Is the Surface Pro 6 available with LTE?

Is the Surface Pro 6 available with LTE?

Best answer: No. At present, there is no configuration of the Pro 6 with LTE. If you need an LTE Surface Pro, the excellent Surface Pro X is now available. If you want something cheaper, consider the HP Envy x2 or the Surface Go LTE.For pro users: Surface Pro X ($999 at Microsoft)Cheaper (outdated) alternative: HP Envy x2 ($729 at Amazon)Budget option: Surface Go with LTE ($680 at Microsoft)

Why no LTE?

There's no reason why the Pro 6 might not pick up an LTE option down the line, but Microsoft hasn't said anything about future plans. As seen with the Surface Pro 2017 model, an LTE option was announced at the outset and emerged for sale a few months later.

We can understand why a company would be hesitant to add LTE. The downsides are in the way the LTE modem can impact internals. The space required to fit in the LTE components meant that the Pro 2017 LTE was restricted to a fanless Core i5 processor, and similar design challenges may be present in the Pro 6.

Microsoft circumvented these issues with the new Surface Pro X by leveraging a new custom chipset dubbed Microsoft SQ1, based on ARM's architecture. This brings LTE by default, complete with an even slimmer design.

The Surface Pro X has LTE by default

The Surface Pro 6 might not have LTE, but if you desperately want an LTE 2-in-1, Microsoft's newly announced Surface Pro X comes with it as standard. While it doesn't come with the keyboard cover or stylus, it should sport comparable performance to the Pro 6, owing to its custom-designed Microsoft SQ1 chipset.

HP Envy x2 for that always-connected experience

If you still find yourself longing for a cheaper 2-in-1 LTE experience, the HP Envy x2 is another excellent option. Powered by ARM, the HP Envy x2 boasts a ridiculous 22-hour battery life, perfect for long sessions away from Wi-Fi or power outlet connectivity. The Envy x2 also comes with a stylus for inking on the move, and a detachable keyboard cover, both of which Surface Pro products tend to sell separately. It's certainly not as powerful as a full Intel PC, but if portable productivity in your bag, look no further.

For more information, see our comprehensive review.

Surface Go LTE as a budget option

For what it lacks in raw power, the Surface Go makes it up with massive portability. The pint-sized PC is almost small enough to fit in your pocket — coming in at 10 inches and weighing 1.17 lbs. The Surface Go LTE has a slot for a SIM card, letting you take the power of full Windows 10 on the go. It's primed for an update, though, so you may want to wait until the Spring of 2020 when Microsoft is expected to announce a new model if you don't fancy the Pro X.

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