂 You might find it more of a thoughtful piece that considers the challenges MS is facing, an option some fans and others, suggest MS follow in mobile, and my concluding rebuttal to the arguments that MS should follow that course of embracing Android.
  • Yes
  • How many devices did MS introduce with windows 10 mobile   worldwide to call it a "failure"? Google really promted Android with Nexus line working with different OEM for each iteration yearly! They realized the mistakes of buying Motorola and immediately sold it but didn't dissolve it or write it off! MS has no "will" to play a role in next big thing in Mobile in.consumer space. It's clear that thier strategy is to sustain in enterprise sector as long as possible and stay profitable and please shareholders. It seems mobile platform is going to be between apple and google and MS will merely have apps for their enterprise focused platforms.
  • I do see another possibility that I don't believe has been discussed. What if they made UWP Apps run on Android? They already have .NET Core running on Linux so I wouldn't think it would be that difficult. Then developers would have a choice of doing a UWP App or a traditional Android App. The added benefit is now there might be more incentive to build UWP as Android developers could hit both Windows and Android with one app. Just a thought I had.
  • This crossed my mind as well, I couldn't find anything with a quick search that says its doable. Doesn't mean its not.
  • MS should license Android from Google to run as an optional paid app/service in Win10 (with full access to Google Play for the android apps running. Sell it in the windows store & offer enterprise licensing for it. Such Android support would have no effect on UWP since UWP is moot and pointless on "mobile/phone" with no committment to devices. Also this would allow businesses to use deploy WinMobileArm10Phones yet run necessary Android apps an obstacle to anyone using WindowsPhoneMobile.
  • No! Keep building new phones. I dabble in Android, and it just doesn't do it for me.
  • I'm day 2 on my S8+, its ok, great phone and all but Android and iOS simply do not cover all the bases, mainly the "something different" base. Its like Android and iOS are gasoline cars and Windows is a Tesla.
  • Good analogy! I agree!
  • What do you mean by 'something different'?
    If you mean appearance, Android is by far the most themable phone OS around today.
  • Something different? Windows phones are literally icons and non-fuctional widgets with squares around them. How is that different? You can easily put squares around your icons and widgets on Android.
  • It may be inevitable. IMO, once they gave up the unique and innovative Windows Phone interface design, they started down the road of "the same but less" as android.
    I liked the fact that WP phone was different and functionally useable for most Mobile needs, thus I didn't much care about the "app gap".
    Still love my 950XL, just bought another one, but if MS abandoned the mobile, I would miss it but survive
  • "...once they gave up the unique and innovative Windows Phone interface design, they started down the road of 'the same but less' as android." Word.
  • You liked it. No one else did, hence sales were absolutely terrible. Keeping that UI is a really bad idea. They need something new that hasn't already been rejected by the market.
  • not convinced "no one" liked it, they had a larger (if large is even appropriate) share before they abandoned it.
  • 3% after 5 years, it is time to hang it up. Why keep wasting money?
  • No MS should build Windows 10 on every display size and only release MS made Android and iOS Apps when the are released to Windows 10 first. Make Windows Great Again!
  • No way on planet earth. If you believe Microsoft can have any kind of future on android you are dead wrong. Google will always have the better products on Android.
  • windows on ARM will change everything, can someone please explain how? The UI is going to be the same, number of UWP apps are still less, and please dont tell me win32 apps, no one is going to use win32 apps on 5-6" phone. No seriously i just don't understand the hype. #anotherfakehope
  • Because of continuum. While most win32 would not be usable on the smaller display (not all though), they would be usable when on a bigger monitor/laptop dock. Not saying it will save the mobile platform by any means, it does become a much more attractive product for a lot of people.
  • Agreed, Windows 10 on ARM won't really fix anything but gives the phone fans something to fixate on. It'll be a niche product at best. Microsoft missed out on being a player in the mobile/smartphone space and will suffer a decline because of it. IBM and AT&T used be the giants in their respective categories and time passed them by as well. Both are still players in their spaces but nothing like they used to be. The same is likely to happen with Microsoft. When you think of PCs do you still think of IBM? When you think of telephones do you still think of AT&T? In the near future when you think of OSes will you think of Windows...? Focusing on Azure and office subscriptions will keep the cash flowing into MS for a very long time and the company will continue to be relevant, but the missed opportunity to get Windows into the mobile space was a huge failing on the part of Microsoft.
  • "When you think of PCs do you still think of IBM?"  No, and actually that was just a sideline business to IBM.   When you think of IBM you think of mainframes. 
  • windows on ARM would allow tablets and cool mobile devices/laptops to have cellular services (data and obviously calls) and all day batery life. that will have no impact on "consumer  phones" though you are correct. 
  • Exactly but for some reason WC shows it as a next breakthrough. I agree there are many folks who want their phone to be PC as well(corporate world) but not everyone(certainly not me) is going to abandon my surface pro 4(while sitting on couch) and go to fixed display to connect my phone to convert it in to a PC. Windows on ARM is nothing but a phone with true continumum, that can not be THE selling point. MS is walling on path with no desire. 
  • A new platform with even fewer apps in its store?  I don't think so.
  • What they need to do is let you load Windows 10 onto Android phones. Thing with Android is that it's so open, OEMs can bake their own things into it I guess and make money that way. Where as Windows is more like iOS in that respect and OEMs see little money back after the initial sale. That's why iPhones are made solely by apple, even if they did let OEMs take it on, its just not that profitable in the long run.
  • Microsoft should make android phone with Microsoft brand like Nokia is doing now, so that way we can have pure view or carlzeiss optic in camera atleast
  • MS should keep the platform going and develop phones even if it will take 5years to build new phones.. Oh should pay Samsung to build a limited amount of phone that will be only to be sold on Microsoft stores.. But with Surface, HoloLens, Azure, Xbox 🎮, groove, store etc mobile still awesome to keep it around.. And I love how my Lumia interact with my pc and Xbox It's really cool
  • Why spend R&D on phones when they could be putting all their money into hololens and making it fashionable and consumer friendly? By the time they even get any decent shares in phones, the other companies would have moved on to new tech.
  • Is windows central set to auto troll Windows phone or what? The topic is becoming rather stale. Every week a topic on the end of wp or similar. Basically, I don't give a **** either way. Yes i do have a wp, I also have apple and droid stuff.
  • Hi Tony. Please read the article. Spoiler alert😉: By the end of the article after presenting a number of reason why some would want or feel MS is embracing Android, I answer the Titles question with an emphatic "no" after highlighting several reasons why it's a bad idea. After that I sum it all up with the following closing statements: "Clearly, a devastated UWP, further damaged developer relations, a chaotic Windows-Android Store duality, and poor OEM support strongly suggest that Microsoft forking Android is a bad idea. I see Microsoft pursuing full Windows-on-mobile on an ARM-based ultimate mobile device.
    But that's just my opinion. What's yours?" I hope you take the time to read the piece.😉
  • Fair enough,bullet point summary so I can get big picture in short time frame 🙂
  • Hi Tony🙂Thanks for the response. I presume you and many people a Were at work, when this went up ( 12 Eastern time) and around end if day, commuting for some areas, so a full read at time I'm is tough. Not everyone's in the same boat. I just encourage everyone to read before commenting(even favorable comments should be reserved until reading🙂), it's just the wisest approach I believe. At any rate I hope you get a chance for a full read! Jump back in if you do!😎
  • All what i want to say , customers is the king .
    MS should care more about developers, like androids developers , they are tons .
    In this case. Only this case , windows phone mobile , will smash the whole market.. Ended
  • In Europe Microsoft would-be sued for giving up the support of windows mobile leasing custumers of lumia phones without updates and support. This must a company where a clown like Trump leads the most powerfull nation on earth...
  • Fire Nutella first and get one last CEO that really does his job and gives it a shot. If that doesn't work, then maybe go this route. It was far to early to quit on mobile and this idiot set them back big time with it. So for that reason I think it deserves one last attempt with someone who not only wants it to work, but believes in it and has an idea or one SINGLE vision. Again, if they are going to keep this clown at the wheel, then just give up and shut everything down other than this dumb cloud idea and call it quits.
  • Yep, nevermind that they are more profitable now than ever and share prices are at an all time high.
  • profitable has nothing to do with long term health...and it's obvious he doesn't care.
  • You would have been better off by saying "share prices have nothing to do with long term health..." Because profit and more specifically where the profit is coming from right now absolutely does.
  • you sound like him now...word play. They are all related and tied into one another. IT use to be that most of the people on here thought like most have switched and believe what I am saying. Good luck pretending his vision is going to be a long term isn't...its about lining the board-room with bonus's.
  • First of all words and their usage matter. Secondly, while they are tied together, share prices fluctuate based on more than just numbers. Profit is just straight up raw numbers. Lastly, his vision is for long term success. He understands the future of computing is cloud. Nobody knows the future of mobile. All companies are currently trying to figure it out, or lead the next generation of mobile computing. Whatever that may be. And to be fair, in our current society, that is what he is there to do. That is what he has been hired to do. Make bank for the board members and shareholders, and that is exactly what he is doing.
    With that said, we as a society need a dramatic change in what we value as important. Right now the dollar (or your local currency) is king. We need to move away from that mindset, fast. Or we are in a world of hurt in the next 5-10 years. Automation and cloud will eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs. We are in no way as a society prepared for what is about to happen. IMO, we are screwed. Like Post Man/Waterworld/Mad Max/Escape from New York screwed. Screwed.
    But hey, use your words to prove me wrong or help me see your side. What has he done in the current corporate landscape, that has set his company up for failure? (Again though, I don't think society as a whole is prepared for what is about to come.)
  • You're not following what missionsparta is saying here... Yes obviously money makes the world go 'round. And yes with all the cuts Nadella has been doing, you're going to make a lotof short temr porfits. But when you alienate developers, customers, and garner a bad public image by your actions... you jeopardize potential earnings in the future.   I will never be the same rose-tinted Microsoft-fan like I was before. I jumped off ship and I'm overall happier because of it. I KNOW I'm not the onyl or last. And get this, I'm an enthusiast who purchased the latest and greatest they had. I spend thousands on Microsoft products every single year. They've lost ME as a customer. You have to see that these things will have a lasting impact. It may not be this quarter, or this FY.... but eventually they will see that their newest products dont stick in the market because they've lost trust.   A true visionary CEO would see that. And dont get me wrong. I'm sure he has visions of what Microsoft can be, he just went about it the wrong way. He razed the town and its denizens to build a utopia. Well how can you populate your utopia when you've murdered all your townsfolk??
