Sopiguard Skin Surface Laptop StudioSource: bwherman via Reddit

What you need to know

  • SopiGuard now has skins available for the Surface Laptop Studio.
  • There are several options for skins, including chrome, carbon fiber, textured, and clear.
  • Surface Laptop Studio skins from SopiGuard start at $40.

Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8 owners can now personalize their PCs with skins from SopiGuard. Several texture options are available, including color shift, carbon fiber, and brushed finish. All of the texture options are available in several colors as well.

Right now, the Surface Laptop Studio has more skin options than the Surface Pro 8. Surface Laptop Studio skins start at $40, and Surface Pro 8 skins start at $20.

Reddit user bwherman shared images of the Surface Laptop Studio with the textured honeycomb skin from SopiGuard. Follow-up photos shared in the comments on Reddit show additional angles. Other textured skins, such as 3M Green Camo, Forged Carbon, Leather White, and Black Wood are also available for the Surface Laptop Studio.

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Since the Surface Pro 8 has less surface area to cover, the skins are much more affordable. At this time, some Surface Pro 8 skins from SopiGuard are only available for preorder.

The Surface Pro 8 has fewer textured options. SopiGuard has a photo gallery of all of its different textures and colors on various devices.

If you're an artist or use a stylus on your PC, you can also order a skin for your Surface Slim Pen 2 for $10.

Surface Laptop Studio Skins Sopiguard

SopiGuard Skin for Surface Laptop Studio

You can personalize your Surface Laptop Studio with a wide range of skins from SopiGuard. There are several texture and color options, including satin, color shift, and carbon fiber.

Sopiguard Skin Surface Pro 8 Honeycomb

SopiGuard Skin for Surface Pro 8

SopiGuard has a wide selection of skins for the Surface Pro 8, including honeycomb, chrome, and brushed finish.

Sopiguard Skin Surface Slim Pen

SopiGuard Skin for Surface Slim Pen 2

You can spice up your Surface Slim Pen 2 with a skin from SopiGuard. You can go for something extravagant or make it look like a pencil.

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