Surface Pro 3 firmware update rolling out to fix more battery issues

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Surface Pro 3, bringing along a fix for some battery capacity woes some owners were experiencing. That's according to the latest information available on the Surface Pro 3 update tracker (opens in new tab) (via Neowin), which says a firmware update began rolling out on November 7 with the fix.

From Microsoft:

v38.11.50.0 corrects an error that may occur on a limited number of Surface Pro 3 devices where the full charge capacity of the battery is misreported to the operating system and device firmware. This update corrects the firmware component that functions as a "fuel gauge" so that the battery capacity is accurately reported. See Surface Pro 3 Battery FAQ for more information.

On Microsoft's dedicated FAW page for the problem, it describes the cause as an error condition that causes a fully charged battery to be misreported to the operating system. "When this condition occurs, the system no longer charges the battery to its full actual capacity, and the Surface is unable to function on battery power," Microsoft says.

This is the second such battery draining issue that Microsoft has recently had to fix on the Surface Pro 3. Previously, a specific subset of users with batteries manufactured by Simplo were experiencing a similar problem, but Microsoft fixed that issue with an update in August. Following that fix, users who had Surface Pro 3s equipped with batteries from another manufacturer, LGC, starting reporting issues. Hopefully this new update does indeed fix the issue for those users.

Have you received this update on your Surface Pro 3 yet? Let us know if it has resolved your battery woes if you were previously affected.

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  • Excellent for sp3 owners. I'm still waiting for the sp4 firmware updates to be shipped to production that insiders said they recieved.
  • Surface Pro 3 is a rock solid device. Installed the update yesterday. Can't see any difference.
  • It work for me.
    I was like... hnnnn why battery's not dropping? omg... don't tell me the whatever-does-the-measuring is broken...
    This is why! GJ!
  • Is there a good way to test battery life?
  • Missed that post, what was included in those firmware updates?
  • Please include Caps in you hashtags... #ItHurtsMyEyes
  • Got the firmware update yesterday, but I wasn't experiencing any problems beforehand. Noticed no difference after installing it.
  • Same here  
  • Considering the premium price of the Surface line, you'd think they would have gotten battery life, wifi stuff pretty pat down by now. We are talking about one of the biggest software company in the IT world. It's not as though they have to make this software work on multiple oem hardware. It's their own dang hardware that they crafted in the top secret bunker. They can continue to charge a premium while using their customers as beta testers.
  • This is getting old pretty fast Microsoft engineers.
  • Them fixing problems?
  • I guess the Surface Pro 4 Pro's lame battery life is just a feature and not an 'issue' that will eventually be fixed.
  • So fast that WC took a cfouple of days to catch up with it.  
  • just keep getting this error. Anyone know how to fix this? Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3200970) - Error 0x80073701
  • This is the most Microsoft thing ever:  The firmware update to fix the battery gauge showing abnormally low charge won't install because windows refuses to do an update with the battery at less than 40%, even when on AC.     Anyways, if you have this problem, the way around is it to go to Device Manager and delete the ACPI entry under Batteries. 
  • My tablet is pluged in can this still be the issue?
  • I don't know if it is the firmware or the 14393.447 update. But now my pro 3 is having Bluetooth disconnect issues all the time. Used to be very occasional with my keyboard. Now it is once or twice a day with my surface mouse and keyboard. Sometimes after it wakes but not always. I think they need to rehire some of the QA people and stop relying on insiders for their "testing". Seriously if they cant release solid updates on their own products that is pretty pathetic. Perhaps like mobile, no one at Microsoft actually uses Microsoft hardware
  • I've never really noticed any battery issues with my SP3. My unit has an LG battery. Even after the update, the battery seems to holding up well. I might run a battery report to see what the numbers reveal.