With the actual release date hovering around this weekend/next few days, it's nice to know that if you call Sprint Telesales (877-639-8351) you can place your order today for the device.

The product ID, if they have trouble is: PTR800HK.

All the info we have posted in the last few days still stands: price is $599.99 with $75 or $150 off for 1 or 2 year upgrades, plus a $100 mail in rebate.

Some of those on SERO are being asked for a verification email from a Sprint employee, but these seem to be the exception right now. SERO customers do not have to switch plans to get the phone.

The good news? My order is expected to be here tomorrow, so stay tuned for that arrival and un-boxing if true.

No word on the exact date on in-store purchases, but it'll probably be sooner than later.

Want to track your Sprint order? Click here.

Thanks to boilermaker via our forums!