Microsoft's PC Manager app submitted to Microsoft Store, though it's still hidden

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has been working on a PC Manager app for Windows for several months.
  • The app was recently submitted to the Microsoft Store, though its listing is currently hidden.
  • PC Manager allows users to optimize their computer by performing a health check, managing storage, selecting which apps run at startup, and managing active apps.

Microsoft has a PC Manager app in the works that was recently submitted to the Microsoft Store. The app gathers together preexisting features for PC optimization and management into one convenient place. Users can select which apps run at startup, manage storage, and clear unused files from their PC using the application.

As noted by Aggiornamenti Lumia, the PC Manager app has been available in beta for several months. Microsoft even has a webpage dedicated to it, though you'll have to translate it. Today's news is simply that the application has been submitted to the Microsoft Store, though the listing is hidden at this time.

None of the options presented in PC Manager are new, but the app makes them easier to find. For example, users can already select which apps run at startup through the Control Panel and optimize storage through the Settings app. While tech-savvy people already know where to find these settings, PC Manager provides simple shortcuts to them.

While the app provides several useful choices to improve a PC's performance, it's received mocking on the web due to its suggestion to switch to Microsoft Edge. Under a section labeled "Potential issues" the only suggested action is "Reset default browser to Edge."

Microsoft has been aggressive over the years in its push to get people to use its browser. Several elements of Windows 11 open in Edge regardless of what your default browser is. The process of switching the default browser in Windows 11 isn't seamless either, though it's gotten better over the past few months.

Aside from the suggestion to use Edge feeling pushy to many, PC Manager appears to be a simple app for optimizing a system.

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