Here's how you can make the Microsoft Store 40% faster with just a few clicks

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What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Store recently received an update to version 22403 that increases performance dramatically in several areas.
  • A splash screen now only appears rarely, letting you jump straight into the Microsoft Store in most cases.
  • The buy button now appears roughly 1.5 times faster and product pages now load 40% faster on average.
  • Version 22403 of the Microsoft Store has been in testing among Insiders for a few weeks but is now generally available.

The Microsoft Store now has better performance and shorter loading times, thanks to a recent update. The update brings the Microsoft Store to version 22403 and it is now generally available.

We've known about these changes for a while. Despite Microsoft not sharing a full change log for the Microsoft Store, several employees from the company detailed the most significant changes that come as part of the update. Rudy Huyn, Principal Lead Architect of the Microsoft Store, was among those who shared details on X.

At the time, Huyn and other Microsoft Store employees were detailing changes in testing among Insiders. Those same changes are now generally available, as noted by Huyn.

You can update the Microsoft Store by searching for updates within the Microsoft Store.

  1. Open the Microsoft Store.
  2. Select Library.
  3. Click Get updates.

App updates will then roll in and the Microsoft Store will restart itself.

Seems faster

Microsoft Store update

You can update the Microsoft Store through the Microsoft Store to receive the latest version of the app and see significant performance improvements. (Image credit: Future)

We used to joke about how an update would make an app or Windows "seem faster," alluding to a lack of known changes. But in this case, the Microsoft Store actually is faster; quite a bit faster in fact. According to Huyn, product pages now load 40% quicker on average when using the new version of the Microsoft Store. The buy button appears after a shorter wait as well due to changes related to how the store handles entitlement and licensing.

In most situations, you won't even see a splash screen when opening the Microsoft Store. In my experience the splash screen goes away after a second or two, but it's nice to jump straight into an app and I'll be happy to see the change. Little improvements add up quickly, especially when it comes to user interface loading times and app's responding.

The Microsoft Store was once laughably bad. Microsoft has worked steadily over the years to improve it. Some of the improvements have been features that should have been there from day one, like not prioritizing apps you already have installed, but better late than never.

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Compared to its original form, the Microsoft Store hardly seems like the same concept that shipped with Windows 8. While there are still quality third-party apps in the Microsoft Store, they are no longer the only way to access popular services. Discord, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, iTunes, Adobe Acrobat, CorelDRAW, Canva, TikTok, PlutoTV, Paramount+, SlingTV, and Reddit all have official apps.

Beyond just getting apps in the Microsoft Store, companies and developers are embracing pushes by Microsoft, such as Windows 11 on Arm getting ready for Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite processor.

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