Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X SSDs are removable, but not by you

What you need to know

  • The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X pack removable SSDs, but you won't be able to swap them out yourself.
  • The fine print on Microsoft's order pages warns that you'll need a "skilled technician" to remove the SSD on either device.
  • You'll still be able to swap SSDs, but it looks like it'll require a trip to a Microsoft Store.

One of the most interesting reveals from todays Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X announcements was that both feature removable SSD storage. It turns out, however, that you won't be able to swap SSDs on the fly on your own (at least not with Microsoft's approval).

According to the preorder pages for both devices, the drives are "not user removable" Instead, Microsoft says, you'll have to contact a "skilled technician" to swap the drives out. In other words, you'll likely have to make a trip to a Microsoft Store.

That's not the most cumbersome thing in the world. You can configure a total of 1TB of storage on the Surface Laptop 3 and up to 512GB on the Surface Pro X, which should give you plenty of breathing room. The fact that they're replaceable at all is a pretty significant step forward, considering how previous Surface devices have been constructed.

Still, it would have been a neat addition to allow buyers to replace their own drives as needed.

The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X are available for preorder now starting at $999. The Surface Laptop 3 is set to launch on October 22, while the Surface Pro X is scheduled for a November 5 launch.

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