GPT AI is here to revamp your Microsoft Teams meetings

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams Premium launched earlier this year.
  • The service delivers an enhanced Teams experience, including several features that use artificial intelligence.
  • Intelligent recap provides insights, notes, recommended tasks, and highlights, and it is available starting today.

Microsoft Teams Premium rolled out early this year. Among other features, it adds artificial intelligence to the Teams experience to improve your productivity. One of the biggest AI features for Teams Premium, intelligent recap, is available now.

Intelligent recap helps you catch up on a meeting that you've missed or review content that you want to go over again. It uses GPT-based AI to generate meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights.

A Tech Community post outlines some of the key ways that intelligent recap will help you catch up on meetings. The feature creates personalized timeline markers that are only visible to a specific user. These can show when someone is mentioned by name, when a screen was shared, and when someone left a meeting. For example, if you had to duck out of a meeting for a few minutes to receive a delivery, you could easily find the gap to see if you missed anything important.

Speaker timeline markers are another type of indicator that should make it easier to jump to the most important parts of a meeting. They show when people spoke and are organized based on who a user works with the most.

While they aren't supported yet, chapters will soon be available through intelligent recap. These will divide meetings into sections and organize them by topic.

While not as powerful as intelligent recap for Teams Premium, the regular version of Microsoft Teams also has a meeting recap feature. The "Details" tab of a meeting provides links to the meeting transcript, recording, and any notes that were taken manually. Microsoft is improving this experience with a "Recap" tab that will let people watch a meeting recording directly within Teams. It will also support collaborative meeting notes, meeting transcripts, and help locate shared content.


Microsoft Teams Premium | From $7 per person/ month

Teams Premium brings the power of AI to Microsoft Teams, including the new intelligent recap feature. It also lets you customize the Teams experience and provides additional protection for private content.

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