  • And you are not following what i am saying. MS will not win or compete in mobile this generation, bottom line. They lost, we lost. That is it. Why continue to sink money in something that will never ever give ROI? Also, where the money is coming from is not short term, that is my point. The revenue stream is coming from cloud and office. Those are perpetual subscription based services. Hence my argument on preparing for the long term. What is short sighted is to think that mobile would have any positive impact on their business in any way in this current generation of mobile computing. They are making this kind of money with zero play in the mobile space. Automation and intelligence is where the money will be. Google, Amazon and MS all know this.
    Edit: Simple example. I commented this elsewhere in this thread. Let's say for argument that Satya did go all in. Best hardware, software and marketing. Kick a** commercials, common consumer says "Oh, i want that". Drive to store the next day. Checks it out, loves it, goes home to set up. Goes to download Snapchat. "wait, what? It's not there?" then drives to the store later to return it. That does more harm to MS than If the customer never purchased in the first place. Only thing worse than not selling phone, selling phones that get returned. Is it sad that a handful of apps have the ability to kill a platform. Heck yes that is sad. But that is also reality.
    Oh and, I still rock a 950XL as my daily. I will not leave the platform. Once there is a premium smaller tablet with cellular, I am moving on from phones.
  • MS chose its direction back when Ballmer resigned. Up for CEO was Nadella, who ran Azure, and Elop who was their phone guy. MS has always been enterprise focused and chose Nadella. Apple is a consumer-bases company that tries to do some enterprise. MS is enterprise-focused that tries to do some consumer stuff. Each, when the hard decisions need to be made, will follow their focus. MS dabbled in consumer phones but never put their heart in it or had a clear vision. So here we are...
  • I'm tired of hearing the excuse that "Microsoft isn't a hardware company". That's bullshit. The Xbox, Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Windows Phones, and Bands they have sold us completely say otherwise. Just another cop put of an excuse.
  • Profit has very little to do with long term health.
  • Other than them having a butt load of cash tucked away because of that profit? What world do you live in, because it doesn't seem to be reality.
  • Depending where you read... They have already thrown in the towel completely Windows Phone is DEAD - Microsoft signals end of its mobile phone businessHUGE announcement means that Microsoft will wind down its smartphone production within the next few weeks, marking an end to its major mobile experiment. By MICHAEL MOORE 15:50, Fri, Apr 28, 2017 | UPDATED: 16:05, Fri, Apr 28, 2017 1 GETTY Microsoft may have finally called time on its Windows Phone hardware Microsoft is officially set to pull the plug on its Windows Phone smartphone business. The company has reportedly signalled that it will be wrapping up its operations in the mobile device market within the next few weeks The news was reported on Twitter by ZDNet reporter Mary Jo Foley, who said that a senior Microsoft executive had told her there was almost no money left in the phone business. Renowned Microsoft commentator Paul Thurrottcorroborated Foley’s report, saying that the wind-down of the company’s phone business is, “expected to be completed by the end of the current fiscal year”. This would mean that Microsoft would halt its operations by the end of June. Windows 10 Creators Update - the best featuresTue, March 28, 2017Windows 10 Creators Update is nearly here - here are some of the best features in Microsoft's newest release
    The new Paint 3D app makes creating models easier than ever [MICROSOFT] Microsoft revealed its latest financial results earlier this week, with company CFO Amy Hood mentioning "negligible revenue from phones." The reality was even more stark, however, with phone sales falling $730 million for the current quarter from the same period last year.The announcement may not be too surprising, given the waning power of Windows Phone devices around the world.  Microsoft did not even publish the results of its mobile devices division in its last financial results, with no new devices being released as the company finalised its messy divorce with Nokia. Windows Phone now makes up just 0.3 per cent of all smartphones sold across the world in the last three months of last year, according to recent Gartner figures. GETTY The news means no more new Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone devices The ascension of Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO effectively spelled the end for Windows Phone, as he looked to take the company more towards cloud computing. The company has also been resizing its Windows Phone workforce in recent years, with tens of thousands of employees being laid off back in July 2015. Microsoft also effectively wrote off $7.6 billion concerning its 2013 takeover of Nokia, marking one of the company’s biggest ever low points.  The company also recently downgraded work on its Windows 10 Mobile platform in favour of focusing on building other new hardware instead.
    The news won’t affect Microsoft’s mobile software rollout, as the company recently revealed more details about the rollout of its most advanced mobile software. The company finally began rolling out Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update earlier this week, marking the latest generation of its smartphone platform. However only a certain number of devices are able to download and install the software, including several Lumia smartphones such as the Lumia 640 and 640XL, Lumia 650, and Lumia 950 and 950 XL devices. The mobile version of Windows 10 Creators Update is available to download now. The download brings a number of mobile-specific features, including better ebook support for reading on the go, a new “Snooze” function for Microsoft Edge tabs, and a smoother way to many Wi-Fi connections on your device. There’s also support for full-colour, updated emojis, better Bluetooth connectivity, and improvements to Cortana that allow you to use your voice to control playback and volume of your music.
  • Regardless of the dates of your news clippings this is old news. Microsoft stopped producing Windows phone's last summer.
  • Use the software on android and ios since Microsoft if giving their apps to those other competitors. Just like Sega, they gave up their hardware and focused on their software. I see similar thing going on with Microsoft and their platform.
  • I hate android ios so whats the purpose of this diversion.
  • I hate android ios so whats the purpose of this diversion?
  • I hate android ios so whats the purpose of
    this diversion?
  • NO!
  • Are you in total denial? Galaxy S8 selling at MSFT stores right now!
  • After my winodws phones die and my HTC M8, I will simply purchase cheap, working phones.  Flagship phones and Samsung for that matter look pretty, but have lasted the shortest time in my books.  My HTC One, still works well and my 950xl has the sweetest, fastest camera I have ever seen on a phone to date.  Samsung, can suck in others, for their tech and TV's for that matter may look pretty, but have dropped in quality over the last decade...they are no longer worth the costs. Also, I use a console for gaming, PC for doing real work and cell phones for watching youtube, netflix on the go and for a phone...I do not plan on using it for anything else.
  • Just because android is the "most used" operating system doesn't make it the best operating system. WordPerfect was once the most used document editor.
  • That's not how reality works though. We can point to many products and technology that were superior to their competition that didn't win. HDDVD, BetaMax, Pied Piper (hehe). Qualcomm's brew sucked bad compared to Windows SmartPhone and Symbian, but that dominated. Android took the reins from Qualcomm. That's all android is, the new Brew OS. Standard consumers don't buy android, they buy the phone they want, it just so happens that it they didn't but an iPhone, they got android. They don't know and don't care what the OS is.
  • Same could be said for Windows in the realm of desktop OS's.
  • Absolutely. Edit: Well, in the past at least. Now, it would take a lot to build an os that can feature compete with windows on the desktop. 20 years ago there were a couple that tried and if given the resources, competed. BeOS as an example.
  • I think they can fork it and starting from there lead it the windows way with the app gap closed... Then after a while they could even make it compatible with the executable or uwp... There's no limit in tech just how far are you willing to go
  • No WAY!   It's their OWN FAULT! Make TV COMMERCIALS! More more and more!   No commercials no change!   i mean i my country, every store where i go in. ONLY SAMSUNG AND APPLE POSTS! Even Huawai ...    Do this Microsoft!
  • So then they sell a bunch of phones that will never have the apps they want, like Snapchat? That little ****** CEO made it clear the his product will never be on windows. It's sad that some little app can kill an entire platform, but that is life I guess. All that would do is make is worse. They didn't market it because people would lose even more MS mindshare, and return a bunch of phones. The only thing worse than not selling phones, selling phones that get returned.
  • I agree with you. That CEO has a real bug up his jacksie where Microsoft is concerned. He behaves like a petulant little brat regardless of his financial success. 
  • I feel the tagline of this article should have been: If you can't beat'em... Fork'em
  • Even if MS did create their own fork of Android, you would still need Google apps like Youtube and Gmail to get people on board and you can bet your bottom dollar that Google won't be making those apps.
  • If MS forks Android, the OS system is Android so most of the Android's apps would run on the thing. Maybe Google services wouldn't do, so Youtube y Gmail wouldn't work but Snapchat (and must of the others) would do and the MS services too and maybe UWP if MS does a good job.
  • If MS forks Android, the OS is Android so most of the Android's apps would run on the thing. Maybe Google services wouldn't do, so Youtube y Gmail wouldn't work but Snapchat (and must of the others) would do and the MS services too and maybe UWP if MS does a good job.
  • Microsoft has already embraced Android, but I do agree that forking it would be a mistake.  They should continue to develop and enhance their launchers and make them more Windows "phone" like.
  • Even if it is dificult because OEMs can lose Google Play store, it can be a enterprise first attemp from MS. Then move to consumer. But we all have to agree the reason why Windows Phone and 10 Mobile is not here anymore is because people love to hate Microsoft. Just leave the platform guy, is dead.
  • Stupid ******* article
  • Be nice and add value! It's a good article for discussion.
  • This would be a downgrade for me. My WP is so fast and I have what I need and I'm happy.
  • MSFT will probably fork Android.  It seems like such a bumbling MSFT move.  But if it cost over $26B, I guarantee that they do it!  The next guy in the "hey, I want to out do Joe, or whomever dreamed up that buying LinkedIn was a good idea, in having the company spend money on a consumer focused endeavor that will fail" line will be pushing hard for forking. MSFT's smart move is to just be another app developer for Android and IOS.  But the real smart move on their part would be to just develop for Android.  Bring about the demise of the iPhone and then reap even more royalties on those jumping from IOS to Android. But none of my guesses will happen.  It is like NFL mock drafts.  None are correct.  MSFT will do something none of us have even thought of but it won't be good.
