Amazon has another set of early Black Friday deals, and one of those deals today is the Sony WH-XB910N noise-cancelling headphones on sale for $138. That's a crazy low price and the best we've ever seen on Amazon. The Bluetooth headphones normally go for around $250 and have never dropped from that price directly. Only the Blue headphones, Amazon's exclusive color, are on sale today as the black ones are still going for $248, and they are still going for $250 at other retailers like Best Buy.


Sony WH-XB910N noise-cancelling headphones | $112 off

Only hear what you want to hear thanks to the built-in noise-cancelling, and enhance those sounds you do hear with Extra Bass technology and clear voice calls. The price is only good for the day.

Seems like the primary reason you'd want these headphones is for the noise-cancelling. Like many of Sony's headphones, they have excellent noise cancelling technology. Cut out all the extra sounds you don't need and focus on your favorite songs or podcasts or whatever. You can even use the free Sony Headphones Connect app to customize your sound.

On top of eliminating the sounds you don't want to hear, these headphones are also capable of enhancing the ones you do want to hear. The Extra Bass tech, for example, can bring out the deep sounds and get your chest rumbling. It also has a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine that can give compressed music a boost.

Using your headphones at the office or in a public setting and need to re-engage with the world? No worries there, either. You can easily deactivate the noise-cancelling without removing your headphones. You can also pair the headphones with two devices and switch between them.

Use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice assistants with these headphones as well, giving you more control over what you're listening to or even over your smart home.

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