Sign up for the Xbox One beta of The Behemoth's goofy but fun game, Pit People

Acclaimed indie developer The Behemoth is taking sign-ups to join the closed Xbox One beta for its next game, Pit People. The beta will run from now until Sept. 15.

The Behemoth, who have achieved fame with its previous games like Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater, have this to say about Pit People, via Xbox Wire:

Like our other titles, we have once again changed genres when we created Pit People. This time, we've created a turn-based strategy game for you to enjoy and we've brought some new things to the table. The game puts more emphasis on creating an advantageous team mix and positioning those fighters for maximum effect than forcing the player to micromanage their fighters. Because it is turn based, once you execute orders, you are in for an eye-feast! Oh, are your little eye mouths hungry yet.

You can sign up for the Xbox One closed beta of Pit People at the link below. For those of you who prefer gaming on a PC, there will also be a closed beta for the game on Steam from Sept. 28 to October 5.

John Callaham