  • Another guess on my part but I'll throw this in the very wishful thinking category and therefore the least likely option for MSFT.  It also makes sense (to me) from a consumer standpoint so this has absolutely no chance of happening.  MSFT wouldn't think about the consumer. Drum roll please!!!!! MSFT develops W10M & WoA so that it  gains root access to an Android device and replaces Android with the applicable MSFT OS.  Thing of beauty but won't happen.
  • Um, well, LinkedIn is a billion dollar business for them. Soo..... doesn't seems like that was a bad buy. Though, MS has for sure had their share of bad buys over the years, LinkedIn just wasn't one of them.
  • I really don't think that them charging $50/month for advanced search is going over too well anyone with a personal account.  You know the ones of us who have our data in there.  They have taken away lots of functionality and made the whole application work like you are on a mobile device. Go onto LI's user forums.  People are pissed and looking for something else. Maybe I'm wrong but maybe not.
  • Microsoft's Chief Experience officer's statement is a tight slap on Windows phone users. Instead of fixing their own platform and improve the usability of their use cases, they just went with a rival platform. This is same as Microsoft using Linux to develop Windows. How could a customer believe them? Any way, my opinion is if Microsoft ever embrace Android, I will be out buying an iPhone. It should speak volumes, as I hate Apple's products. I will embrace Apple's ecosystem fully over Windows from then. Hoping, it won't get to that.
  • People here think that Microsoft is some dumb little kid waiting to be told what to do. They don't know that Microsoft probably has posed this very question to itself every quarter for the past 3-4 years. The problem we have today is that we get half-information from Microsoft and the second half is pure speculation in the community. Microsoft creates a separate release branch and hell breaks loose in the community. Creating a separate branch for mobile could mean any of 100 things that they might be doing. As a software developer, you create a branch from the mainline to isolate the branched codebase from BIG changes going on the mainline. It does not mean that these changes are strictly PC or mobile. But it does mean they are big enough that it's probably too risky to include in the current Windows 10 Mobile codebase. To me, Microsoft is probably moving to Windows 10 on ARM which would replace Windows 10 Mobile in a seamless fashion. This is NOT a reboot. With CShell, if you have two phones--one with Windows 10 on ARM and another with W10M, ideally you would not be able to tell the difference. Since you're already on ARM, current apps should work just fine. Everything else (i.e. x86, x64) is emulated. I fault both Microsoft and the Microsoft fan for this. Microsoft needs to be either 100% transparent or not. This 50-50 BS will fuel speculation and uncertainty and some people will jump ship. Once again, Microsoft is not dumb. It's a business, and they have full time employees studying decisions from every angle and how they impact the finances. They also most likely have a roadmap that goes 1-5 years that we don't know about. So you hear a decision and go "WTF?" in the short term, but it would make sense looking at a roadmap.
  • Absolutely not. I cannot stand ios or android, both operating systems are frustrating and unsatisfying to use
  • They could do it. But they'll have to make a option to convert current windows phones. And they should keep it open source. There are many methods to put Play store on cracked phones.
  • THEY already did with android and ios
  • Absolutely not! The OS is far superior to Android in terms of stability. With the new creators update, the OS is super smooth. Games that used ro stutter now play really well. Heres hoping for more improvement.:)
  • Can I replace OS on my PC with Android?
  • Here's the problem with Android and has been since it launched. It's got a lousy reputation for security that is comparable to Windows XP pre SP days. MS would have to rebuild the OS from the ground up to secure Android and remove any privacy concerns from it that sends data back to Google. They would also have to make sure that the system wouldn't exacerbate the already fragmented market that exists today to the multitude of Android devices. Simply put, it wouldn't be viable for them to launch a forked version at least to Enterprise that have mandates on security and block any Android devices on internal networks. For example this was only just published, you have no way of determining how secure the base OS or what's even going on without doing a low-level root:
  • I really don't care what MS does. They killed mobile, which I believe was completely unnecessary. From now on I'll think ten times before buying anything new that MS brings to market, the chance of abandonment by MS is just too high. MS lacks vision, backbone and commitment to launch anything new in a successful manner, especially in the consumer market. Under Nadella I see all consumer oriented products slowly fade away, he just does not have a clue how to work that market.
  • Ooh god! It's not the os alone it's Microsoft its self that has let the os down cuss of neglect....... What company in the world pays over 7billions for a cell phone company, that is already loved by hundreds of millions of people and well stablished to just watch it die..... It's unheard of common Microsoft this is all your doing......!!
  • HP did that to Palm/WebOS... The issue with majour companies is that the leadership in these companies are professional managers/leaders and the CEO's job is to "protect the investors' interest". The usually have no clue about their actual products and services. They only look at some balance sheets, charts and tables to make decisions.
  • really? If this happens, remember, Windows disappears.(The percentages are already warning)
  • I have bad feelings that MS mobile will end up the way Blackberry did. And,I came from Blackberry to MS and now again the same story.I have to say,I like now MS more than Blackberry. Can't imagine go to android or Apple.
  • Well I just hope that MS continues to develop and maintain Windows phone whatever it is to be called. I just makes sense to me to have a third player in the mobile space. Windows phone is what I am used to and I like that it is not a closed ecospace like apple. Aside from that Windows phone runs really well now
  • Well, Jason, this is an interesting angle to look at things from. Microsoft is at an existential impasse right now. Mobile (the smartphone-mobile and its attendant app experiences and expectations) is not going away as quickly as they'd like, and the "future" is still too far away to become mainstream soon enough. They cannot escape a mobile play in the present (they just haven executed and managed the dev and use communities well), and enterprise (alone) is not going to be a safe heaven forever. I think Microsoft has suffered from some arrogance in thinking they only need to build the platform and not manage the *people* who would interact with the platform. The future paying customers (teens-to-young adults of today) expect digital experiences (in the form of apps) that are not domiciled in monolithic companies but rather creative startups (devs) resident on *platforms*. Microsoft's platform seems to need a divine intervention.
  • STOP! STOP! STOP! PLEEEASE! no more windows mobile, PLEASE. its almost humiliating, embarrassing and banal to keep coming across these articles. Microsoft is creeping over to android (so what.) (like a parasite) after having asphyxiated its own mobile platform then dumping the host body. ok ok. big deal. maaan, this is so tired a subject I'm getting MS, not MS.
  • Yeah this makes sense, Microsoft "Forking Android" may turn out as self harming move.....
  • " I see Microsoft pursuing full Windows-on-mobile on an ARM-based ultimate mobile device."  ABSOLUTELY.  While there isn't much in the way of UWP, the ones that MOST people use are there and this device would be geared towards the die-hards and the doers because of the Continuum factor.  If this "Surface-phone-mobile-courier-device" is real, then it has a chance to show that this could work. 
  • Microsoft should not fork an Android version for mobile. They would have the same problem with the lack of apps like in the Win10 Mobile. Microsoft have a problem that they cannot get stuff fast enough feature complete like Google can. I remember 2 years ago, Microsoft was telling us to work with Tiles and WinRT. Later, use UWP. And now they tell us to use Xamarin. And I guess that at Build2017 that they will say use Project Neon. No wonder why Microsoft is having trouble keeping devs. They have nice coding tools and SDKs on paper. But in reality it's always a work in progress. It's not to bad for me since I'm an hobbyist but for someone that those tools are a must for work, it must be like walk in a dense jungle.
  • A dense jungle of passionate confusion. Sometimes you was the eyes of the Microsoft staff during presentations and their many on-line shows and programs and they don't seem very enthused themselves. Just biding time.
  • I agree, however, each time they change development, the target became bigger.  From Silver lite Windows Phone only.  Windows Store Apps could target phone and Tablet with high code share,  Same core, different GUIs.  UWP we can target phone, tablet and desktop with full responsive GUIs.  I suspect the next evolution will be UAP (Universal App Platform).  We can target Windows across phone, tablet, desktop, Mixed Reality, and XBox, iOS phone and Tablet, MacOS, and Android.
  • There are several things keeping me from switching to Android, but one of them would be addressed by MS doing a fork: Unless they make major changes, I will probably never trust Google enough to give it access to what I do on my phone. So I would never log in with my Google account (which I do have). Google's treatment of privacy has made it clear over and over again that the user is the product they're selling to advertisers. Many people don't care about this, but I do. MS has responded positively to feedback from consumers about privacy, while Google doesn't even get asked about this stuff.
  • I think MS should ditch Windows 10 altogether and imbrace Mac OS.
  • You should ditch w10
  • i kinda disagree. there is only one thing MS should do to bring more developers to UWP:
    Bring UWP to Android (and possibly to iOS)! I know there are probably lots of technical challenges but still i guess that could bring life to UWP (run apps on windows, windows mobile and android!). THIS should be the ultimate goal of a true UNIVERSAL app platform. If there is a company out there that is capable of achieving this it only can be Microsoft. looking forward to hearing something about mobile at build :)
  • That I'm sure be up to android and ios to windows just to go universal platform. Which neither ios and google would do. Good thought but the OS of them platforms would need the codes in the is itself.
  • Just say something Microsoft, say anything instead of sitting in silence about the topic
  • I hope not. This might be a rather arguable thing to say, but I'd rather they reboot W10M into W10onARM (essentially pulling another WP7 on W10M) than go to Android. As much as their efforts to woo developers have fallen on deaf ears, I do like W10M and want MS to continue forward.
  • Kind of a segue from the above, but what I think Microsoft should have done a long time ago (and should still do) is outsource their app store to Valve's Steam. This way, they could've (and theoretically still could) leveraged the already huge games library available on PC and help Valve expand their business into other segments. Other segments being actual dekstop and mobile apps. Valve wouldn't have been hurting their bottom line as long as they were allowed to supply their platform without strings attached and Microsoft wouldn't have had to supply any risk of developing their own app store. The caveat in this idea of mine is that Microsoft would have to give up a stake in the revenues/profits of the normal 30% cut.
  • Absolutely not. I do understand and share some peoples frustrations with the current status. I have been with MS on mobile since before Google existed on the platform, so I am first hand experience of its evolution. I have never owned an Android (ugly mess of a UI), nor any iOS product (proprietary, "nuff" said). I am a big picture type of person and I'm unable to see any upside to that scenario. OneCore and UWP is MS getting it right. ... Like a boss!
  • ar u joking?
