Surface Arc Mouse up for preorder in new Lilac, Sage, and Soft Pink colors

What you need to know

  • Following Microsoft's Surface event today, the company revealed 3 new colors for its Arc Mouse.
  • You can now snag the Arc Mouse in Lilac, Soft Pink, and Sage.
  • The three shades are now available to preorder for $80.

Microsoft hit the stage at its Surface event in New York City with a ton of new devices to show off, but it also managed to slip some new accessories in under the radar. Namely, there are new variations of the Microsoft Arc Mouse available to preorder now.

The new options are functionally the same as the old Arc Mouse, but you'll be able to snag it in three new colors. There are now Lilac, Soft Pink, and Sage colors to choose from, in addition to the black and silver colors that were previously available.

All three colors look fairly muted so that they won't stand out from your workspace too much. However, they add a little more character to the mouse that was missing before.

All three new colors are available to preorder now for $80. They're expected to start shipping on October 15.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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