Surface Laptop's four colors only available on single model in U.S.

One of the bright spots from the Surface Laptop's reveal was that it comes in four different colors, allowing for some small variety. Unfortunately, it turns out that those color choices are going to be fairly limited, which is sure to ruffle some feathers.

In particular, it looks like all four color options will be limited to only one model, and only in the U.S. From the fine print of Microsoft's own Surface Laptop announcement post:

Four colors available in U.S. only on i5-7200U 8GB/256GB model.

That's a pretty big blow for anyone outside of the U.S, as well as anyone with different spec needs. All other models, from lower-specced Core i5 model up to the maxed out Core i7 model, will only be available in Platinum, which Microsoft calls Surface's "heritage color." If you prefer Burgundy, Graphite Gold, or Cobalt Blue, you'll have to stick with that specific Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

It's entirely possible we could see the other colors make their way to other models or, indeed, more countries in the future. But for right now, options remain pretty limited.

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  • Well. Thats dumb
  • Dumb again and again. You'd think they would have learned from when they released all those cool keyboard colors back with the first Surface, and you could only get them for the touch keyboard then. Anyone at Microsoft ever heard of white headphones? Find a color that makes your devices recognizable and make it easy for people to get it. Want to bet that any special deals for schools will give them heritage color only?
  • This is the silly thing about the surface laptop. Color options should be available on all and to all.
  • That Cobalt or Burgundy on a phone would be fantastic.
  • Pretty dumb.... /Grabs Popcorn
  • To me it makes sense.
    They might just test the waters and this model seems to be the sweet spot for most consumers, so they can produce each color option in decent numbers to keep cost at reasonable levels.
  • Another idiotic decision by Microsoft along with the pathetic 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, no Type-C port, and no SD card slot. Microsoft continues to gimp their products and are even getting worse than Apple.
  • Oh pissoff that's 50 percent of the customers going elsewhere
  • They don't want to have 100 different models to deal with. Or try to stock. Or discount when one doesn't sell. I'd be willing to bet that aside from a tiny percentage of geeks and online trolls, no one really cares what color their internet appliance is.
  • So why not have the option to do a custom order ? If you want a I7/1TB in burgundy, you're obviously discerning enough to wait for it.  It just seems like another 1980s Microsoft oversight in a 2017 world where customization and options are king.  One of the inferred benefits of premium priced products is customization.    
  • When in India? 
  • If they give no color choice, no one would care. They give a limited choice of colors and they're f*cking losers...
  • To be fair, I'd care, but only because I find the base color of "Platinum" utterly terrible on my hardware. I dont' buy stuff exclusively for aesthetics, but when you're charging a brand premium like they are, putting that brand tax on top of ugly design isn't going to get my attention. The blue at least looks pretty nice, though I don't care for the other 3 colors. I was intrigued when they leaked this yesterday as having a blue option. Then I see it at $1,300 and I essentially laugh at Microsoft for branding this as "for the education market" because it's more "for the Mac fans who dont' like us anyway."
  • This isn't for the education market. Windows 10 S is for the education market. This is a device that's very plainly their MacBook Air alternative for college students who prefer Windows. $1,300 is a lot of money, but it's an expected cost for a laptop of this design and specs.
  • Not to jump on this, but it is a little disappointing as the cobalt blue look amazing! Although I would like for once something in a green, not an in your face lime green like the old Lumia's, but something around a Lincoln Green, or racing green. That I would snap your hand off for!!
  • I know right? I would give anything for Surface Pro Green type-cover. I
  • Typical Microsoft, tell the world they are giving us the world, but when the world looks at what Microsoft are actually going to deliver it turns out to be a village....AGAIN!!!
  • they don't even know how much of this will sell, it wouldn't be smart to roll out four models with four colors each.
  • It's not that they're only available in a single model. It's the laughable price tag of that model. $1,300 when the competition sells similar stuff for $1,000? Best Buy lists a Dell with similar specs (Kaby i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD) at $800. Lenovo's got a 15" Yoga with the same specs at $800 as well. How does MS get away with this pricing? Then again, so many people have turned into Apple-level sheep and will defend this with dumb phrases like "build quality" and "premium" that I guess I understand. It's sad that Microsoft has turned Surface into everything I hate about Apple, in many ways. Their pricing structure suggests that either they overestimate their reputation or are deathly afraid to challenge their hardware partners on price.
  • A lot of it does boil down to design and aethetics, but also the tech specs between the two of them, while comperable, aren't the same. The Surface Laptop has a higher resolution screen than that 15" Yoga does, weighs over a pound less, is thinner, probably has lesser sound (based on what I've heard from a Yoga laptop, I obviously haven't heard the new Surface Laptop yet), has a less common display port in micro HMDI vs mini display, supposedly not a very good webcam (based on reviews) vs a quality webcam (based on the Surface devices I've used), and a battery life of up to 9 hours vs up to 14.5 hours. Those things might not matter to you, which is fine, you can buy the less expensive laptop. But the point of the Surface line is to create a high-end premium device and let other hardware companies fill in everything below that. No one is going to argue that the Surface is the best for your money, but it isn't supposed to be.
  • classic MS. really, who makes these decisions?
  • While it would be cool to have all the colors available across all models and spec, I can see how that would make the supply chain, manufacturing and inventory, a disaster. Considering how these are probably built, limiting the colors to a well rounded spec, makes sense for ease of launching a new product. Maybe down the line, they'll expand the color options, but a majority of people are buying an i5/8GB combo. As pointed out, numerous OEMs sell that exact spec, for less, but given what the Surface lineup is, this should never be surprising. Time and again, its been shown that MS markets Surface at the top of all price points, to make room for their OEMs, who push the majority stake of their software (i.e.. their bread and butter).
  • Oh look. Microsoft making another stupid decision that clearly should not have been made.
  • Lame. I like the Cobalt Blue though.
  • MS shouldn't have offered a color choice at all if this was the way they would go about it. Not being available in other countries is just plain stupid.
  • Oooh cute!! Microsoft do like the money from other regions in the world. But we can not have the same choices like U.S.?? Oke, no problem, I will wait for another company to give me a laptop with a colour I want.
  • These are stunning. Well done Microsoft.
  • Dear MS, there is a world outside the US, you know?
  • No-one complained that the Studio, Book or Pro come in only one colour.  But anyway, this is a wise choice until they can gage sales patterns, colour trends and garner feedback.  I expect that the markets will open up gradually, as will the model-to-colour choice in the future.
  • So we, outside the US, will wait ... or just buy somethink else.
  • Why 4 different specs....the price difference between them isn't much, so it would make more sense to have 2 specs, base level and high end. Then the 4 colours could have been offered to all
  • Once they meet initial demand there'll be a customisation option, I'm sure. But right now, minimising the number of SKU's is sensible.
    I've had similar issues with Dell and HP with XPS and Envy. There are limits to customisation. Surface similar, I'm sure SB with dGPU at one point in the UK was only available on i7 models via some retailers.
  • This is absolutely ridiculous!! Why show all these colours then limit them to just the US and 1 sku!! I'm sitting here ready to preorder right now yet the colour I want isn't available here in the UK I've literally returned my surface pro 4 ready for this I'm so not happy right now!!
  • Microsoft is big in software and small in hardware. Outside the US it's just the same as Ford in 1930. You can order any color car you want as long it's black.