  • The ONLY way i would go Android is if MS provides a real Google-less Fork, kinda like amazon did.
  • Everyone knows that mobility is extremely important in our lives and that pretty much everyone in developed countries carries a smartphone and has become one of our primary tech devices. It used to be that the goal was a computer on every desk and in every home. Now, it should be on every person! If Microsoft doesn't want Windows in our pockets, then why have Windows on a tablet or on the desk?
  • Hell no. After all the long term building they've been doing, they might as well close the company instead.
  • The last one-two months the articles for Windows mobile are too many. Don't you think is time to calm down a bit?
  • Well, look at how many comments each if them get. They write what they do because of us. So...
  • Indeed. Imagine if Windows mobile was number one....
  • I do every day :)
  • I get it, not everybody is privy to what Redmond is up to but whatever... Having android/iOS specific only apps when the same things are not made available to Windows is primarily due to not having ownership of said OS and therefore unnecessary. Being everywhere is what they want, just so many ppl 💩 on them for it, is that their fault? Ppl need to grow up😸
  • Too long to read in it's entirety... I'll just address the title. The issue with Windows Mobile vs. Android is not as simple as the number of apps or the popularity of Android. Those of us who've chosen Windows phones so far have done so because Android wasn't good enough. Having been forced to switch to Android back in February, I must say that the MS experience so far has been horrible. Particularly Outlook is a right pain in the rear; might as well jump ship completely if I'm going to have to accept an alternative OS...
  • I agree with pretty much everything you said. Switching to android must be, at the very least, a plan C or D for Microsoft, and never a plan B or C. I would argue that only if the ultramobile pc idea fails totally could Microsoft even consider forking android.
  • I agree with pretty much everything you said. Switching to android must be, at the very least, a plan C or D for Microsoft, and never a plan B or C. I would argue that only if the ultramobile pc idea fails totally could Microsoft even consider forking android.
  • ASTORIA FIRST, then if that fails fork Android
  • No way José.
  • It should be quite easy to sell Android apps through the Windows Store. Astoria already was a thing. If they would let this happen, they would attract Android devs to come to Windows, populate the store, tear down Android in tablet space, add a trustworthy store alternative to a billion Android users. To me, this sounds like a huge improvement over the status quo.. The developer relations with Microsoft are strained, because of piss-poor communication on the Windows teams behalf, and new APIs, which are UWP only. OCR, PDF, ink - to name a few - should be added to .NET, to benefit the whole MSFT technology stack.
  • If you look at .Net Standard, They are attempting to merge all the different version of .net.  From what I can tell, this means for all intents and purposes .net Core based UWP, should be merging with Desktop .net Libraries.  They aren't explicit in thier indications but this seems to be the overall intent.  All .net core libraries will become .net desktop libraries, and all .net desktop libraries (That make sense) will become .net Core.  It is pretty confusing and thier message could be clearer.
  • Fork it and bring in .net runtime so UWP can continue there.
  • I think you got it backward, Windows Mobile needs to bring Java to windows Mobile so that we can bring the apps to Windows, then get native versions when we finally get enough mind share.  Giveing up and forking Android is much worse option than bringing Android to Windows.
  • I really hope Microsoft doesn't give up.  If they do, I don't know what I would do.  I hate Apple and Android phones.
  • Yes, but not a fork. MS has never fared well in mobile and a Microsoft branded Android wouldn't prompt current Android user to switch.
    I think the Microsoft S8 is a good way to test the waters.
  • The "Microsoft S8" is still dependent on Google's Play Store. A real Microsoft S8 must be built around a Microsoft Account.
  • The LAST thing MS should do is fork Android and be left in the dust when Goggle does it's damnedest to make sure the MS version does not work anymore.
    The single biggest reason Windows Phone failed is GOOGLE. Their absolute refusal to allow any of their native apps to work on WP hamstrung the platform permanently. Yes, some 3rd party apps filled the gaps, but the general public did not know about them and most of the time they were feature-limited and they wanted; YouTube, GMail, Hangouts, GDrive, GoogleDocs, etc. and they could not get them.
    The only reason Google is able to offer those on the iPhone is they PAY Apple several Billion $$$ a year for the "priviledge" of appearing on the App Store and being "allowed" to run on iOS.
    MS offered Google mucho $$$ to "allow" their apps on WP and Google refused. Thus, WP was permanently a 3rd-class phone.
    Android is a fractured, hot-mess with lots of different versions and very VERY rapid obsolescence built in the way Google does business. It would be suicide to adopt your biggest competitor's OS.
    Won't ever happen.
    MS will continue to develop APPS for Android, but run the OS? That would be cutting their own throat.
  • After not liking iOS and thinking Android is just a cheap copy of the same I came back to Windows. If this platform fails I'm giving up on smartphones all together.
  • Simply No...
  • The current trend that tech pundits observe as signs that Microsoft is abondoning Windows 10 Mobile is nearsighted at best and falllacious at worst. It is very easy to mistake the thinking of an individual (or a company), when we observe only external signs. There are internal thoughts, plans and actions that may be absent from external observation. Until Microsoft discloses their plan on what we call "smartphones," we will continue the never-ending speculation of what Microsoft is or is not doing. Microsoft's biggest mistake was thinking that the PC would be the center of everyone's computer needs. Satya has acknowledged that today's six inch "smartphone," has become what the PC used to be - the hub of everyday life. It is clear that Microsoft has conceded defeat in this segment and are not even attempting to compete in this segment of the market. However, we can't neglect their internal plans to start a new paradigm shift in personal computing. Satya has been transparent about their internal plans to look for what's next, or around the bend, in personal computing. Granted there is a mountain of negetavity surrounding Windows 10 Mobile and very little hope as to what is to come but the contrast of the information that is at hand doesn't qualify us to think that Microsoft is going all Android on us. I'm not privy to the future of Microsoft on smartphones but I'm waiting to hear from them what their plan will be. Until then, I remain cautiously optimistic. 
  • No
  • WM is a dodo, and forking Android is an awful idea. Focus on improving and monetizing their existing suite of apps (esp. Office, Skype, and OneDrive) on the other two platforms. I don't see any other way forward at this point.
  • No, Windows mobile is very unique and no other platform comes close to it's unique GUI structure starting with the start screen and its live tiles. The Arrow Launcher doesn't come close to the tile structure with the option of transparency that I enjoy looking at when sliding the start screen. When handling my Idol 4S I always get a sense that I am in the Microsoft Ecosystem. Your not going to get that no matter what Microsoft App you put on a android device, your always going to end up coming to the realization that this is really a android device. I hope Microsoft keep pushing ahead working on Windows 10 Mobile on ARM if this is going to be the future device. Syncing between devices have definitely improved and I'm loving it. The production apps are great between PC and Mobile. One note is great and the recent launch of Microsoft To Do is turning out excellent. For me the so called app gap is not an issue, I can get the job done at work, home and in between with what is already implemented in the OS. Of course new additional apps are welcome. : )
  • On one hand I want to say let windows phone die. On the other I know the death of windows phone will cause more app problems for Windows tablets.
  • That would be friggin hillarious if Microsoft becomes something like Cyanogen, and because of the Microsoft apps and services, they don't need Google stuff and third party OEMs start using Microsoft's Android instead. Doubt it happen because then you'd lose the app store from Google.
  • While they would lose the store, if they do it right, the devs would have to change 0 code to get it in the MS store. Let Xamarian handle all of the API call changes. Then, let Xamarian make it a UWP for Windows and Xbox. If they can pull it off, might not be a bad idea. Big if though...
  • Full. Windows. On. Mobile. CShell.
  • I think it is probably too late for Microsoft now, unfortunately. I went into our local CPW the other day with my daughter who wanted to upgrade her iPhone. A friend had asked me to see what Windows phones they had as they liked the OS. The answer was none. The CPW guy said he was glad that they had stopped selling them as he was sick of people coming back with phones because their apps had stopped working. They thought it was the phone when it was usually that the developer had stopped supporting the OS.
  • It's not too late. look at apple they were really down but one device the iPod and great marketing (the one thing Ms do not have) and it turned the fortunes of apple, and Ms zune player was better (marketing again).
  • Steve Balmer? Isn't that the guy that killed Microsoft's early tablet program? Wouldn't take his advise on much of anything tech related.
  • I believe that their project Astoria if anything was a step in the right direction or the very least provide a way to wrap Android apps into a windows shell and hook it to the windows platform like a website into a web app
  • Windows need to back up
  • In its earnings call to investors this week Microsoft basically said it expected to get no revenue at all from phone by end of it's financial year. This means June 2017. From a financial perspective there is no prospect of any phone strategy whatsoever. I think Windows 10 Mobile will carry on updating until the second anniversary of the Lumia 950/950XL and then wind down. Some updates will happen to keep the HP Elite X3 running for as long as HP wants a device busines. The ultra mobile Surface device, if it has Surface branding, will be (at best) an expensive business device with cloud apps or cloud connectivity. Nothing for consumers. I dont think there is the remotest evidence Microsoft wants to get back into making first party phone hardware with any OS on it.
  • I dont think there is the remotest evidence Microsoft wants to get back into making first party phone hardware with any OS on it.
    The whole point of Microsoft's first-party hardware has always been to drive adoption of the platform and create new device categories so that eventually third-party manufacturers would start producing their own devices running Windows.  That Microsoft eventually decides to stop producing its own phones (as now appears to be the case) should be a surprise to no-one, but the ability to run Windows on mobile ("phone"-like) devices from other manufacturers needs to remain an option for Microsoft's "Windows everywhere" vision they've been selling to us for years to continue to make sense.  Anything less would further seriously erode their credibility.
  • The vision for ms is a single os working on all devices this includes mobile, yes its currently branched but let's say that's for arm on mobile (for now), the key here is one is cuts costs and headaches. So supporting a completely different forked os would be a little odd. Ms platform agnostic apps makes sense. The only way this could make sense is to get mobile users used to windows devices and move the platform from android to win 10 by stealth, there is of course nothing to stop Ms selling android apps directly from the windows store.
  • Android will not be forever, so might as well think for the future. Atari, commodore, Sega, Nintendo,Xbox, playstation etc come and go. Just going to android means the next thing will not be Microsoft. So might as well try and be that next thing. Clearly ms has the resources.
