Sprint Snap free at Best Buy with contract

This is actually been at this price for about a month now, but it was news to us, so perhaps news to you.

If you're looking for a cheap and halfway decent Windows starter phone, the Snap is completely free at Best Buy (down from $149, then $99) with a 2-year contract. See our full review for a refresh.

We'd say the phone is about worth that with a 2 year contract and it's actually a fun device, especially if you slap WM6.5 on it before that official release comes down the road.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I took advantage the free deal from Radio Shack two weeks ago. I actually like the the standard version better than the touch screen. Still getting used to the keyboard compared to my Treo 800w though. Screen is much better than the 800w or treo pro. i hope Sprint offers a 6.5 upgrade. The Snap is a great all a round phone and good choice on Sprint.
  • Mal, quick question. After using my Snap for almost two weeks I am finding that my storage memory is gone. Is it true that it only has 94mb? After dumping all the cach in Internet explorer and deleting all email with attachments I still only have 24mb free. If this is tru I may have to go back to my 800W due to lack of storage on the main memory.
    Any way to spec. the attachments from email to go to the storage card like the Treo800W, and possibly the IE cach? Thanks for your help, I am finding very little info on any Standard devices in the forums. If you could please also put this on your podcast next week so that others may be helped too. Dan