State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition now ready to pre-download, pre-purchase on Xbox One

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition is set to infect Xbox One on April 28th

State of Decay was a 360 sleeper hit, which provided a unique take on the zombie apocalypse paradigm. In State of Decay, you control and manage an entire community of survivor NPCs, tending their wounds, fatigue, equipment and so on, as you make your way through a sprawling contemporary open world setting.

The Year One Survival Edition comprises State of Decay, as well as the add-ons Breakdown, Lifeline, and a trunk load of other improvements (including the ability to use car trunks!)

Xbox 360 owners who purchase SoD:YOSE will enjoy a 33% discount, and if you purchase before May 12th, you'll receive the State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Day One Edition... edition, which contains the exclusive "Prepper's Pack" (opens in new tab), which contains various weapons and a reinforced zombie resistant SUV.

YOSE beefs up the original State of Decay offering with remastered 1080p graphics, boosted lighting, textures and adjustments to gameplay. Year One survivalists will enjoy new missions, weapons, extra content, fresh combat maneuvers and an expanded array of execution animations, which were a tad lacking in the original.

For those new to the franchise, Undead Labs' have a multi-year, multi-title deal with Microsoft which has been compared to the deal Xbox previously had with Bungie on Halo. State of Decay has long been a community driven project, which sees a team led by World of Warcraft lead programmer Jeff Strain move towards a massively multiplayer State of Decay iteration.

State of Decay was a proof of concept for Microsoft Studios, whose resource scavenging, base building and NPC community management gameplay would seemingly lend itself perfectly to a multiplayer component. As State of Decay uses CryEngine, the team opted to drop multiplayer from this version, as what they'd hoped to accomplish currently isn't possible on that engine - but have guaranteed the in-development Xbox One sequel would indeed be constructed with multiplayer in mind.

So far in zombie games this year we've had Dying Light's fast-paced open world action and Zombie Army Trilogy's bloody multiplayer gauntlets, State of Decay is a very different beast. Our own Paul Acevedo has been hands on with the remake, and for gamers looking for a more methodical survival horror experience, I cannot recommend State of Decay enough.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Downloading!
  • Decomposing
  • Decaying
  • This is kind of like Day Z but other "players" are npc's? Would i like this if i liked Day Z and TJs walking dead tv show?
  • I don't know
  • Pretty much
  • This game is fun and challenging
  • Yep. Raiding malls for supplies, bringing them to your base, building defence towers, medical centres, etc. Moving to larger bases when you've consumed all the areas resources, ahh it's wonderful if you enjoy games heavy on survivalism.
  • Sounds awesome! Too bad about the multiplayer, but it sounds like my kind of game :)
  • So there is multiplayer??
  • Fuc zombie
  • Multiplayer: Yes or no?
  • Read......
  • No multiplayer. That will be coming in the in development sequel.
  • It's disappointing that they didn't build multiplayer for this remake. Just saying "no multiplayer because it's built on CryEngine" sounds like an excuse because the Crysis console games have had online multiplayer. Oh well...
  • An MMO version of this game does sound awesome though. I hope they're working on that version now and dropping it soon.
  • This!
  • It's not that CryEngine doesn't support multiplayer, it's that the way they designed the single player aspects wouldn't gel with the engine, and the first game was just a proof of concept. It would've required a ground up re-tooling.
  • Wasn't it like $15 on 360? I'm not paying $30...will wait for inevitable sale.
  • yeha it's def not worth $30, especially if you played it already. I'm choosing not to support this dev unless they come out with something actually new
  • Usually support is what is required for devs to keep making stuff...
  • I already bought the game for 360, and they expect me to pay more than the original release for the same game just prettier, they don't deserve my support in that aspect.
  • Lets go kill some zombies!