  • "Should Microsoft ditch Windows Mobile and embrace Android?" On a cold day in Hell. UWP would become pointless because of the low penetration of app deployment on desktop PCs, the largest segment of the Windows user base, relative to mobile form factors like phones, tablets, laptops, etc.  Further loss of confidence by the developer community in Microsoft's strategy and vision, particularly if Microsoft would seriously expect them to support forked app development and deployment strategies.  How the hell would a Microsoft version of Android sufficiently differentiate itself from all the other "me-too" Android clones already out there?  Why would consumers choose a Microsoft Android device over that of a competitor?  Microsoft needs to be different, and part of that is the Windows ecosystem.  Windows everywhere! The day Microsoft tries to pull this sort of crap is the day the Board needs to fire Nadella.  Such an insanely stupid move should not be tolerated.
  • No. Mobile and laptop are merging. Throwing away mobile means throwing away laptops.
  • This is my assumption too. One Windows, regardless of size and shape. At this point, a "mobile" UI/X is unneeded. Tablet -'mobile' mode when touch is primary use, desktop when docked. Seems simple to me..
  • Windows ARM is their next and probably last attempt before throwing in the towel.
  • Windows Phone was never the problem. The way Microsoft bungled developing it, managing it, marketing it, creatring and growing a developer community, etc, etc, was. They have been consistently misreading what the market wants since departing Windows 7. Everyting since then(not including Azure, the Server products, business software, etc.) have been at odds with end users. I will call it bad leadership. UWP has also gone nowhere. Ditto Hololens. Having said that, Android while successful is somewhat stale and iOS is going where? Sure Google and Apple are making sales and trading market share here and there but where are they going? Maybe Microsoft can pull off the Windows on a phone trick.We'll see.
  • It is absolutely amazing how Microsoft has gotten itself between a rock and hard place regarding mobile. Good lord they have screwed the pooch on this one.
  • I think that MS is content with being a small fish in a big pond where smart phones are concerned. They will continue to work on its mobile OS, probably indefinably, because it should for this one reason. It cannot understand what mobile is if it doesn't have mobile expertise. Security changes constantly and it has to have skin in the game to know how to combat it. So in my opinion, that work will continue. At the same time, mobile is the fastest game in town. New phones with newer processors, memory configuration, cameras that "compete" in the SLR space come out every 4 to 6 months at all price points. Bottom line is this. Why shouldn't MS do both? Microsoft is all about the code anyway, kick down the doors and lets play. My hope is that MS would give Garage some space, a bucket of money and let it chart a course down Mountain View while Microsoft's developers occupy Redmond. All roads will lead back to Microsoft. Jason Ward said that MS makes mad coin from with its patients and software on android anyway, spend some of that cheese on Garage and lets see what those dudes are made of. Cyanogen mods probably have some free time these days, let em throw in and share with Garage. That team will need to build a hardened platform that can both run games and other time wasting, brain rotting, mind numbing, wholly repetitive, endless running stuff the millennial's can't live without as well as professional business level software Microsoft is known for. Why leave that market to competitors? I'm like Craig, "you better get that money".
  • Questions: 1. What is HP doing re their lower tier device? Are MS relying upon them to pick up the hardware banner? 2. Assuming the answer to 1. is "yes" then will that device be full-blown Windows 10 minus the bloat? I assume MS would prefer not to have a separate mobile OS thus keeping very closely common code for PC, tablet, mobile, xbox... 2. Is MS continuing any work on the mobile side? Store? Handsets? If so, why?
  • As ****** as windows phone is, switching over to android forces us to use a google services. Yes i know you can have your own android store, and add non google accounts to your phone, but do you honestly think microsoft could convince people to swap to an android microsoft store when they cant even get windows mobile 10 and the windows store to take off?
  • I've always said there is no reason for MS to make a MS device that runs Android. Their reason to build a device is support their mobile OS, their apps and their services. Clearly running Android wouldn't support the first goal, and they don't need to produce a device themselves to support the other two. MS is doing reasonably well with the second two goals just getting their apps, using their services, on existing Android (and iOS) devices. A MS branded Android phone wouldn't do any better against a Galaxy than any of the other Android phones.  A Galaxy, running MS services, might actually generate interest.  A phone sized device running full WoA is an interesting prospect, and may be he better direction to go. That would certainly support the goals, and potentially provide enough uniqueness to appeal to some segment of users.  
  • Nooooo is rising OS
  • Ditching Windows mobile will cause side effects in other MS sectors
  • If Andoid was more secure it wouldnt be bad, but im at Windows because of the nice OS look, the way its works, all the smart functions. Yir i miss more support from developers and Microsoft but it aint easy with that low marketshare..
  • Microsoft should bring Windows 10 on phone,with arm chips and should not go for the android collaboration.
  • Hell no hell no
  • Hell no hell no hell no
  • Hell hell hell nal
  • Wish they just come out and say that thats what there doing it's so obvious. Hey windows users go to android because we've sold our soul and want you to too because its so easy to track you have processes in the back ground that you don't need but we do keep track of you and we will pay the CEO billions to get you to switch so we gonna keep putting out articles to see how many dumb dumbs will switch because why would something like Windows central be only dedicated to windows? Its like a Muslim promoting a Christian just doesn't make sense
  • Christians and Muslims should be best friends then. **** will never mix please someone dont let these people get away with trying to pull **** over our eyes no android ever
  • Time to protest get the forms ready
  • See the problem is they don't think there's anyone out here that can get in the way of this move their trying to make. They are about as hard headed as dogs and probably are dogs just drivin by their evil desires to have their way. And its too bad so many fall for the other OS tricks just like the trick to be on book face. May their scheme be made know because they know what they are doing and it has nothing to do with revenue and if it was it wouldn't be put out there the way it is all sneakily
  • **** g o o g l e just like k west said they are the devil for sure thinking they own the earth man they going to hell for sure to hell with evil g o o g l e ass holes
  • Whatever it is.... I'm mind blown right now after seeing Samsung's Galaxy S8..!😍😍😍😍
  • What, with the red tinge or the random resets? Problem is it's still Lagdroid.
  • True, Microsoft should stick with its OS. Its! sleek and beautiful, and informatic, again with the most beautiful way. MS Services on Android simply a crap. One word: Outlook. That's it. It is a junk on Android, so if MS doesn't pull itself together than will sink. I'm a die hard, but not blind MS fan. A developer as well. Yesterday I went to a conference, where Amazon Polly was demoed. MS need to pull itself together in its cognitive services because Polly's sound way more human than what cognitive services can provide. Same junk Zira sound just from the cloud... Well, I would pay for Polly not for Zira. MS will not win with the cognitive platform overall if they can provide better speech. Saying this despite I'm a user of a few cognitive service and Machine Learning Studio. Sure, its possible to mix sources together, still, MS is showcasing many great things, inspiring others than instead of being a shark, collapse to be the dinner. 
  • Just no.
  • This is not a Android or ios news service. Start writing about the system we love, not clickbait Android rubbish. Please.
  • No, Microsoft is king of Software. They should build their own. Windows is beautiful and very easy to use. windows 10 mobile should be further developed but as the most basic phone OS for entry level phones such as Lumia 435 or these Chinese budget phones. For people that want bang for their money, they will get windows 10 on arm, but like Jason said, they should market it as a computer rather than a phone because if it's a phone, it's dead on arrival. IoT, HoloLens, Pc, phones, Tablet, Surface Hub and other devices to come like wearables etc all use UWP. Microsoft forking Android is a bad move. Thinking about the past two years since windows 10 launched, I think I would have done the same where i focus on desktop and it's continuum features, make windows 10 loved and then introduce the phone part again. WoA makes perfect sense as they are working in their favour of their strength with is phone, they should create pocketable pc with phone features
  • What if Microsoft integrate Xamarin technologies in UWP letting a UWP run on Android? In that way they could have both UWP and Android apps in an hypotetic Windows Store on forked Android.
  • Folks I use  a Windows smart phone and will go to buying an Iphone if Microsoft gives up which I do not think they will. I think Microsoft will  at least continue make Windows 10 mobile software and let their OEM partners make the Physical smart phones
  • Whoops. Millions of Android phones are wide open to hackers:
  • Never give up. Rise windows mobile
  • Microsoft, should support windows 10 phone users.
    If Microsoft is dumping them for their money-making-only-policy, I wish they didn't buyout Nokia-Lumia killing it while making money with windows phone users and now giving them all big finger like goodbye, why ?
    Microsoft must respond and payback every windows phone buyer with Nokia and Microsoft, for such dirty business acts !!!
  • Full Windows on ARM with the largest marketing campaign ever done is what I really want
  • They must have something coming, I don't think they would go to android. And aww reading this article about how windows phone once looked makes me sad. Loved the way it originally looked!
  • Should Microsoft ditch Windows Mobile and embrace Android? You mean they (Microsoft) haven't already ???? Microsoft apps work better on Android and Apple (for that matter of fact), than they work on Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft's biggest blunder was buying Nokia and wrecking the perfect marriage between two giants in the industry, imagine the quality of the Mobiles and the market share if they had left Nokia to their own devices. Another example of Microsoft's grand visions turning into saw dust.
  • Microsoft and Android should not even be written in same sentence, this shall not exist. Btw there are plenty devices with Android already...
