Stellaris announces the full-featured Nemesis expansion, coming soon on PC

Stellaris Nemesis Expansion Image
Stellaris Nemesis Expansion Image (Image credit: Paradox Interactive | YouTube)

What you need to know

  • Stellaris is a popular 4x grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive and has a large number of dedicated fans.
  • On top of being a genuinely excellent strategy game on its own, Stellaris regularly gets new expansions and updates.
  • The latest expansion is Nemesis, which is a full-featured DLC coming soon to Stellaris on PC.
  • Details are a little scarce now, but Nemesis will introduce brand-new mechanics to Stellaris with overwhelming power, espionage, and more.

Strategy represents a colossal genre in video games, but few grand strategy games have achieved as much success and popularity as Stellaris, which continues to impress on both PC and consoles. Stellaris doesn't sit still, either, and is almost always preparing to release a new expansion, content pack, or update. Today, Paradox Interactive announced the Nemesis expansion, the next full-featured expansion that should add a ton of new content, mechanics, and ways to play to Stellaris.

Not a ton of details are known about Nemesis at the moment, except that it'll add espionage tactics to collect and take advantage of intel and information, mechanics that give players ultimate power over their universe, and much more. The Nemesis expansion is PC-only for now. You can now wishlist it on Steam and GOG. For now, there's no release date, but it is "coming soon."

Stellaris is an excellent grand strategy game, but the sheer number of expansions and content can be daunting. If you want to give the game a try before committing, take advantage of Xbox Game Pass. Stellaris is available on PC and Xbox consoles through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, where it's one of our Best Games on Xbox Game Pass for PC. This lets you jump in without any worries. Be warned, though, Stellaris is known for taking hours of your time before you've realized it.

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