Microsoft Surface Oct. 2, 2018 event: Surface Laptop 2, Pro 6 and Studio 2

Panos Panay and Surface Pro 3
Panos Panay and Surface Pro 3 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

MS logo

MS logo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Today, Microsoft is expected to announce updates to its current Surface PC lineup, including a new Surface Laptop 2, new Surface Pro 6, and new Surface Studio 2. Also, some news around software, services, and maybe even gaming may be announced, as well as a few accessories. The announcement should be about one hour long.

Microsoft is not live streaming the event, so if you want to know what happens in real-time make sure you watch our live blog starting at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT. We're on the ground in New York City covering the event all day. We also have a community chat room for you to hang out and discuss with others.

This page is your destination for our Microsoft October 2 new Surface event live blog and stream. Here's everything you need to know!

Microsoft's October 2, 2018, Surface event

Windows Central live blog

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  • FU MS.
    Was excited for a live stream no matter the upgrades/news.
  • No live stream (imo) pretty much guarantees this is just a spec refresh event. :(
  • Even if that's true, its pretty lame that there's no live stream. Pretty much every product release this days has one. Also, is Windows Central not allowed to do one themselves?
  • Sure, but if there's no big news and it's all just minor spec updates I'd rather not waste my time watching a live stream waiting for something that's not coming, so I'm not too upset about it (other than the actual lack of any significant news)
  • I was hoping for some news about a powerful new Surface Studio.
    The fact that this won't be live streamed leads me to believe that there isn't any big news.
  • studio is definitely on the cards.. I don't know if that is good enough to warrant streaming.. How many can afford the studio?
  • They can make it affordable by offering one model to appeal to the consumers with either a smaller display or a standalone Studio display.
  • But I would be happy with a 24" Studio with some Surface Hub 2 features like rotating display. I'm not a designer, but I could use a premium all-in-one.
  • Lol @ your profile. I'm just noticing it
  • Yes. I might have replied to the wrong person but I didn't think I did
  • I'm sad that there are no big live-streamed events now... The events in 2015 and 2016 were awesome.
  • Is Microsoft saving money by not live streaming this event?
  • I'm hearing there's no USB-C on the new surface pro and laptop. SMH. Good thing they are not live streaming. Just as I suspected, this is just a "me too" event since Apple/Google/Samsung have real announcements to make.
  • It's gonna be like last year's surface book 2 event;")
  • Hey Dan or whoever is doing the live blog, why not stream the showing? I'm sure you got a surface book or pro or a go. come on, you know you wanna stream this.
  • Told not to
  • No live stream? Whether if it was a big reveal or not, I still expected a live stream.
  • Indeed. Apple have big keynotes just to show of boring hardware bumps, so I don't see why Microsoft can't. Else why not just update the products like the Book 2 instead of all this event invite and tease.
  • But now we don't get to see how super excited Panos is.
  • Why don't you guys just Facebook live stream this thing?
  • Hopefully there is some cools surprises!
  • Damn what a let down. Been waiting for years to upgrade my sp4 and still not major update.
  • No livestream = Nadella hiding MS' lack of innovation. So very sad that a once mighty company is slowly sinking in terms of vision and drive. And while I'm here, surely someone should have bemoaned the non-release of ..... Andromeda?
  • Nothing about Surface Go with LTE, WTH.