  • Why are we being tortured with articles of the sought,I'm seriously reconsidering finding another news feed which actually focuses on windows users current needs and updates of our beloved OS and personal choice to be on the OS and not made to read articles about why we should go to and Android OS,
  • Hi reagas77 thanks for jumping in, but please read the article. This article does not, in anyway encourage anyone to use another OS. 😉 I wrote it because this topic it is a QUESTION that some have asked and likely Microsoft has considered. When you read through the article you will see I present the reasons some feel Microsoft may be going in that direction. BUT I then give several reasons why it's a BAD IDEA and conclude with the answer to the question in the title, "NO" MICROSOFT SHOULD NOT DITCH WINDOWS FOR ANDROID. I reassert my analysis that Microsoft will pursue a full Windows on ARM ultramobile PC with telephony and CShell. 😉 It's all there in the article. The title is just the question not the answer🙂
  • IF, or better said, WHEN, the ARM powered ultra-mobile Windows 10 device arrives, I can give Microsoft perhaps a nice Marketing slogan: You run apps on your phone? That's nice. Our phone runs actual SOFTWARE. You see, there is that definition difference between apps and (desktop) software. We see this since Windows 8. There's the Windows Store, which granted does also offer x86 software (as a name, don't shoot me down over it :)) besides what is normally found in any appstore, namely, well, apps. Now, not trying to belittle apps, they are really nice, but to me, they are like those widgets you had in Vista and Win 7 (where did they go??), small, nice, handy micro-software. If you look at Office mobile and Office 365, the difference is clear. While office mobile is neat, it can't do all Office 365 can. You could rebuke that with "Yeah well duh..." but that's exactly the point I mean with: "You run Office mobile on your phone? That's cute, I run Office 365 on my phone." That huge difference, THAT, is where Microsoft NEEDS to put marketing into. In a way, almost ridiculing the use of apps versus a phone that gives the full blown x86 experience your full blown desktop PC does. Continuum was a great idea, but it never really took off, because well, it negated the whole mobile aspect of a mobile phone. Also, the lack of continuum powered apps meant it didn't really matter in use. Anywho, with our collective hopes on the Ultra-Mobile-Windows-PC slash Surface-Phone slash Windows-on-ARM future, IMHO, this is where Microsoft should put their eggs. It's not like they really have a great relationship with developers, come on, it's rotten, let's just be honest about that. Despite Ballmer's enthusiastic approach, developers aren't running warm for Windows on a phone. Where do they have a good relationship? Uhm, X86 software, duh. Now, get that on a phone, hey presto, we have a phone that will appeal to developers, because... they don't need to get into a re-coding path, it just works (where have I heard that before?) Here's your full blown software running with all bells and whistles on a phone. Not trimmed down, the whole deal. Compare using Office mobile to Office 365. If you make a presentation on PowerPoint, you're still going to improve it with PP 365. An Excel mobile sheet can be expanded in functionality with Excel 365. The other way around won't work, as that will result in you losing bits of your work. Now, imagine neither of those is something to have to do or worry about. Make a splashing PP presentation, store on OneDrive, go to a customer or a classroom or wherever, start PP on your phone and it's the same experience. What more could ANY mobile user ask? And games? Would you like to play games on your phone? Sure. Well granted, I'm not expecting an ARM based phone to rival a GTX 1080, but imagine a Nintendo Switch experience. Play a game on PC, continue while underway via bus or plane, and at destination, continue again on PC. How's that for mobile gaming appeal? MS marketing slogan:
    "You play Mobile Strike on your phone? That's cute. I play World of Warcraft on my phone." IMHO that's where MS needs to put the whole focus.
  • For folks who hurried and for S8 & S8+, have fun with your happy restarts
  • Right, because the early 950 phones had no problems at all.
  • No.
  • I do not want or need a complete OS on a 4” to 6” device that needs a huge amount of ram, the fastest processor available, to run a full OS that occupies a huge size, making my phone a very expensive piece of kit, in my pocket! And still have to replace it every couple of years? This will not even be a niche market; it will be dead on arrival. The idea of a common core while keeping the rest streamlined to each device type and common apps was Microsoft chance a couple of years ago. It is too late for Microsoft, Google beat them, and the difference is that it will succeed because they already have the apps. I am sure that even Apple will do the same and bring their app store to MacOS in the near future. Microsoft showed that it is ignoring their users/customers, even more when everybody running windows 10 is a Microsoft beta-tester; I no longer see the point on discussing anything Microsoft anymore.
  • In terms or profits, Microsoft would be best trying to make their own unique devices running Windows. Why? Because each phone OS is structured a different way. Apple makes the software AND the hardware. Very stable, but very expensive. Google makes the software, but open sources it to hardware manufacturers. Very unstable, but very cheap. Microsoft makes the software, but LICENSES it to hardware manufacturers. This makes it moderately stable since MS and manufacturers work together, and makes tech offered at a range of prices (often lower than Apple). This is BY FAR my favorite system. I'd prefer they take a new approach to their products, but Microsoft should still have a key role in providing a good stable OS, and not rely on Android.
  • If they were to have a phone powered by android with a unified windows AND google store wouldn't that work? Windows phone did used to have apk support meaning that it has the ability to run android apps, some people could but they just lacked the google play services. So if Microsoft worked with android on a unified store android could add that to all its devices thus unifying all android with windows and that would be great for everyone.
  • "Should Microsoft ditch Windows Mobile and embrace Android?" Some other pressing questions are: Should the St. Louis Rams move to Los Angeles? Should the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton? Should Samsung recall all Note 7 phones? Should Hollywood make an all-female reboot of Ghostbusters? Well, you get the idea.
  • Have you read the article to the last sentence?
  • You mean this sentence?  "But that's just my opinion. What's yours?" He gave his opinion, I gave mine.  My opinion being, that it has ALREADY happened.   Windows 10 Mobile is ALREADY going away.   Microsoft selling a Samsung Galaxy Android phone in the MS Stores - where, BTW, there are NO Windows Phones these days - is all the proof we need that they are ALREADY "embracing Android".  Hence my list of other pressing questions that no longer need answers,
  • Windows Modern UI and the great Windows Phone settings dialogs for Android please! That might finally make that rag rug people call Android usable :)
  • It would be dissapointing and frustrating to me. I have waited long for this platform to be consolidated, and don't matter to wait a little more to see all those efforts to succeed. The only idea is unacceptable to me. Please Microsoft, don't betray us, loyal users. I don't like Android at all.
  • Absolutely not, the upcoming windows 10 redstone 3 will solve the app problem once and for all, making the windows phone platform the ONLY platform that supports professional software. This bickering about wanting to compete with toys (Android/IOS) is not constructive. When the IPhone came it was a gimmick, a toy, but a toy that showed future potential to become something more than a mobile play station. IOS and Android never got that, they are best in class at producing toys and indeed that is not what Microsoft should even try to compete with. Instead MS is doing the one thing that will make it the winner in the very near future, working on making the smartphone into a mobile workstation with telecom capabilities build in. An all in one device. Leave the catching of pokemons to children and OS'es for children -> IOS /Android. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL are a great first step in that direction, now the goal is almost reached and come September or so, redstone 3 will make the final step. Can't wait to buy the next gen Microsoft Phone devices.
  • Win32 apps on a phone are rather pointless. Can't see many people playing high end games or using Photoshop on a 6 inch screen. Most Win32 'desktop' software is designed for large screens and mouse control. I have lots of Win32 software but none of it would be suitable to use on a phone.
  • Exactly Brian.  These pie-in-the-sky proclamations of "the upcoming windows 10 redstone 3 will solve the app problem once and for all" are just absurd.   No one is waiting for Win32 apps on a phone.  Period.  Windows is perceived as a Dinosaur by 75% of people under 30, and everyone under 20.  At best, it is known as "what you have to use at work".  Plus, Microsoft is just not "cool", and bringing 20 year old Win32 apps to a phone is a horrible, last-ditch strategy by a company that is quickly becoming totally irrelevant in the consumer mobile space.  Yes, some businesses may find that useful, but it is not a compelling consumer device.  Which is probably the plan - make a device for business and forget about consumers. 
  • I would love for them to add Bing maps and edge to Android!!!!
    That or make some new high end Windows 10 phones on Verizon but I feel the first option is more likely 😁
  • Yes I think they should go Android. We should all drive four door corollas or camrys. There should only be chocolate and vanilla ice cream. We should limit crayons to white black brown yellow Red Green. And there will be only  two flavors of Slurpee's, we'll have a vote and with only two major parties there will be an answer in about 8 years. Let's Just limit our choices!
  • I will not be mourning if MS dies! What MS did to their customers is a crime!
  • Yes and wait for Android also become the most used OS in desktop too.
  • NO!!! If they do, I'll go all google where I can. I haven't stater with Microsoft since Windows mobile 6.x trough all these upps and downs for them to give up now, when we are so close. I don't care if we never get SC. MS have most bige ones, now MS must get focus on UWP by local devs in the different countries, so users get the banking, stores, sports clubs and the little things on board.  
  • Fork Android - put MS all over it, and call it a day with Win Mobile. It CANNOT be resurrected with any device at this point, so why continue to suffer the losses and get on with rebranding.
  • They already have embraced Android. It works better than WindowsMobile with Windows 10.More unique apps there,and mostly better features. 
  • Haven't they already done that?? No they should not abandon windows phones, but I can give you a suggestion "who" they should abandon!!
  • They need to make better Android apps and include a people app, a movies and TV app, and SMS app. They need to get people to know Microsoft has these features and how they interact with Windows 10, and then they will come over to mobile for the full experience. Right now people have ****** Microsoft apps and great Google apps. No reason to change.
  • MS should absolutely NOT fork Android.  They need to bring full Windows on ARM but ALSO we need ANDROID COMPATABILITY.  Some will argue that Android compatability failed for BB so it will fail for MS too.  I disagree.  1. Choosing between giving up mobile altogeather and just assume a supporting role, Forking Android, or providing Android compatability on mobile,  providing Android compatability is clearly the best option.  2. BB had no ecosystem beyond phone and its supporting services.  The same is not true for MS.  MS has a rich echo system that brings more advantages once the customers are there for mobile 3. Android can serve as bridge to UWP.  If MS provides a JAVA interpreter for the CLR, and UWP apis for JAVA, Current Android apps could morph into UWP apps overtime.  4. With Android app capability, and the constant updates of REAL windows on ARM, Windows could be the best version of Android.  Even better than stock Android on Pixel.  This would be a huge Coup.  5. UWP needs to adopt JAVA and SWIFT to the CLR and merge with Xamarin and become a true Universal App Platform (UAP), this means GUI stack and Code Stack.  Currently there is still too much differences between UWP and Xamarin, we need as close to write once, deploy everywhere as possible.  Additionally they need to bring Native languages like C, C++, and Objective C into the UAP mix, so that you can seamlessly mix and mach libraries as you see fit.  I would also like to see web framworks like Javascript, HTML, CSS brought under the UAP umbrella and would even suggest that HTML/CSS be an alternative GUI layer to XAML in all UAP projects.  This breadth of tooling and platfroms would make UAP the Tool of choice amongst pretty much everyone.  This would make programming windows first, everyone else second.
