Skype testing another feature that WhatsApp has had for ages

Skype Insider Preview on Android
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently rolled out an update for Skype Insider Preview.
  • The update adds the ability to quote/reply to a photo, which was a functionality previously limited to responding to text.
  • It's now easier to like or react to messages in Skype Insider Preview as well.

The latest update to Skype Insider Preview adds the ability to quote/reply to a photo. Previously, users could only quote text messages in Skype. The update also makes it easier to like and react to messages. People can now double tap to like a text message and click or tap on someone else's reaction to add a reaction.

It's worth noting that WhatsApp and some other platforms have supported quoting photos and other forms of media for quite some time. Still, it's nice to see Microsoft add support for a popular feature.

Here's what's new in the latest Skype Insider Preview, as found in the update's changelog:

  • "Quote/Reply to a photo on all Platforms. You can now directly reply to/quote a picture that someone sends you in chat. Before, you could only quote text messages.
  • Double tap to like a text message received on Mobile. You can quickly and conveniently double tap a message, to quickly react to it with a like.
  • Click/tap on someone else's reaction to add a message reaction on all Platforms. To duplicate someone's message reaction, click on their reaction on desktop and tap on mobile. You can also remove the reaction the same way. To see who reacted with an emoticon, hover on desktop and tap&hold on Mobile.
  • Stability improvements"

The update also includes a list of bug fixes, including improvements on Windows 11, Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft noted that the new features mentioned in its post will roll out gradually. As a result, you may not be able to use them at this time, even if you're a Skype Insider.


Skype Insider Preview
This version of Skype allows you to test out new and experimental features in order to provide feedback to Microsoft. Its most recent update added the ability to quote/reply to a photo.

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