STEM Educational Toys and Games Gift Guide

Knowledge is one of life's greatest gifts. Treat a young one in your life to the joys of wonder with this selection of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) learning toys and games, from the Makey Makey Inventor Kit to Bioxel's Build Your Own Video Game.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Use this kit to make your own moving, beeping R2-D2 or design a custom droid with the rest of the parts and whatever you have around the house.



Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit

Get a real, but safe, introduction to electricity with this kit that includes 55 different components and 175 do-it-yourself projects for changing LED lights, making glow-in-the-dark propellors, and more.



SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

Designed to teach about the ins and outs of the human body, this SmartLab toy is like Operation if Operation had squishy organs and bones you could play with.



Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

This toy combines a 13x13 gameboard with an app that will transform the images you create on the board into a game you can actually play on your smartphone. It looks like a Lite Brite for the 21st Century.



Anki Cozmo learning robot

What starts off as a cute, block-building robot soon becomes a sentient, all-powerful being as it grows and learns from its environment.



Fisher Price Think&Learn Code-a-Pillar toy

Each segment on the code-a-pillar represents a new direction for the toy, so you can pre-plan where it's going to go. Try to reach the target or make your own obstacle course in your living room.



Playmags 100-piece magnetic tile play set

For all the budding engineers in your life, this play set stimulates problem solving and shape recognition in children ages 3 and up.



Makey Makey the invention kit for everyone

This kit was designed by folks at MIT for everyone to use, so even you could make a game controller out of your staircase using it.



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