Surface Laptop Studio gains support for Windows 11 Voice Clarity feature

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What you need to know

  • The Surface Laptop Studio now supports Voice Clarity, which natively reduces background noise.
  • The feature also makes it easier for others to hear you if you move while speaking.
  • Support for the feature comes in the latest firmware update for the Surface Laptop Studio.

Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio recently gained support for Voice Clarity, which helps improve audio quality when speaking through Windows 11. While some apps have similar features, Voice Clarity is built into Windows 11 and can work with any program. The only catch is that, at the moment, it's limited to specific hardware. Support for Voice Clarity arrives with the most recent firmware update for the device.

Microsoft announced several features focused on virtual communication at its Windows 11 event earlier this month. Many of those features require a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The Surface Laptop Studio does not have an (NPU), so it's safe to assume that Voice Clarity does not require one.

Other features announced at the event, such as native support for eye correction, background blur, automatic framing, and noise suppression, need an NPU and will be limited to specific devices, including the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s. Voice Clarity will also roll out to more devices in the future.

Voice Clarity helps deliver clearer audio when speaking through Windows 11. It reduces background noise and can also boost your voice when you're moving around a room. The feature requires Studio Mics, such as those found in the Surface Laptop Studio, and Windows 11.

The latest firmware update for the Surface Laptop Studio also improves Touchpad response and reliability and improves the device's performance and stability.

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Windows Update NameDevice Manager
Dolby - Extension - 6.824.530.37Dolby Device Extension - Extension
Dolby - SoftwareComponent - 3.30100.101.0DolbyAPO Software Device - Software components
Dolby - SoftwareComponent - 3.30100.124.0DolbyAPO SWC Device - Software components
Realtek Semiconductor Corp - Extension - Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) OED Libraries Extension
Intel Corporation - Media - Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio - Sound, video, and game controllers
Intel Corporation - System - Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) Audio Controller
Intel Corporation - System - Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) OED
Surface - Extension - 1.0.21327.77Microsoft Surface AEC APO - Extension
Realtek Semiconductor Corp - Media - 6.0.9243.5Realtek High Definition Audio (SST) - Sound, video, and game controllers
Surface - Firmware - System Aggregator - Firmware
Surface - Firmware - Touchpad - Firmware

You can grab the latest update for the Surface Laptop Studio by searching for it through the Windows 11 Settings app or manually updating your device.

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