Sprint Touch Pro 2 now available online

If for whatever reason you haven't taken advantage of Sprint's telesales service and already have your Touch Pro 2 on the way, it's now available on Sprint's Web site, way, way down at the bottom of the smartphone listings, below the original Touch Pro and as far from the Palm Pre as it could possibly be. (Yeah, Sprint, we're calling you out on that.)

Pricing remains as before — $349.99 after two-year contract and $100 rebate. Or $600 outright.

Presumably the Touch Pro 2 should be available in stores anytime now, so chime in if you see one in the flesh.

Thanks, @rrescot

Phil Nickinson

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  • Do you have to return your old phone upon buying this one?
  • Your rebate is fine with any plan. Rebate language hasn't changed from Treo Pro and rebates went through fine.
  • seen one in the flash since friday lol
  • ehh flesh LOL and nope dont gotta return your old one
  • " If for whatever reason you haven't taken advantage of Sprint's telesales....' mmmm... cause this Friday i can get it for $199 at Big Red.
  • Big Red? Sorry, which store is that?
  • he means Verizon wireless. i rather keep me old plan $30+data$15+Text$5-15%=$50 a month than pay $200 for a Tp2 then have 2 pay $70+ a month with Verizon. but what i really want to know is how friggen long does it take to process the order. i placed it at 1am its now 1pm.
  • Oh, hehehe. Havent had my morning coffee. Thanks for the clarification. I am hoping wirefly or amazon gets it. If not Best Buy to get it with all the discounts at once.
  • okay... well if you think you can save money with sprint over 2 years aspects, then i say go with 1 year contract with verizon. That way you save more money with verizon than sprint, plus, you can get WM7 by the time your contract ends! sweet deal~
  • Cool that you Sprint guys are able to order your phones today. I'm waiting a couple of weeks and then ordering from Verizon for 150.00 (get to keep my current plan + an additional 20% of my monthly bill with my new employer). Happy to see US customers getting new devices.
  • woot ordered, and horaay for a business plan, instant rebate!
  • I so agree with you 20% off my bill and the phone for less than $300 I love my job!!!
  • The $349.00 price after $100.00 M&R is outrageously expensive. Verizon is comming out with the same phone (much more professional looking ...I add) for $199.00. Sprint is still selling the original touch pro for $299.00. The next generation of a phone is not suppose to cost more it should offer more for less.
  • As has been discussed endlessly it costs WAY MORE on VERIZON. If you like being conned and baited by a lower handset price, but then pay way more for the service, which is 90% of costs, good for you! We are not all suckers. BTW, the Verizon version has some featured DISABLED :) It costs less on Verizon if you want the device with less capability and are math challenged. For those who are not math challenged it costs about $500 less on sprint on average.
  • What features are crippled on the Verizon version? I believe you get what you pay for- cheaper Sprint plans= cheaper service (lousy signal, piss poor customer service-funny how they are dead last in all the polls regarding this).
  • lol, your sim card is LOCKED on Verizon for starters.
  • Actually where I live (oregon) Sprint's signal is great. The calls are clear and the data speed is better than Verizon's. At least where I live. I have my corporate discount with both companies and even with Verizon being a higher discount, I still pay less on Sprint. Yeah, customer service is crappy but I use the online chat and it gets me results every time. Been waiting for this phone for a while, getting it when it ships with 6.5
  • dido, im a portland native and my data speeds and coverage on sprint absolutely kill the others, the 3g coverage out here is ridiculous, i dont know what sprint is doing in other parts of the country but they sure did hook up Oregon :)
  • I hear you regarding how expensive this is. For what it's worth, I wanted to respond by adding a suggestion about reducing wireless costs that should, for many consumers, dramatically slash their bills. While this won't make an expensive phone cheap, it hopefully will reduce a consumer's overall cost. I work in the consumer advocacy division of the company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website, http://www.fixmycellbill.com. Put simply, Validas guards against the frivolous and unnecessary charges that over-inflate an estimated 80 percent of cell bills. You can find out for free if fixmycellbill.com can modify your plan to better suit your individual needs by going to the website. For more info, check out Validas in the media, most recently on Fox News at http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/consumer/conlaw/lower_cell_phone_bills_.... Good luck to everyone reading on further cutting costs in this tough economy. Dylan
    Consumer Advocacy, FixMyCellBill.com
  • cheaper plans on sprint > $150 less handset cost on verizon
  • Plans on Verizon average about $300 to $500 more for two years. The Verizon Touch pro 2 has features disabled.
  • WHAT FEATURES are "DISABLED" on the Verizon version of the Touch Pro 2 ... come on, tell us all! We will ALL know the truth in 2 days or less.
  • The SIM card slot is locked to Verizon only. On Sprint it isn't. Verizon has disabled your ability to use cheap local SIM cards overseas. I travel overseas about twice per year and the Verizon phoen would cost me $200 to $400 more on four trips.
  • I am pretty sure you can get that unlocked by a 3rd party service. Around $20. I was reading about the Telus SIM that was locked. People had it unlocked in 20 minutes. I agree tho that is weak to lock it.
  • There are many phones you can get unlocked. And also the makers are constantly adapting schemes to make it more difficult. In may cases one might pay a service, unlocks appear to occur, but are in fact temporary. With sim unlocking, there is another issue though, which is warranty voiding. For a person who might go to Europe once pr twice per year, and is an average to above average technically adept the costs are more than $20, they involve also probably $20 with of ones time figuring it out, and some amount of risk re warranty. The fact is there is not a $20 spread between either locked and illegally unlocked phoens but more like $50, adn the differnec in selling prices of locked and legally unlocked phones is more like $100 up to $300 . Those differences are thare
  • i agree with u some how