  • They should only do it if they can provide a dark theme, a really good "Launcher 10" styled launcher and some unique Continuum features (and Glance Screen + updates). I really like the uniqueness of Windows 10 Mobile. It's just a pity that Microsoft themselves doesn't seem to want to put any more time and money on improving it (and the relation to developers and users).
  • Maybe the future is better than we think windows 10 mobile maybe dead but the future maybe full windows 10 on arm on a phone like device which Microsoft are yet to name or confirm
  • What is wrong with Windows Central? Seriously. 
  • Hi Dwarf_king, What do you mean by your question?🤔
  • I just feel that this site has lately used too much energy on Android software and phones. Let me put it this way. I love my Lumia 950 XL, I have the greates apps on it and I feel I can do anything I did on my old Android with it with one single exception. My Windows 10 Mobile is way safer and way more connected with my laptops and desktops. I read this site for Microsoft product news and reviews. Not Android or Iphone news. I do not feel that the Lumia 950 XL has been a failure in any way. I do not feel like that my facebook, Instagram, Pin it or any app from the windows store are a failure. In fact I even enjoy good apps such as AceGym and My Study Life. I utterly love all the many apps it offers. Hence I feel no app gap and I feel no lack of quality. I even got premier support when I needed to get help to a technical issue I had once. Also Microsoft still sells Lumia phones in its store: Now let us read about what Microsoft says tomorrow the 2nd of May as I am not able to be their in person :)
  • Well said.
  • I think Microsoft needs to decide what its priorities are. If they want a UWP and see the development of that platform as a priority then they must have phones in the product range otherwise UWP is just another failed idea from them. Developers and customers who have embraced the concept will feel very let down yet again if UWP fails.  If on the other hand UWP was just a means to an end and their priority is actually reaching the masses in the consumer world then they need to attract consumers to the Microsoft phone brand. To that they need to meet peoples expectations and that means apps and that in turn means they either have to find a way to reach an agreement with Google so that Android apps can be ported to Windows or they have to use the Android OS on phones aimed at the mass market. Perhaps they could do both! Have a UWP approach for enterprise and have an android based phone range running a windows 10 style launcher for consumers with cross platform apps?   
  • "Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO in 2014. Since then he has steered the company away from a failing mobile strategy and focused on other lines of business, including cloud computing and augmented reality." This is from an article on Forbes and outlines the shift in Ms focus towards Service and away from hardware. Since that date the ONLY phones that were manufactured by MS (950 and 950XL) were released on 11-20-15. Since then nothing from MS on the mobile front, Not only are they not making any new phones, they are not even commenting on their  plans on remaining relevent in the Mobile landscape. Given the exponential growth of mobile devices in that period of time it may as well have been a decade or 2. How can any company that profuses to be a giant in the technology field even consider that this something they can turn around at any point in time. They have given Android all that time to develop  an OS that will operate on any device they choose to install it on. Given the sheer numbers of mobile devices that consumers already know how to use, that familiarity will translate into huge numbers of consumers abandoning the MS OS on any type of device.   I joined this site not long after getting my 1st WP (HTC Surround) and used to thoroughly enjoy coming here to learn more about the goings on with Windows Phone. And whether MS wants to admit it or not any device that you can use to make a phone call is  a PHONE! Period. Ask any user now or in the future what they call it. So if you aren't going to pursue the fastest growing segment in technology don't think changing the name of a thing will change what people use it for and it will soon not be to connect with anything MS sells.
  • Definitely not. I'm good as is
  • Realistically, I think Windows needs to be able to use Android Apps. I know it's a bit sacrilege, but it's the App Gap causing the issues and nothing else. I have to resort to the browser to read my Times Newspaper, while Android has an app for it. Simple things like that. I'm loyal to Windows, but I'm wavering. Looking at the new Nokia phones has tempted me to go Android, but using my Lumia brings me back. The next gen of Windows Phone has to be full continuum with ability to run Android apps. No dev. is going to make Windows Apps any more based for the phone.
  • I guess not many people remember that Palm OS used to be the mobile market leader once with 65% market share, and that Blackberry had 80-90% enterprise market share once, and that Nokia was the market leader for a while with 65% market share.  Things can change... Ideally Microsoft should come up with a phone that can boot into, or at least install either Windows 10 Mobile, or Windows 10, or Android.  To change their fortune with mobile devices Microsoft could bundle phone with a number of Microsoft software products and services, i.e. free Skype number and free Skype international calling, free unified messaging, free Office 365 account and free Office suite etc.
  • No.
  • What about bringing back the project to run Android emulator on Windows Mobile.
  • Forking Android? No way, there is no point in using Android if it doesn't come with Google Services. Windows on ARM is the way to go.  With the virtualization of the new ARM SoC, Android apps could run on WoA, MS could even try go get a deal with Google to have the Play Store on it.
  • no forking way!
  • I no longer care. They seem to keep making the wrong choices.
  • Let's hope that MS has no intention of dropping Windows mobile and bringing Android into their family.  Granted, the current Windows Phone/mobile marketshare has dropped below 3%, but at least the 50 million of us who use it have a nice syncing of UI, features and data between all of our Windows devices.  Android will not sync much of anything, and the open nature of the OS and its apps would open serious security risks.  While I would still never recommend it, a switch to iOS would make way more sense than Android.  And before somebody says the marketshare is below 1%, that only refers to the sales of devices, not the actual number of users. Now to a related issue that is really one of semantics.  With the rumored release of Windows 10 that will run on ARM chips, it would no longer technically be a mobile build, but the full desktop version of the OS.  It would require that users upgrade their current hardware to allow the OS upgrade, but many smartphone users seem to upgrade their devices every couple of years anyway.  However, most of these regular hardware upgrades are made low cost to the end users via carrier subsidies, something MS needs to learn how to encourage.
  • Nexus user here and I think they shouldn't.
    They should just focus on making "win10 + arm + sim support", make Surface Mobile a reality.
    I'll get onboard if it allows me to XPA my gamers. I'm already doing it with my Alienware / Surface Pro 4 but, a 5 inch tablet to dock on my controller? Why not?
  • I want a Windows Phone....Peroid.....not an Adroid or iOS. Not a droid with a MS overlay. I want a Microsoft branded Windows Phone, 4.5" - 5-5". If MS fails to give us any more hardware, a flip phone is looking good to me.
  • Microsoft needs to NOT go with android of all things. Such a terrible OS for security. Unfortunately I did have to switch from windows phone recently because of some apps I used personally were not supported anymore or pulled plus my work didn't support it as well. I'm keeping my windows phone for hopes of going back but honestly I'm not sure that things will improve. But I didn't go with android as, I said before, because its just a terrible OS period. Microsoft needs to get off their butt and do something ahead of everyone else. They have done it before and now they need to do it again.
  • "Microsoft needs to NOT go with android of all things. Such a terrible OS for security." LOL, right.   Because Windows has such a GREAT record of security.   
  • Considering windows has been out for decades and android is a short term parasitic OS pulling pieces from everybody without permission and in their short life span has managed to have thousands of major security issues. Absolutely I would rather go with windows or iPhone before android.
  • Looking back on it now, they should have ditched it before w10m became a thing. w10m was a mess for the first year and a half. I stuck with it until up to the 640 XL. The 950 was, and still is, priced way too high. Android and ios just have more and better apps. I've had a G4 and now a V10.
  • I hate android... but its the best option right know for aps. Windows is by far my favorite UI and its so smooth and fluid. Having dark mode throughout the whole device is supierior!!!! 😉
  • I would not buy this argument nor would I like to switch to other phones on Android or iOS. I basically use smart phones only because of the Windows OS and there may be many like me. Or I am happy with a simple phone which has calling facility!!! I think what windows has not done is market their products correctly. When someone sees a Windows mobile there are curious minds who say : "Does Microsoft make phones??" And someone who does know there are windows phones out there have a perception that a windows phone hangs, has loads of viruses and there are no apps. When I show them my phone and ask them what app is missing - no answer. What you find on the "latest iPhones or Andriod Phones" I would say "Windows been there done that" already. Also you get the latest updates directly from Microsoft and with Windows 10 they are quickly providing updates directly rather than via operators. I think Microsoft needs to think of a good brand exercise to showcase features that are already present on Windows phones as compared to what Android or iOS offers. Phones like the 930, the 1020, 1520 and even the current range of X3 or 950 are ahead of their times in terms of the build quality and features they offer. With great desktop / phone integration already in place I feel Microsoft needs to take the next big leap in terms of branding exercise and make known to the world that Windows Phones are here to stay!
  • Yes I fill the missing of some dedicated applications in Windows 10 phone, such as the software to manage home heating. The solution is very simple Windows will attract developers just as CHINA has attracted investors. If Windows wants to. More than that, Windows has been wrong in the policy of building Windows 10, especially Windows phone without attracting developers in this new step with a new policy. Windows needs to think at what conceptual level claim to be, to raise Windows Phone or to give up and switch to Android because money is made easier in this way, Competition consumes resources that are not necessarily seen in profit, but raises the world conceptual level about the new application utility as the Windows95 and after windows98 did at that time. My point of view: Until Android 5 is born we did not have an Android mobile operating system. When the Android 4 version was in the phone the software version of Windows Phone was much superior in functionality, stability. Very important is the look of the phone. Customers choose colorful and shiny phones. If Windows does not make glossy phones he will not have important sales on the Android phones. My choice is an powerful hardware built and functional phone.
  • Microsoft should make WIN10 running native on phones which are running Android.  
  • Cortana sync very well on W10M.
  • Great article, I think you have really illustrated the challenges MS would face with an Android strategy. The Kindle Fire is a great consumption device but there are still apps that are missing from their store that are in Google's, not to mention how things turned out with the Fire Phone. Looking at things from the Microsoft side, I believe advances in hardware (mainly CPU/power management) mean it no longer makes sense to develop Windows 10 and Windows mobile SKU's from OneCore but rather just make sure Windows 10 scales well from small screens to large screens. Sure they could keep Windows mobile going, but that would mean having to develop and test both. The important consideration they should give developers is that they allow Windows mobile apps to run on Windows 10, just as they are going to enable Win32 apps to run on ARM. I am looking forward to seeing how Windows 10 evolves to meet these device changes as well as Microsoft's continuing interaction with Android, iOS and Linux.
