The Surface Go is the ultimate tablet that's also a pretty good laptop when required. Of course, no device is complete without an army of accessories to go along with it. Here are my recommendations for the best 10 Surface Go accessories that I currently use, and that you should definitely be checking out if you haven't already.

Type away: Surface Go Type Cover

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To fully utilize your Surface Go, you'll also want to pick up an attachable keyboard. Luckily, Microsoft sells many different Type Cover configurations, with the cheapest being the black option listed here. Featuring a backlit keyboard and Precision touchpad, this is everything you love about Surface keyboards in a beautiful package that turns your tablet into a laptop.

From $77 at Amazon

Dock in, do more: Microsoft Surface Dock

With two Mini DisplayPorts, four USB-A 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and a 3.5mm audio jack, this dock gives you the ports you need to keep you connected to all your favorite devices. Plus, it easily connects to your Surface Go via the Surface Connect cable, making it easy to turn your Surface into a desktop power hub.

$128 at Amazon

Mouse on the go: Surface Mobile Mouse

The Surface Mobile Mouse is available in three different colors — light gray, burgundy, and cobalt blue — and is the cheapest mobile mouse made by Microsoft. It's a simple, straight-forward mouse accessory that connects with Bluetooth and gets the job done. It's small and slim, meaning it fits into a bag or pocket easily for travel.

From $32 at Amazon

Gaming on the fly: Xbox Wireless Controller

The Surface Go is a great little mobile gaming machine, which is enhanced with a dedicated gaming accessory. The Xbox Wireless Controller connects to your Surface Go via Bluetooth — no connectors sticking out — so you can enjoy haptic feedback, and that classic gaming feel in your hands.

From $39 at Amazon

Inking and winning: Surface Pen

The updated Surface Pen is an essential accessory for pretty much everyone, whether artistic or not. Use it to take notes, sketch, paint quickly, or just browse the internet. With 4,096 levels of sensitivity and low latency, it feels like you're using real paper and real ink. The eraser doubles as a button, which can be used to launch your favorite apps.

From $72 at Amazon

Easy file transfer: SanDisk Ultra Dual USB

The Surface Go features just one USB-C port on its side, meaning if you need to transfer files from a different device, you'll need a USB drive that has both a USB-C connection and USB-A connection. With the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB, you get just that, along with a 128GB USB drive that has both USB-C and USB-A connectors included. It's a neat, little, USB drive that works with any device.

$23 at Amazon

More internal storage: 200GB SanDisk microSD card

If you want more internal storage for music, movies, and apps, invest in a 200GB SanDisk microSD card. The Surface Go features a microSD card slot under the kickstand, which allows you to expand internal storage up to 200GB. So, if you're short on space, a microSD card will solve that issue quickly and easily.

$30 at Amazon

Protection against evil: CAISON Sleeve

Keeping your Surface Go protected should be a top priority, and you can do that with this simple CAISON sleeve designed for the Surface Go itself. Available in multiple colors, this soft sleeve case will protect your Surface Go from drops and scratches when in a bag or out and about. It's super slim too, meaning it shouldn't be too difficult to fit in a bag.

$16 at Amazon

Folio for smart people: Padfolio Compact Case

The Padfolio Compact Case is a Surface Go case like no other. It features various pockets for pens, paper, and notes, and even has a full A4 size notepad included for jotting down notes on actual paper. The Surface Go slips into the back and can be accessed without taking the Surface Go out at all. This should be excellent for students.

$82 at Amazon

Rugged protection: UAG Microsoft Surface Go Protective Case

If you need something a little more heavy-duty, the UAG protective drop case should be exactly what you need. This military-grade case will protect your Surface Go from any drop or bash you can throw at it, within reason. It also features a strap on the back so you can secure it better to your hand.

$48 at Amazon

If we're making suggestions

Whether you need to type, ink, or game, these are the best accessories you can get for the Surface Go right now. I personally love the Padfolio Compact Case as it makes keeping the Surface Go, along with my pens and paper, super convenient. If you like keeping things organized, this is the case for you.

Of course, I also recommend the Surface Go Type Cover, something that is essential for making the most of your Surface Go. Being able to type out a Word document or control your device with a cursor is sometimes vital, and the Type Cover enables that.

The Surface Pen is a great buy too if you think you're going to be inking on your display every so often. Sometimes, a little bit of digital ink can't be beaten in OneNote. Even using the pen as a more accurate pointer is occasionally useful, thanks to Windows 10's excellent pen support.

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