Windows 11's best alternative apps are 25% OFF: "It's like getting the next version of Windows today."

Windows 11 has been available for two years and change, but its global market share still struggles. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons Microsoft has been using "aggressive" tactics, including full-screen multipage popup ads designed to encourage Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11. 

Despite Windows 10's imminent end of support slated for October 2025, the operating system still holds the largest global market share. This can be attributed to the stringent system requirements for running Windows 11 on PCs, coupled with the flawed design pointed out by multiple users. 

Luckily, it's not written in stone that you must conform to Microsoft's Windows 11 design. Recently, there's been an influx of third-party software designed to "fix" some of the shortcomings/design flaws in Windows 11. Stardock is notoriously good at this with its Start11, WindowsBlinds, CursorFX, SoundPackager, Groupy 2, and more.

If you've been looking to add a bit of razzle dazzle and gain access to more customization options and flavors on your Windows PC, you're in luck! Stardock's top third-party software apps are currently on sale with a 25% discount.

WindowBlinds 11$19.99now $14.99 at Stardock

WindowBlinds 11 | was $19.99 now $14.99 at Stardock

This third-party app lets users add a modern appeal to Windows 11 devices. It allows users to customize the Start menu, taskbar, window frames, and control buttons. 

Groupy 2$9.99now $7.99 at Stardock

Groupy 2 | was $9.99 now $7.99 at Stardock

Stardock's Groupy 2 is a neat tool that enhances the user's productivity by keeping their information organized. The app lets users drag and drop multiple apps and documents into a single window by combining them, with tabs in the title bar.  You can save multiple apps and pin them on your taskbar. This way, you can launch them simultaneously.

Multiplicity$19.99now $14.99 at Stardock

Multiplicity | was $19.99 now $14.99 at Stardock

This is a tool designed to make working across multiple devices easier. It's an affordable, secure, and wireless KVM switch solution that frees up your workspace by eliminating unwanted and unnecessary cables and hardware, ultimately keeping things simple and promoting functionality. You can control multiple PCs using one keyboard and mouse.

CursorFX$4.99$3.74 at Stardock

CursorFX | was $4.99 now $3.74 at Stardock

If you're looking to spice things up, Windows 11's cursor is a great place to start. It might be small but significant before you commit to more drastic changes across the operating systems. CursorFX just works. It's a great tool to customize your mouse cursor, and it has virtually unlimited customization options.

SoundPackager $4.99$3.74 at Stardock

SoundPackager | was $4.99 now $3.74 at Stardock

It's designed to enhance your auditory experience on Windows. The tool applies different sound packages to your device. Users can also create and edit any sound package, which they can preview via the package editor. SoundPackager also provides cloud access to thousands of different sounds. This is especially handy for users that want something different from the default Windows sound scheme.

All-in-one premium package for Windows 11's best alternative apps

Start11 will let you pin websites on the Start menu

(Image credit: Stardock)

Stardock recommends the Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancements and customization apps as its best deal during this Spring sale, and I can see why. At $10 cheaper, you'll get access to more than a dozen customization apps, including Start11, Fences 5, SpaceMonger, Tiles, IconPackager, and DeskScapes, as well as the ones listed above. 

If there's something you don't like about Windows 11 or Windows 10, this suite of customization apps will help you fix it. Stardock says using the tool is "like getting the next version of Windows today."

Object Desktop $49.99$39.99 at Stardock

Object Desktop | was $49.99 now $39.99 at Stardock

The tool ships with over a dozen third-party apps designed to enhance your user experience on Windows, including Start11, Fences 5, Groupy 2, and more. The platform adds a modern touch to your operating system and can be tailored to meet your needs and wants.

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