Hunt: Showdown joins Xbox Game Preview in Spring 2019 (update)

Updated March 11, 2019: Crytek just announced that Hunt: Showdown would join Xbox Game Preview in Spring 2019. The wait is almost over!

Hunt: Showdown is a first-person shooter which features a blend of competitive and cooperative combat. As stated in our preview, "monsters have taken over the world, and in order to survive, humanity must hunt them as close to extinction as possible."

Today at Gamescom 2018, Microsoft announced that Hunt: Showdown was coming to Xbox Game Preview soon. It's unclear when it'll launch on the program, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information.

Hunt: Showdown looks absolutely gorgeous running on Xbox One. Crytek is known for visually-impressive games and its latest title is no different.

Are you interested in Hunt: Showdown? Let us know.

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  • Yes, this I am interested in, looks intense!
  • its like pubG with a purpose.
  • This game has been quiet in the last couple of months. When it first was available for preview, it caught my idea but everyone backed away from it due to the instability. They'll most likely have it in a better state by now
  • Psyched for this
  • I play this all the time on PC. Will be good to play against other gamers with controllers tho. Maybe I'll win for once haha