Sunset Overdrive PC debuts November 16, preorders now live

Sunset (Image credit: Insomniac )

Sunset Overdrive's PC debut is all-but-confirmed, following a multitude of leaks across ratings boards and platform backends. Current leaks point toward digital releases on both Steam and Windows 10's integrated Microsoft Store, reviving the complete package four years after its Xbox One debut.

Microsoft is yet to formally announce a Sunset Overdrive re-release for PC, however, an Amazon listing (opens in new tab) has now surfaced new concrete details. According to the store page, Sunset Overdrive PC is to be distributed by THQ Nordic, which previously cut a deal to handle Microsoft Studios PC titles on Steam and physical discs. The game is reportedly on track for a November 16 debut, priced at $19.99.

With just a few days until this slated release, expect an imminent announcement in the coming days.

Preorders for Sunset Overdrive PC are now live on Amazon, priced at $19.99 (opens in new tab).

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Matt Brown

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  • There goes my last reason to ever own a XB1. I always thought I would buy a used XB1 one day to play this, but here we go. Besides Forza 5 there is no AAA game that doesn't have some PC version or is exclusive to the XB1. I guess this is the first time in few generations that I would not have owned all home consoles.
    Anyway, great to see a steam version.
  • Did you really had to write a paragraph? Be concise
  • @Pacheco you're welcome to ignore my post if you have problems reading few lines. :)
  • Hardly you could've summed it up in a sentence.
  • No, because I didn't repeat myself and each sentence made its own point.
    1st sentence: Was telling how this news affected me.
    2nd: was a justification for not buying it earlier.
    3rd: was to show how badly XB1 is doing in terms of AAA exclusives
    4th: is a way of telling how bad I think XB1 was for me comparing to previous generation.
    5th: shows joy to see it coming on steam. I've written 5 sentences and it looked like reading those 5 sentences bothered you. I'll guess that either you didn't like what I wrote (and try to deflect attention away from my point) or you have a problem reading.
    Either way, I'm not a one-line poster so you are welcome to ignore me from now on...
  • Halo 5 as well. But you are right, the options are severely limited.
  • Well, halo 5 has some version of it on PC called Halo 5: Forge. That's why I said "some PC version".
  • If I already own the game on Xbox, will the PC version be free?
  • This is a great question, you'd get it free if it was a Play Anywhere title.
  • Publishing it simultaneously on Steam undermines the Windows 10 Store. They keep sabotaging themselves by gifting away their only leverage--the exclusive games they publish--to their biggest competitor and create a self-fulfilling prophesy where the Windows 10 Store fails. They've undermined their own Store so many times now since it launched a few years ago that the damage is already done: any PC gamers who would've made the leap over to snag some exclusive titles now just ignore them there and get them on Steam instead. Very short-sighted move on Microsoft's part.
  • This, a thousand times.
  • This IP belongs to Insomniac. I think it's published and distributed by THQ Nordic on Steam.
    I don't think MS could have done something here.
  • Insomniac owns the IP for the franchise "Sunset Overdrive", but Microsoft owns the publishing rights for the game "Sunset Overdrive". They have final say on where it's distributed.
  • There's still hope that this game comes out for Xbox Game Pass for PC, right? Where's the promised revamp for PC?