Sniper Elite III: Ultimate Edition coming to Xbox One and 360 next year

Not long ago, we published a big story on Xbox One launch games getting re-released as " Game of the Year Editions." That term is shorthand for the re-release of a game that contains both the original game and some or all of its downloadable content bundled into a single package, usually at a significant savings compared to purchasing those items separately. No, GOTY Editions don't have to explicitly have "Game of the Year" in their names. Like I said, we use the term as shorthand.

Given enough time, many post-launch games will receive the GOTY treatment as well. Eagle-eyed Twitter personality Lifelower recently discovered a store listing for "Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition" at NewEgg (opens in new tab). It looks like the ultimate World War II-era sniper simulation will get Ultimate Editions for Xbox One and 360 and Playstation systems in March of next year. Read on to learn just what we expect the re-release to include!

Sniping Nazis in the battlefields of Africa

Sniper Elite III, the third game in the cult favorite series takes place in North Africa – a fresh setting for World War II-era games. Players will take on the role of series hero Karl Fairburne as he battles Germany's infamous Afrika Corps. Allied intelligence indicates that the Nazis are developing a super weapon that could turn the tide of the war, making it imperative for Karl and his allies to stop them.

The main game consists of eight massive missions that can be completed in multiple ways. They really are quite long – I spent more than two hours on a single mission and had a blast the entire time. But leaving and coming back won't be a problem since the game allows players to save anywhere.

With full online campaign co-op for two players, several single-player Challenge modes, and both cooperative and competitive online modes for up to 16 players, players won't run out of things to do in Sniper Elite III. If you enjoy sneaking around and taking out enemies methodically, you can't do any better on the Xbox One.

Sniper Elite III

Ultimate Edition material

Since Sniper Elite III's release, developer Rebellion and publisher 505 Games have supported the game with a variety of downloadable content. Most significant are four story missions that can be played in single-player or co-op:

  • Hunt the Grey Wolf : Sneak into a hilltop villa occupied by Nazis and investigate a reported visit by Adolf Hitler himself, or perhaps one of his doubles. The highlight of this mission is the chance to kill Hitler in seven different ways. Check out our full impressions of "Hunt the Grey Wolf."
  • Save Churchill (Parts 1-3) : Set after the main game's campaign, this epic DLC campaign takes place during the Casablanca Conference of 1943. Hero Karl Fairburne learns of a Nazi assassination plot against British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (who history tells us once battled the Daleks). Karl will thwart countless assassins during the three missions, including the elite German sniper Raubvogel.

Each DLC mission costs $7.99 on its own, so the Ultimate Edition should represent $32 worth of extra content. Sniper Elite III also offers some minor weapon packs as DLC, which may or may not make their way into the Ultimate Edition.

Sniper Elite III

You can preorder the Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition at NewEgg right now; it only costs $40 on Xbox One and $30 on Xbox 360. But March 10, 2015 is a long time to wait for what I consider to be the best sniping game of all time. If you'd rather start sniping sooner, feel free to pick up the main game right now. I'm totally available for co-op missions!

  • Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition preorder – $29.99-39.99 at NewEgg (opens in new tab)
  • Sniper Elite III – Xbox One – $49.99 – (opens in new tab)Amazon Link (opens in new tab)
  • Sniper Elite III – Xbox 360 – $39.99 – (opens in new tab)Amazon Link (opens in new tab)

