State of Decay 3 teased for Xbox Series X, with mutant zombie deers

State Of Decay
State Of Decay (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

State of Decay 3 has been revealed at the Xbox July Showcase event with a grizzly cinematic trailer.

No gameplay details were revealed, but there were hints about the environment, showing undead animals for the first time. Typically, the games focused on human zombies and mutants previously, but this teaser seems to hint that the plague has spread to animals as well.

We'll inject more details into proceedings as soon as we get them.

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  • Yesss! Nice idea! I hope for a cinematic story mode...
  • I hope they removed the 'baby sitting' aspect that State of Decay 1 had (as in constantly doing boring the same boring missions for other survivors to prevent them from dying or whatever it was).
  • This. The reason that I stop playing this game. It's no fun having to constantly run back to check up on everyone and to keep them happy by going on stupid missions that risk your life just for the sake of keeping their moral high so that they don't leave the camp.. They should offer to modes for this game: A realistic mode for people that want to deal with all of the micromanaging and a more streamlined arcade mode that cuts all of that out, like Days Gone. All that you had to worry about in that game was keeping your bike maintenance, gas and ammunition. No babysitting. I could actually have fun and explore without worrying about getting dehydrated or starving to death. Give the player an option on how they want to play and an actual story.
  • The plural for deer is deer.