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Skype now lets you share files directly from OneDrive

After months of testing with Insiders, Microsoft today is rolling out OneDrive file sharing (opens in new tab) for all Skype users. The new integration will let you select OneDrive from Skype's add-ins and select any file you have stored in OneDrive to share (via OnMSFT).

To use the feature, you'll have to be signed into Skype with the same Microsoft account you use for OneDrive. From there, you can click or tap the add-ins button to show the "Content and tools" panel. Simply select any file you have stored in OneDrive and tap the "Send" button.

For the person receiving the link, the file will open within the OneDrive mobile app, or in the browser if they don't have OneDrive installed. On desktop, the file will always open in their browser.

OneDrive sharing should be available across all Skype versions now.

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  • Just updated my phone, Alcatel Idol 4s - no option for OneDrive....
  • It should go without saying that this and future feature updates will not be included on an OS that will soon no longer be supported.
  • Weird. Mine does.
  • You're hurting yourself
  • This should have been available for years... Better late than never!
  • Just wanted to say thanks for a really clear and really useful page.