Staff Choices: Windows Phone 7 Devices

Never before has a new mobile OS platform launched with so many devices to choose from--not Android, not WebOS and certainly not the iPhone. Yet, on the otherhand, never have the differences between the device selection seem to be so...minor.

Seeing as I won't be able to get a device with Winodws Phone 7 on my beloved Sprint till sometime in spring 2011, I have to go with a second U.S. carrier to tide me over (and make this job easier).

So which will it be? AT&T with their 3 phones (the Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, and LG Quantum) or T-Mobile with the HD7 (and eventually Dell Venue Pro)?

Read after the jump for which device I'm going with and why. Of course, this is all assuming I exercise restraint and don't get a few of them, what with Google Voice (GoVoice) possible on the platform.

T-Mobile HD7 $199

I guess technically this article's lead image spoiled the surprise.

Yes, once they announced it would have 16GB of storage, the HTC HD7 became my first choice. That and lets face it, T-Mobile's plans are cheaper than AT&Ts, making them the Sprint-of-the-GSM-world in my book.

When in NYC for the launch, Phil and I got to play extensively with the HD7 and I think we're both quite impressed with it. To refresh, here are the specs:

  • 16GB Storage
  • 4.3" 480x800 screen
  • 1230mah battery
  • 576MB RAM
  • Kickstand
  • Dolby Sound
  • 5MP camera
  • 1GHz Snapdragon

Sure, on paper it looks like the HD2.1 and I won't even dispute that fact. However, when using it with the Windows Phone 7 OS, it

I've already been using an EVO for a few months, so the HD7 is just an extension of that experience except I expect it to be better, since typing in WP7 is so, so mch better than Android.

Watching Netflix on it with that 4.3" screen and kickstand was just fantastic. The speed, the size, the feel in the hand all work for me. And knowing I won't be raped by T-Mobile (even if they have that 5GB cap) makes me feel better.

Runner Up: Samsung Focus on AT&T $199

What can I say? I'm a sucker for Super AMOLED screens and how svelte this phone was in New York City. For me, this device was all about the thinness, lack of weight and that gorgeous screen. Oh, plus that whole ability to add more storage memory is a great selling point too.

Great size, great screen and just looks sharp. I may try to grab one of these too.

Sprint 7 Pro: The CDMA backup

Yup, when Sprint finally gets their lineup ready, I'll be probably first in line for this guy. After my Touch Pro 2 review, why would anyone doubt my devotion to this design? Spring can't come fast enough...

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