Surface Pro 3 gets last minute firmware update before it goes on sale

Microsoft has just pushed out a last minute firmware update for the embryonic Surface Pro3. The update comes just in time for those looking to acquire the hybrid device on its launch week, which begins tomorrow from Microsoft and Best Buy Stores.

According to Mary Jo Foley, the update address an ongoing power problem in the Surface Pro 3 in addition to delivering "overall performance updates."

The power issue refers to a problem early testers had with the device not waking up from standby or the battery draining, even when the AC is adapter is being utilized. The problem may originate with the newly supported 'connected standby' feature in the Surface Pro 3, which aims to "bring smartphone-type power management capabilities to the PC platform." It's not immediately clear what other performance updates may include, or what they exactly optimize. The new firmware is about 14 MB in size, and it will take around five minutes to update the device.

It's not immediately clear if those who pick up a Surface Pro 3 tomorrow will have the update already installed, or if they will need to force a system update (Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and recovery > Windows Update > Check Now), though users will probably want to check quickly to be sure. If, however, people do not force-check, the update will eventually install automatically.

The Surface Pro 3 with Core i5 goes on sale tomorrow in select locations and online, starting at $999 for the 128 GB / 4GB RAM version and $1299 for the 256 GB / 8GB of RAM option. The Core i7 and Core i3 models will be available at the end of August. Some pre-orders for the 128 GB/ 4 GB Core i5 version have been pushed back 10 days due to unknown reasons.

Update: Microsoft has now confirmed that when customers are setting up their Surface Pro 3, they'll see the new firmware update.

We'll have our full review of the Surface Pro 3 tomorrow morning before any Stores open!

Daniel Rubino

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