Source: @Lifelower via Xbox360Achievements

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  • Yeah!Remember playing the game(the second part) on my laptop once, and it was really awesome,good to see the ultimate edition coming to Xbox :)
  • Have this on steam and it's rather good!
  • Sniper Elite V2 is better than Sniper Elite III.  V2 has a better story and much better AI mechanics.  I hope they bring it to XBOne. 
  • Agree
  • The AI engine is essentially unchanged from V2 to V3. My gripe with V3 is that even on the hardest setting it still gives way too much help. V2 made you feel alot more on your own, one mistake away from dying.
  • Meh, it was ok, but there are some pretty fatal bugs that will cause a restart of the mission. And on sniper elite difficulty, that's hours down the drain. Sniper Elite V2 was better
  • I didn't bother with that difficulty, but I can see how that would be distressing. Didn't they fix a lot of the bugs with updates?
  • Some. But things like shooting while a generator is popping still mess up sometimes. My main gripe is the lack of tools you have to hide, plan and track. Too often you blow cover or fail because of something that was impossible to prepare for. The gauges for windage having a slider instead of a direction and the lack of a rangefinder compound the problem.
  • Yep . It was fun tho . But the game was just to hard and to boring .. Coop was nice that's all . They should've made a coop dlc for sniper elite v2 instead of this
  • Wish they would've spent some money to hire a good story writer. The Sniper Elite series is like the opposite of COD as of late, great mechanics but terrible story. Whereas COD always has a pretty good campaign story but lacking in their innovation of gameplay dynamics. Sniper Elite would be an amazing multiplayer experience if they had the same number of users as COD.
  • The lack of all those tactical tools you mention such as a laser range finder are relatively modern. These technologies didn't exist during WW2, hence the reason WW2 snipers and their archaic methods were so difficult and impressive. Modern scopes and range finders make sniping easy compared to how it was in the 1940's. So in that aspect I think they hit the nail on the head capturing some of that.
  • I meant more along the lines of a DOPE chart, and clearly defined ballistics for different calibers. Its less frustrating then wondering if you are compensating for distance and wind enough. The game doesn't give you any numbers to work with, and even WW2 snipers had figures to work with, especially if they are taking out a single target. They knew the range from the spot they were planning on taking the shot, etc. They also had one or two targets, not seven or eight. Going to a campaign blindly without any specific knowledge of my rifle breaks the immersion and introduces a factor of difficulty that's unnecessary.
  • The caliburs and muzzle velocity for WW2 era rifles are almost neglible. Like literally some of the rifles were copies of each other ergo the Mauser and M1903 Springfield. As for for rifle specific ballistics any fine detials you mentioned would be so minuscule and neglible that no one besides the ocassional ballistics expert might notice. As far as ballistic physics go it's leaps and bounds ahead of the likes of COD and Battlefield. if they make it too realistic if would ruin the fun factor for alot of players.
  • For cod yes
    .. But not for bf .. Battlefield liefes from atencity
  • The sniping in BF just doesn't compare to Sniper Elite.
  • @ bertram
    I don't even..
  • I only bought this because of the AWESOME sniping. It's as close to Bulletstorm sniping you can get. At least as far as I'm aware of.
  • Bulletstorm hahaha :D yeah man that was fun xD loved it ^^ sad that there will never be a sequel :( ...
    Just me or was bulletstorm kind of a spinoff to gears of war 3 ? It really felt like a spinoff . Looked the so same those 2 games
  • Yeah, my thoughts as well. To me, it was kinda a mix between Gears and Vanquish(due to that run).
  • Except for the testosterone laden gratuitious badassery monikers slathered all over the game, making it super cheesy
  • Yeah, that stuff made me less interested in the game for sure.
  • Meh didn't care for the others
  • Definitely not trolling. :-\
  • Didn't know I wasn't allowed to post a comment in the comment section. Asshole.
  • I would get it to play with ya .. But I only play on 360 :D
    May getting the white Xbox one bundle for Christmas ..idk
  • Hope you can get a One, that'd be great! :)
  • Work in progress
  • Its a bit harder to convince anti-gamer-parents to get a xbone to Christmas..
  • i want them to make an Eastern Front game, they could literally center an entire game in Stalingrad. Imagine an open world sanbox game that adds some of the hiding/stealth elements from Assassin's Creed, where you are allowed move around the city at your discretion and hunt Nazi commanders/ officers and "turn the tide of the battle" if you will. Add things like changing uniforms to disguise yourself (like in the Hitman series) and they'd have a winner. Basically a gaming tribute  to the movie "Enemy at the Gates"
  • And then a great story to that :) which kinda changes depending on who you killed or not
  • Exactly, and seeing the city deteriorate over the course of the battle so in the end of the game the city is mostly rubble and debris and has less and less standing structures as the battle ensues over the course of the main storyline.
  • Yeah *-* ... But developers kinda never listen to their fans ... Which is kind of a problem... And leads to boringness
  • Sounds interesting I will wait for as sale.