  • The last point is the clincher. If Microsoft fork Android they would be the only manufacturer as other OEMs would not leave Google. And how would that help?
  • Is it just me who is sceptical about the reason for UWP? How important is it, really, that one application can run on everything from a 4" mobile phone screen to a dual-27"-screened workstation? Shouldn't we be thinking about the data rather than the applications?  What I want is to be able to work with my data across the whole range of devices.  In addition, I want the best possible user experience when working with that data, whether it be on a 4" screen or my workstation. And I think the best possible user experience is not likely come from applications written to be "one size fits all", but rather applications which are written specifically for each particular platform. When you look at Microsoft's efforts so far at moving us towards a common UI - in Windows 10 and Office 2016, for example - what we actually get is a mobile UI being foisted onto desktop users.  The W10 Settings window is fine for touch users, but on a workstation it's just a massive waste of screen space.  The new File Print dialog in Office 2016 takes up the entire window!  On a desktop machine! As far as I can tell, this seems to be the approach Apple is taking.  Different applications for your data, depending on what device you are accessing the data on. Indeed, different operating systems as well, with iOS and MacOS. To summarise: I think making applications universal across all formats is the tail wagging the dog.  What I think the world needs is their data to be universally accessible and editable across all platforms.  And on each platform they want the best possible user experience for that platform, rather than the same, compromise, experience across all platforms.  
  • I should add: different applications for different platforms does not mean a massive duplication of developer effort.  The data processing engine can be the same across all versions of your application; only the UI parts need to change, along with some other platform-specific stuff. Having used Office 2016 on my workstation, how I wish Microsoft would revert to using Win32 common controls.  Office's Print dialog, File Open and Save dialogs are fine on my 13" tablet, but terrible on my workstation.  UWP isn't "universal" at all - it's just "mobile UI on everything".
  • I'm no developer, just a consumer, but I think Microsoft should partner with Google or Samsung to make their software like Cortana, Groove, and Office run natively on popular android phones.  I also think Microsoft should make Android work seamlessly with Windows enabling apps to communicate and connect (like picking up where you left off) between these devices and simply make the world better for consumers and businesses alike. They should focus on making Windows good in desktop and Tablet mode. By now, windows apps in the store should be functioning better than win32 apps when in desktop mode. That means scaling should be PERFECT for mouse use (no useless space), and they should have ALL the capabilities that win32 apps have and then some. When in tablet mode, things like the start menu should flow beautifully when scrolling sort of like Windows 8 style. Apps should feel perfect for tablet use, but still have the functionality of win32 apps. And Edge should have a more mobile-like experience in tablet mode! On top of all this, mixed reality HAS to be right upon release to consumers! Microsoft has so much work to do! Continuing their mobile efforts, to me, is just a spit in our faces! We need our software giants to work TOGETHER for the betterment of all software and technology, businesses and consumers!    
  • Microsoft's nuclear option would be to just allow Andorid apps to run on WIndows 10 Mobile, we know it's possible. If they did this, a lot more OEMs might be willing to make W10M devices. A second point of attack might be to create a version of Android with a UI that looks like Windows 10 Mobile or even better simply(!) make a version of Windows 10 Mobile that will run on any unlocked android phone, will run all Windows 10 Mobile apps AND non-google android apps. If they did this (kind of as Daniel suggested), Android OEMs would already be making Windows 10 Mobile devices. These are definitely options to try before any ditching of W10M. We know MS has already vreated working prototypes that amount to both these options.
  • Dear sir, I am absolutely agree with you,
  • Microsoft already ditched Windows Mobile. They will not invest on it anymore. You can read Microsoft's latest quarterly filing with the SEC, and you will find that Windows Mobile is not mentioned anymore on their future investments.They earn more money by licensing their Android related patents than selling Windows Phones, that's why there is a Samsung S8 (Microsoft Edition) for sale on their store.
  • I'm finally done with windows and all it took was microsoft leaving out the Lumia 930 which is only 3 years old from the updates. 3 years support for a flagship device sucks and from what I have seen and read over the last 4 years its not the first time this has happened, windows 7 mobile and rt both got the same amount of respect my 450 pound Lumia 930 got. Too many issues, taking too long to bring use features, taking away features and not replacing them in rebooted software, reliability on their mobile platforms and their distaste for their own customers says it all really.
  • they should have stuck with releasing a windows phone every year a flagship, they should keep sup[orting their products and they shouldnot force people to use edge accidently.
  • Doesn't matter what Microsoft does...they have already dropped the ball on Windows Mobile...It's to late to make a comeback
  • The sooner Microsoft accepts reality the better. Trending towards zero market share should give them a clue.
  • You might as well embrace Android as your new desktop because right as Mobile disappears so will the desktop. Google is coming close to offering Chromebooks that can run Android apps. Then really no one will need a Windows laptop. It's really a shame. I am still using my Lumia 640 and will until Microsoft gives up on it.  I don't see how you can be a Microsoft supporter and wish that they quit totally on the Mobile market. You have to realize that Google is going to crush Microsoft leaving them as a cloud service and an app company. They will be reduced down to an IBM.   I dread the day I have to use Android or iOS for my phone. I have a Galaxy S7 and I hate it. It is so pathetic to use. Although I love using my Chromebook. I prefer it over my Windows laptop running Windows 10.
  • whatever!
  • Microsoft needs to come back with a surface phone, that can plug into a dock and run like a PC. If Microsoft ditches Mobile then I think I will ditch Windows altogether. I already use a Chromebook and once it can run Android apps many people will use it and ditch Windows laptops and tablets. Microsoft will be left with its cloud and apps that they can make for Chromebooks and Android phones. The only thing left is the big programs like Adobe Creative Suite. But I bet they are working on coming up with an Android version. Once that happens I will not need Windows anymore nor will anyone.
  • Hell no! As I've stated time and time again.. what they should be doing is working on allowing Windows 10 Mobile to be installed onto certain phones that ship with Android. When Qualcomm SoCs are in a bunch of different phones, why not design compatible drivers that allow me to go grab an Android GoPhone or a near flagship without much bespoke hardware and make it not suck?
  • No. Android is horrible. If Windows Mobile bites the dust I'll go to Crapple. It's worse than MS, but better than that google garbage.
  • I purchased a 950xl last November and find it a fantastic phone, the OS is very slick and much more efficient than both what Apple or Google offer.  However, what makes the difference are apps and I am fine with what is offered; however, I am adjusting myself with apps that are no longer updated when the company selling the device(MS) should be accomodating customers, not the other way around.  My only hope is that my 950xl is juicy enough for the emulated windows and an upgrade will be available for me...when I saw them remove all Lumia phones from their store, I knew that their phones were done and for several years in Canada, cell phone companies were offering very little or nothing...too is a fantastic phone.  Nevertheless, history and tech has shown that the best does not always survive, what's universally accepted the most does.  Just look at Dos vs the first Macintosh, or the Amiga, by commodore, for that matter.
  • X
  • No , Microsoft should not adopt Android . What a ridiculous idea .
    Congratulations to Microsoft as
    nearly every article I read about WM10 states that it is an amazing OS , is just that it has the apps issue . If Microsoft would spend what is needed to close the app gap ( plus improve the existing apps) and do marketing for the OS , it would stop WM10 sales decline and certainly gain them a few points of market share .
  • No Microsoft should not adopt Android. They should keep going with Windows 10 Mobile even after Windows 10 on ARM happens.
  • No, it should not, nevertheless MS will do it ...
  • No Microsoft, please don't.
  • No. Just as Linux can live all these years as the poor man's OS, WinMo can too.
  • No, IOS or Android are never a good choice as an operating system, they don't have the maturity. They're good at toys but are always playing catch-up with serious computing. Considering the Full Windows 10 is going to replace Windows mobile OPSYS, worrying about Windows mobile is somewhat irrelevant too.
  • No, No, No, No, & No.......
  • You continue to conflate windows mobile with phones.  Certainly a mobile OS is necessary for phones, but it is also used in a lot of other places notably the Surface Hub, and Hololens.  W10M is a lot more than just a phone-oriented UI.  There are parts of W10M that are necessary wherever power management is a major issue (as on the HoloLens e.g.). CShell (whenever it appears) will fundamentally change the UI calculus in ways we cannot yet imagine. There are many things going on in mobile beyond phones.  MS IS a S/W company primarily, and they will develop stuff for Android, but UWP and the store will be necessary going forward in arenas that have not yet been disclosed. Also keep in mind MS's primary revenue generating customers are enterprises not consumers.  We tend here (and in many other tech-oriented sites) to see everything through a consumer-focused lens.  IMO that is not very helpful in trying to understand (guess) what MS is about. With the H/W event last October, and presumably at tomorrow's event, I think we'll see MS continue to focus on very specifically delineated market segments rather than on things that might appeal more broadly. Anyhow, after tomorrow, and Build next week things will be clearer (or maybe not :grin).
  • Good article, keep 'em coming!
  • Only what they need is windows mobile who can run android apps
  • Microsoft should give up on mobile and concentrate on desktop OS and apps. I use desktop and mobile MS products, as well as iOS and Android on phones and other devices. MS makes a good product for enterprise, small business, and general desktop use, but most of their efforst on mobile are lacking and just don't compete with iOS and Android. Sure, some apps are OK, like Outlook, but nothing special. There is not a single "must-have" Microsoft app that I can name--everything that is "must-have" is iOS, Android, or other. Google Drive is far faster and better for opening and using Office documents on phones and laptops, and even when you need to send something like a Word doc it is almost always better to create it in Drive and save it in another format. For some reason, even the desktop versions of and online Office are slow and clunky compared to Drive. For most consumers, the Google or iOS ecosystems are easier to use, come pre-installed, and offer better functionality.
  • I seriously cannot believe there aren't comments...but say they did, I wouldn't fault or be mad at Microsoft for their decisions. It's the masses, the public and all of you out there that I'd personally hold responsible. I'd also make everyone pay for their foolishness 😈🔥😈