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Surface Mobile Mouse review: Functional and affordable, but not too comfortable

A low-cost, modern Bluetooth mouse accessory from Microsoft? Sign us up.

Alongside the new Surface Go, Microsoft also made available a new mouse called the Surface Mobile Mouse that features a low-profile modern design to match the rest of the Surface product line. While not a new design, the Surface Mobile Mouse is a low-cost Bluetooth mouse accessory that you can't really go wrong with. Plus, it's available in the same color options found in the latest Type Covers and Surface Laptop.

What you'll love about the Surface Mobile Mouse

The new Surface Mobile Mouse is essentially a reskinned Microsoft Designer Mouse, which was released a few years ago. It features a super slim and modern design that's smooth to the touch and feels great. It features a plastic body with a metallic scroll wheel. The only notable difference between the Designer Mouse and Surface Mobile Mouse is the scroll wheel itself is slightly wider, which makes it easier to find with whatever finger you're using to scroll. The Surface Mobile Mouse is also low-priced, costing only $35 brand new.

InterfaceBluetooth 4.01/4.1/4.2
Wireless range4.2GHz frequency range
Buttons4 buttons: Left, right, wheel, and power (paring button by long press)
CompatibilityDevice must support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
Weight78g including 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Battery2 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Battery lifeUp to 12 months typical usage
Dimensions107.20 mm x 60.30 mm x 25.80 mm

The dedicated left and right mouse buttons have a nice stern click to them, and the metallic scroll wheel is cold to the touch which makes it feel a little more premium than it actually is. On the underside, there's one small circular button that acts as power and Bluetooth pairing.

It's a super-simple mouse. It is a Bluetooth mouse which means it should work with any device that features Bluetooth connectivity, and it has replaceable AAA batteries that come already installed in the box. To remove the battery door on the underside, simply push in the bottom of the mouse, and the door pops out. It uses a magnet to keep it shut when in use.

For those who like some customization, the Surface Mobile Mouse features X-Y resolution adjusting, the ability to reassign the scroll wheel click button, left-right click swap, and wheel customization. It also supports swift-pair with the Windows 10 April 2018 update, which makes connecting it to your device super quick and simple.

What you'll hate about the Surface Mobile Mouse

If you were hoping for a new mouse design not seen before on a Microsoft product, you'll be severely disappointed with the Surface Mobile Mouse. As already mentioned, it's literally recycling the old Microsoft Designer Mouse design. If you didn't like that design, you won't like this one either.

The other issue is that it's almost too low-profile for my liking, making it uncomfortable after prolonged use. The Surface Mouse is just like the Surface Mobile Mouse, except it has a slightly taller humped design that makes it fit in your palm better. The Surface Mobile Mouse is lower, but that's deliberate because it's designed to be easily portable in a bag or even pocket, and it achieves that goal at the expense of ergonomic design.

But Microsoft already has a mouse designed to be mobile, with the Surface Arc Touch Mouse. It features a design that allows it to lie flat when being carried around but pops up high enough so that it doesn't cramp your hand when in use. Admittedly, the Surface Arc Touch Mouse is much more expensive and doesn't feature dedicated right and left click buttons nor a physical scroll wheel, unlike the Surface Mobile Mouse.

Should you buy the Surface Mobile Mouse?

Overall, the Surface Mobile Mouse is a cheap Surface accessory that can be used on any device that features Bluetooth connectivity. It has a slim, low-profile and modern design that looks great in any modern setup, but its low-profile form factor may make it uncomfortable after long periods of use, unless you have small hands.

So should you buy it? For the price, it's worth it as an on-the-go mouse that you need when traveling. If you don't have the cash to splash out on a Surface Arc Touch Mouse, then the Surface Mobile Mouse is your next best choice. However, I probably wouldn't buy it to use as a primary mouse on a desk at home or work; for that I'd recommend the standard Surface Mouse or Surface Precision Mouse.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Been using the Designer Mouse for a few years and it's definitely suitable as an on-the-go solution for when mouse control is more practical than touch input. Best used for the occasional click between typing sessions but it's also fared well for Minecraft where it's in constant use. If it eventually breaks, it's nice knowing there are more colours to choose from now!
  • My mouse collection currently consists of a MX Master 2S, MX Master 2, Surface Arc Mouse, Surface Mouse. I know the Surface Mouse is slightly different to this one (has a bigger hump) but by far the most uncomfortable one is the Arc. Tempted by the Surface Precision, but I don't like the reports about it the materials wearing down and getting dirty after a few months. Microsoft have a habit of this with their fabric and alcantara accessories. Just stick to materials that don't wear.
  • I think the snap-on snap-off design of the Arc Touch mice (I own the older version) is simply better : more intuitive BT connection, more ergonomic design, and it folds flat in your bag. But of course it's almost twice as much. Worth the difference in my mind. Also, as with pens, I see no upside to making them rechargeable when the batteries last a year and are easily bought ahead of time. How is "30 minutes of use from a 15 second charge" better than "don't have to worry about the battery for a year" to anyone ever?
  • So I bought the burgundy mouse for the looks and have gotten alot of compliments while using it at my desk at work. Yes, after prolonged use, u'd want to flex those fingers of yours. My biggest problem with the setup is that my work computer (DELL, windows 10) loses connection to the mouse a coupla times a day and especially when I'm running heavy applications. That's more of a bother than the ergonomics for me
  • Hah! Got my burgundy one last week so it would match my burgundy Surface Laptop, and I've been enjoying it so far! I'm a design centric kind of person, so there is no way I'll buy a typical bulky looking mouse to my SL, no matter the exotic features, space age ergonomics and carbon fiber trimmings. I've had zero issues with mine, with no connection issues. That's kinda expected when Microsoft built both the laptop and mouse. I also appreciate that it's customizable with the Mouse & Keyboard Center-app, so I've set it to open task view when I click the scroll-wheel. Super nice. For the professionals, gamers, or people who generally live in front of their computers 24/7, I would probably go for something that's a little bigger and ergonomic. Overall definitely worth the $35.
  • Bought the Mobile Mouse about a week ago after having used the Arc Mouse for about a month and a half. I'm not really a fan of the Arc Mouse as my right hand seems too big for it as it starts to hurt even after 5 minutes of use. Scrolling by using a one-handed trackpad is not really made for me I guess. It also missed right-clicks sometimes resulting in unwanted left-clicks and using OneNote is a hell as the trackpad moves the textboxes to the side when you try to scroll (I guess I can't manage to scroll with it in a 100% straight vertical line :)). So far, the Mobile Mouse is far superior for me. No strain, flat enough to carry it around, wonderful design and the 'bling' at the side of the scrollwheel is kinda cool :)
  • Might wanna talk to Apple about flat mice 😄
  • I got one and after the initial confusion about how to power it on/off (You press the button marked with the Bluetooth sign!), I gave it to my wife. Seems to small to me.
    My current favorite is this one: