While initially among top Xbox One exclusives, Sunset Overdrive is seemingly headed to PC very soon. Talk of a Windows revival has circulated throughout 2018 and recently rekindled by an official Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) listing. Microsoft is yet to acknowledge a PC release, however, with its X018 Xbox fan event near, an imminent reveal is likely.

Sunset Overdrive has now surfaced in Steam's database, via third-party aggregator, SteamDB (via Wario64).

Until now, a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) launch was expected, shipping on Windows 10's integrated Microsoft Store. However, a Win32 variant is now all-but-confirmed, headed to Valve's premier PC game storefront. It's unclear if a Microsoft Store release is planned, but seems likely given its continued investments in 2018.

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Although the Microsoft Store has vastly improved in recent years, it's still challenged by core PC gamers amid ongoing missteps. All first-party Xbox games head straight to Windows 10, but some still regularly ship on Steam with a delayed release.

In other news, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, recently announced plans for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

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