Sunset Overdrive confirmed to be coming to PC

A number of signs over the past month have strongly suggested that Sunset Overdrive is due for a PC release, and now Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has confirmed it's on its way. In a tweet posted today, Hryb announced that Sunset Overdrive is gearing up to make its debut for Windows 10 PCs, and more information will be revealed in an interview with Insomniac Games founder and CEO Ted Price on the next episode of This Week on Xbox.

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For anyone who has been following the latest rumors and leaks closely, Sunset Overdrive's PC release won't come as a surprise. The game received an ESRB rating earlier this month in the U.S., following a similar rating by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee in May. Then, a preorder page was briefly listed on Amazon before being taken down a short time later.

There's no confirmed release date just yet, but the Amazon preorder page indicated that the game could be headed for a November 16 launch on PC for $20. The game is expected to launch on both Steam and the Microsoft Store, as well as on physical discs.

In any case, we'll learn much more when tomorrow's episode of This Week on Xbox drops.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Do you think there would be any chance that those of us that had to Xbox version would also get the PC license?
  • Hopefully it's an amazingly optimized DX12 title.
  • I do wonder if its going to be play anywhere with the xbox release. or if it is going to be games pass. I already own it on xbox I didn't complete the game. lots more bouncing around to do. It is a fun game I did realy enjoy the game on xbox. If it syncs saves from xbox that will be impressive. I like how Microsoft has done that with other games that are on xbox in the past.
  • "coming to Windows 10 PC."
    What Hryb is not saying is that it's also coming on windows 8 via steam.